For athletes all over the world, representing their country on the global stage is the dream. The epitome of plenty of sporting careers is lifting your sport’s many prestigious trophy for your country. To many athletes, this trophies and what they stand for are priceless. However, anyone knows that Olympic medals aren’t in reality solid gold. So, what exactly are some of the world’s best sports trophies make of and also what room they yes, really worth? this is a look in ~ the optimal 10 most expensive…

FIFA world Cup Trophy – football – $20 million

Height: 37cmWeight: 6kgMade from: 18-carat gold

Probably the world’s many prestigious and expensive trophy. Awarded to the winners of the FIFA people Cup, the names of winning countries are engraved ~ above the bottom the the trophy. The initial trophy, the Jules Rimet Trophy, featured the Goddess of Victory. The existing trophy, the FIFA people Cup Trophy was presented to change the Jules Rimet Trophy in 1974. The brand-new design depicts 2 human numbers holding increase the Earth. The Jules Rimet was made from gold-plated silver, however the 1974 variation is do from 18-carat gold mounted on 2 layers of malachite. The trophy’s had actually an eventful history. Native being surprise in a shoebox under a bed during world War II, to gift stolen, recovered by a dog referred to as Pickles, and also then steal again in 1983, never to be viewed again. When it was first made, the trophy expense $50,000 but these days is valued at about $20 million. Tiny wonder, the winning side just receives a gold-plated replica.

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2. Woodlawn Vase – horse Riding – $2.5 million

Height: 91cmWeight: 13kgMade from: hard Sterling Silver

Standing in ~ 36 customs tall and also weighing 30 pounds of solid sterling silver, this trophy has actually a colourful history. The trophy is every year presented come the winner that the Preakness Stakes, the second leg of America’s horse-racing triple crown. Produced by Tiffany and agency of new York in 1860, the Woodlawn Vase was first awarded in 1861. The succeeding outbreak the the American civil War resulted in the vase being buried at Woodlawn farm in Kentucky, lest it it is in discovered and melted right into shot for the Confederate military Soldiers. The competition began again post-war in 1866 and until 1953 the trophy was taken residence for a year by every winner in between competitions. The bullion value is roughly £5,000 however its insurance value is claimed to exceed $2.5 million. Unsurprisingly, the initial trophy is currently kept in ~ the Baltimore Museum of arts in Maryland for safe keeping and escorted annually to the Preakness comb by the Maryland army National Guard Soldiers and also Air nationwide Guard Airmen.


3. Borg-Warner Trophy – Motorsport – $1.3 million

Height: 1625cmWeight: 45kgMade from: hole Sterling Silver

Probably the biggest trophy in sport, the Borg-Warner Trophy stands 1.625 m high and weighs 45 kg. Top top the top of the trophy is a naked guy (after the legacy of old Greek athletes) waving a checkered flag. The trophy is awarded to the winner of the Indianapolis 500 and was very first presented in 1936. As soon as commissioned it expense a climate whopping $10,000 but is now reckoned to be worth some $1.3 million. Made from sterling silver, the trophy is actually hollow and also is unique in the a sculptured image of the to win driver is added to the trophy every year. The Trophy is also inscribed with each winner’s name, year of victory, and average speed. Due to the fact that 1988 winners have actually received a 460 mm replica, recognized as a ‘Baby Borg’.


4. FA Cup – soccer – $1,000,000

Height: 61.5cmWeight: 6.3kgMade from: hard Sterling Silver


5. Stanley Cup – ice cream Hockey – $650,000

Height: 89.5cmWeight: 15.5kgMade from: Mixture the silver and also nickel alloy

The Stanley Cup is the earliest existing trophy to be awarded come a professional sports franchise, dating earlier to 1892. It was donated to Canada’s top amateur ice hockey next by mr Stanley of Preston, climate Governor basic of Canada. In the at an early stage years, the Cup was played because that on a difficulty basis together the leagues in which completing sides played had actually no play-off system. By 1927, however, the NHL had formed and included groups from both the USA and also Canada. The Stanley Cup became the premier prize. Since then, the Montreal Canadiens have winner it a record number of times and also are the most successful Canadian-based team in the competition. Whilst the Detroit Red Wings have winner it the many of any United States-based team. Teams space traditionally forgive the Cup top top the ice but do not obtain to save it.


6. Vince Lombardi Trophy – American soccer – $50,000

Height: 56cmWeight: 3.2kgMade from: solid Sterling Silver

The just trophy ~ above our list to it is in recreated each year and also presented to the to win team to keep, this trophy is awarded to the NFL Super key champions. Named in NFL coach Vince Lombardi’s honour, the is recreated indigenous scratch each year at a cost of $50,000. The trophy is the 2nd on our perform to be designed and also created by Tiffany and firm of new York. At nearly two feet tall and shaped choose a kick-ready American football, it is made from sterling silver and takes four months come complete. After ~ the final gun sounds, trophy is presented to the winning team, then sent back to Tiffany to it is in cleaned and also engraved through their team name, the date and final score of the at sight Bowl. The trophy is then returned to the champions because that them come keep. And which team has the many Vince Lombardi trophies? the honour goes come Pittsburgh Steelers with a complete of 6 to date.


7. ICC Cricket human being Cup Trophy – Cricket – $30,000

Height: 65cmWeight: 11kgMade from: yellow & Sterling Silver

 This trophy is presented to the winners of the Cricket world Cup finals, i m sorry takes place every four years. The current trophy was created for the 1999 championships and also was the very first permanent compensation in the tournament’s history. Before this, various trophies were produced each human being Cup. The current trophy take it a team of craftsmen 2 months to create, and also depicts a gold globe hosted up by 3 silver columns. The 3 columns stand for batting, bowling and also fielding, the 3 fundament facets of cricket. The name of vault winners are engraved ~ above the basic of the trophy. The original trophy is maintained by the global Cricket board of directors in their Dubai offices. Whilst a replica is awarded come the winning team for your trophy cabinet.

8. Champions league Trophy – football – $15,000

Height: 73.5cmWeight: 7.5kgMade from: Sterling Silver

Awarded to the winners the the UEFA champions league, the existing trophy is not particularly attractive but is the can be fried prize in European club football. Before 1968 clubs can keep the trophy ~ a total of five wins or 3 consecutive wins. Together a result, Ajax, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Inter Milan, Liverpool and actual Madrid all have actually a version of the cup in your trophy rooms. However, because 2009 Champions organization winners have not retained the genuine trophy, i m sorry now always remains in UEFA’s keeping. Instead, a full-size replica trophy is awarded come the winning club through their surname engraved on it. Additionally, each player native the winning team is presented v a yellow medal, and also each player from the runner-up team is presented v a silver- medal. A complete of 40 yellow medals and also 40 silver medals each tournament. However, the genuine value come winning clubs is the prize money which comes alongside the cup, through the winning club collection to success €108.9 million!


9. Premier organization Trophy – Football- $5,000

Height: 104cmWeight: 25kgMade from: Sterling silver- & 24- Carat silver Gilt

Probably the world’s many prestigious football league, the Premier league came into being in 1992. The design of the Premier organization Trophy is based upon The 3 Lions that English Football. 2 of the lions are over the handle on one of two people side, and also when the captain that the title-winning team raises the trophy, and also its yellow crown, above his head, he i do not care the 3rd lion. The basic of the trophy is do from Malacite, a semi-precious rock found in Africa, through the environment-friendly colour of the opaque stone representing the ar of play. The value of the silver- the key body of the trophy is make from is approximately £3,700. But like all trophies, its true value lies in the glory of win it. There are actually two Premier organization trophies, the yes, really trophy and the replica. The authentic one is preserved by the present champions whilst the replica is supplied if there’s a possibility two different clubs can win the Premier league on the final day that the season.


10. The America’s Cup – Yachting – $150

Height: 111cmWeight: 14kgMade from: Sterling Silver

The America’s Cup is just one of the oldest and also best-known trophies in international sailing yacht competition. Awarded first in 1851 come the schooner America after ~ it winner the royal Yacht Squadron’s annual Isle the Wight regatta, the America’s Cup is called for its first winner. The Auld Mug, as it is affectionately known, is a sterling silver ewer that was produced by Garrard & Co as an off-the-shelf trophy in ~ an original expense of £100. In itself, the Cup is not really worth a great deal however it makes this perform simply since its prestige renders it invaluable and, as sporting trophies go, for sure none has actually seen much more money invested in make the efforts to victory it?


The values of some major trophies (Bullion prices based upon current industry prices)

FIFA human being Cup Trophy – as soon as it to be made, that cost roughly $50,000 yet is now valued in ~ $20 million.

Olympic yellow Medals – not particularly valuable in themselves – those awarded at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics are worth roughly $600 in bullion value – Olympic yellow Medals can achieve huge prices in ~ auction together these two examples show. In 2012, boxer Wladimir Klitschko sold his yellow medal for about a million dollars when In 2013 among the golds won by Jesse Owens at the 1936 Olympic gamings fetched $1,466,574.

Woodlawn Trophy – the bullion worth is approximately £5,000 yet its insurance worth is claimed to exceed £2.5 million.

The Master’s – winners obtain a replica the the Master’s Trophy valued at about £6000 but, according to Golfweek in 2011, to buy a trophy the was awarded come a player would set you earlier at least $300,000 (around £200,000). The original, which sits in the Augusta clubhouse, is made of silver and also weighs about 15.88 kg providing it a bullion value of £5800, but to the golfing people it’s priceless.

Borg-Warner Trophy – it’s bullion value is about £16000 however it is thought to be worth about $1.3 million (£78,000).

Vince Lombardi Superbowl Trophy – do by Tiffany & Co from 3.2 kg sterling silver v a bullion bullion worth of £1165, the expense price is $50,000.

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Commissioner’s Trophy made by Tiffany & Co indigenous 13.6 kg sterling silver bullion value £4951.