It probably goes without saying, yet a 100 lb. Propane tank is draft to organize 100 pounds of propane. Straight-forward, right? Well, no quite… So, how many gallons that propane room there in a 100 pound tank?

Because propane is stored and delivered together a liquid, it deserve to be beneficial to know what this looks prefer in regards to gallons. While there’s a fairly simple answer, there room a couple of different components that can affect how numerous gallons room actually in a 100 lb. Tank.

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The simple Answer


To put it simply, 0.236 gallons = 1 lb of propane. 

This is true once the propane tank is at a temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit. 

So, 0.236 gallons x 100 pounds = 23.6 gallons.

A 100 lb. Tank holds 23.6 gallons and weighs 170 lbs. When full.

Other Factors

As mentioned, there are extr factors the can impact the in its entirety amount that usable propane within the tank. These encompass water capacity and also tank temperature. Let’s take it a closer look at every of this to see exactly how they affect your propane tank supply. 

Water Capacity

Each gas cylinder will have actually a water capacity number stamped on the collar and also will look something like “WC 240.” This is the full mass of liquid – declared in pounds – the a cylinder could hold if filled entirely with water. 

However, as soon as filled v propane, gas cylinders can only it is in filled up to 42% the the water capacity. This is to accommodate for the fluctuations in tank push as temperatures change.

For this example, 240 (water capacity) x 0.42 (max. Capacity) = 100.8 lb.

So our tank deserve to actually organize a best of 100.8 lb when filled.

As pointed out above, we recognize that each lb. Propane is 0.236 gallons.

This way that 0.236 gallons x 100.8 pounds = 23.789 gallon propane.

Again, this doesn’t make a substantial difference, yet it can still it is in a factor to think about when deciding what dimension of tank to use.

How Temperature affect Tank Pressure


Propane does not sit unaffected in ~ propane tanks. The optimal ambient temperature (which to be assumed in the instance above) is 60 degrees Fahrenheit. In ~ this temperature, a tank that has actually been filled would develop a reading of around 40% top top a tank gauge. 

As temperature rise, the tank gauge reading will go up. It’s quiet the exact same weight that propane in the tank – the molecules have actually just become much more spread out. 

The reverse happens once temperatures drop, so nothing be surprised once that reading goes down. This is not because there is much less usable propane in the tank – the propane has actually just become much more dense or compact, and also the volume has actually decreased. The chillier the temperature, the much more the levels will certainly change. 

The lower pressure can cause tanks to stop working properly. Keeping tank push up might require more frequent refills; even when there is quiet “usable” propane in the tank, the volume is no high sufficient and extr propane must be added to bring tank pressure ago up. 

How deserve to I store My Propane in ~ the appropriate Temperature?

Constantly do a pilgrimage to get a tank refill have the right to be costly and also frustrating. Luckily, there is another means to save your tank working nicely through plenty the propane in ~ the ready once you space – Propane Tank Heaters. 

Propane tank heaters effortlessly transfer heat to the tank, elevating the BTU (British thermal Energy) of the propane. In basic terms, this heat power works by transferring warm from one thing (the tank heater) to another (the tank) – raising the movement of the molecules and also keeping it in ~ optimal functioning temperature. 

A well-made heater will conserve you the trouble of do time-consuming, not to mention expensive, refills by elevating your tank temperature and, consequently, your in its entirety tank pressure. This kind of heater is a safety-certified electric blanket that wraps around the entire surface of your tank, no issue what size tank that is. That absolutely the “no-hassle” technique to temperature regulation, permitting you to usage every gallon of propane in ~ the tank.

 If you typically use propane during cold weather months, a tank heater is certainly worth check out!


Choose Propane Tank Heaters

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