On their third try, the Los Angeles kings have finally won their first championship in their 44-year franchise history.

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The Stanley Cup was standing 35.25 inch tall and weighs 34.5 pounds.

As Dustin Brown demonstrated tonight, it feels light together a feather once it"s hoisted overhead through a winning captain because that the very first time.

Here room 10 more fun facts around the coveted silver- chalice.

Check out the Facebook page for mr Stanley"s Cup. It"s close come 100,000 fans.

The page is full of great content. It features existing news, historic nuggets and a timeline that goes ago to the 1800s.

Bet your web page doesn"t do that either.

The Stanley Cup has actually the richest history by much of any kind of professional phibìc American sport.

It was originally donated in 1892 by teacher Frederick Arthur Stanley, mr Stanley the Preston.

He"s additionally the namesake of Stanley Park in Vancouver, wherein this frostbite stands.

According to the Hockey room of fame website, lord Stanley purchase the trophy because that 10 Guineas—about $50 in ~ the time—with the will of presenting it come "the championship hockey society of the dominance of Canada."

The very first champion to be the Montreal AAA, or the Montreal Amateur strong Association, in 1893.

The national Hockey Association began awarding the trophy in 1910. In 1926, it came to be the price of supremacy for the nationwide Hockey League.

There has actually been a long legacy that players won"t touch the Stanley Cup until they win it. That"s one of the reasons why the hoisting-and-passing ritual when the Cup is awarded it s okay so emotional.

There has likewise been a trickle-down effect. Many players currently refuse to touch their conference championship trophies either. The believed is that they haven"t won anything yet—their eyes are still top top the big prize.

Neither Boston no one Vancouver touch their respective trophy in 2011. In 2010, Mike Richards walk hoist the Prince of Wales Trophy for the Flyers, if Jonathan Toews elected not to touch the Clarence Campbell Bowl, and also the Blackhawks emerged victorious. However, Sidney Crosby"s transferring the Prince that Wales trophy walk nothing come hurt the Penguins" Cup possibilities in 2009.

Wikipedia has a good series the anecdotes across the years. There doesn"t seem to be any kind of correlation in between touching the conference trophy and also ultimate success, but there"s little doubt that the superstition will certainly live on and also be a talking suggest for numerous years come come.

With your Stanley Cup victory, the Los Angeles Kings have actually made history as the just eighth-seed ever to capture the large prize.

The just previous eighth-seed to with the final was the 2005-06 Edmonton Oilers, who shed to the Carolina Hurricanes.

Until their loss in Newark in video game 5 that the finals, the majesties were also on the verge of becoming the first team in Stanley Cup history not to lose a game on the roadway in the playoffs.

Engraving the roster that the Stanley Cup champion go not come to be an yearly tradition till the 1924-25 Victoria Cougars.

The an initial team come engrave its names within the bowl was the 1906-07 Montreal Wanderers. The 1914-15 Vancouver Millionaires additionally engraved nine names within the bowl.

Now, there space 2,267 surname engraved on the cup in total. As new names space added, older rings are removed and also stored in ~ the Hockey room of Fame. If friend look in ~ the cup today, you won"t see any kind of names between 1928-29 and 1953-54.

A couple of mistakes have actually been made end the years, prefer spelling Montreal"s Bob Gainey"s critical name as "Gainy" or awarding the 1982 cup come the brand-new York "Ilanders." Jacques Plante won the cup in 5 consecutive years between 1956 and 1960 and his name is spelled in different way every time.

Despite the mistakes, there have only been four trusted engravers in Cup history. Currently, the duties space handled by Louise St. Jacques the Boffey Silversmiths in Montreal.

The Hockey hall of fame website defines the engraving process:

During engraving the Cup is disassembled native the height down. The band being engraved is clamped onto a homemade one jig that creates a stole background for stamping. One-of-a-kind hammers with different head-weights are offered to strike versus a letter-punch to sink every letter into the silver.

When lord Stanley very first donated the Stanley Cup ago in 1893, he appointed two trustees to treatment for it.

The key responsibility of the trustees to be to maintain the rules, administer the competitions and ensure the Stanley Cup was awarded and returned in ideal condition. As soon as one trustee chooses to resign or is in require of replacement, the remaining trustee nominates a substitute. The trustees have absolute power over all matters concerning the Stanley Cup.

Today"s trustees are previous NHL executive, management Vice president Brian O"Neill, who has held the position because 1988, and Ian "Scotty" Morrison, longtime NHL referee-in-chief and former president and also chairman of the Hockey room of Fame. He"s held his position due to the fact that 2002.

After their June 18, 2011 Stanley Cup Parade, six of the Boston Bruins gathered at the MGM grand at Foxwoods, where they racked increase an astonishing bar tab that $156,679.74.

The item de resistance to be the $100,000 party of champagne. Thirty litres in size, over there are just six in the world. The daily Mail has actually photos, along with a photo of the bill in that entirety. Watch it for yourself to completely appreciate it.

Given your reputations, probably Mike Richards and Jeff Carter are the perfect candidates to command the charge to beat that bill.

This photo is the original Stanley Cup, as donated by mr Stanley and also physically awarded to the champion till 1970.

The Cup we understand today is dubbed the "Presentation Cup." follow to Wikipedia, it was produced in 1963 when NHL chairman Clarence Campbell felt that the original Cup was coming to be too thin and fragile. The Presentation Cup attributes the prize of the Hockey hall of fame on the bottom the its base, which deserve to be seen once winning players hoist the Cup above their heads. This is the Cup that"s awarded to the championship team and used because that promotional events such together the All-Star Game, fan Fairs, NHL Awards and also such.

The third Cup is a replica the the Presentation Cup. That was developed in 1993 and stands in in ~ the Hockey hall of Fame when the Presentation Cup is out on the road. There are two vital differences—the seal top top the bottom and also the entry because that the 1983-84 Edmonton Oilers.

Owner Peter Pocklington originally had his dad Basil"s name engraved ~ above the Presentation Cup, but when the was discovered that he had actually no actual connection to the team, the surname was overcome out v a series of X"s. ~ above the Replica Cup, Basil Pocklington"s name does not appear at all.

Over the years, Phil Pritchard"s challenge has come to be quite well-known.

He"s one officer for the Hockey room of Fame, and he"s been traveling v the Stanley Cup because 1991. His white gloves are an unmistakable hallmark of the treatment that"s lavished ~ above the trophy—at least until the gets right into the hand of the winners.

TheRecord.com defines that Pritchard and the Cup don"t actually go into the structure until that looks like a win might be at hand.

There"s lot of of lore around players like male Lafleur and also Mario Lemieux walking rogue with the Stanley Cup for a few hours here and also there, yet the tradition of every player on the win team gaining one day with the cup wasn"t formalized till the brand-new Jersey Devils" victory in 1995.

Since 2003, the Hockey room of reputation website has been keeping a journal of the Cup"s travels, with detailed entries on everything from the parade come the engraving to the banner-raising, in addition to all the players" adventures in between.

They"ve additionally built special journal entries highlighting the Cup"s trips to Afghanistan, and a repertoire of celebrities who have been photographed through the puck.

Click below to examine it out.

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