How much a cubic yard of topsoil weighs have the right to actually vary depending on how lot of what is in the soil and the moisture contents it contains. Bags of topsoil room usually sold by cubic feet and sometimes contains little amounts of included fertilizer to do it better for usage in gardens.

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Topsoil is basically the result of scraping the height 4″-12″ or so of the height of the soil off of one area the land, though many of the time it stays in the 5″-6″ range.

When topsoil is not offered in bags the next means it is marketed is in cubic yards. One cubic yard is a cube the is one garden in every direction, making it one yard high, one garden wide, and one yard long. A 40-pound bag commonly contains approximately 0.75 cubic feet the soil.

One cubic garden is consisted of of 27 cubic square feet, therefore if purchase in bags, girlfriend would require 36 bags weighing 40 pounds each and making for a total of 1,440 pounds of floor per cubic yard.

Knowing exactly how much one yard of topsoil weighs partly depends on where it was scraped from and, therefore, what the is in it. If it includes a an ext than usual amount the sand or stones this will certainly make the weigh considerably more, top top the other hand, if it has actually a many of tiny wood chips and plant debris it deserve to weigh less.

Usually, once you require a cubic yard or much more of topsoil, it is ideal to buy that in bulk rather of buying the appropriate number of bags.

How countless Cubic Yards of Topsoil will I Need

Estimating just how much topsoil you will require for a task is simplest to do when thinking in terms of cubes. For example, just how deep you need it, how large of one area execute you require it, and also how long is the room you should cover.

Put every those measurements right into feet because that the easiest math, making a 6″ deep garden bed come to be 0.5′ deep. Once you have every little thing in feet, you multiply the 3 dimensions to get the cubic feet you will certainly need.

For example, If you are making a 4’x5′ elevated garden bed that requirements to it is in 0.5′ deep, climate you will need ten cubic feet of topsoil because that it because 4’x5’x0.5’= 10 cubic feet. You can use this same math no matter what you are using her topsoil for as lengthy as you understand the depth, width, and also length. Remember the 27 cubic feet go into one cubic yard.

How to get the Cubic Yards that Topsoil to her Home and also Where You require It


When buying a cubic garden of topsoil or more from a supplier, there are two paths you can go to obtain the floor to her home: you can have it delivered, or you deserve to have it placed in the earlier of her truck or trailer and also take it house yourself. If you space going with the later on plan, then you need to make sure how much weight your truck have the right to handle prior to you effort to take it a load.

A truck or trailer have the right to usually handle about one or two cubic yards the soil, depending upon whether the van is little or full-sized. To do this, girlfriend will have to drive there and place your truck whereby they tell you, paying inside and also then driving that home.

A little dump truck, top top the various other hand, can lug five cubic yards if a big dump truck can sometimes carry over ten cubic yards. To have actually this done you deserve to usually make an stimulate on the phone, and also they will certainly let you recognize their schedule and also when they deserve to deliver.

However you obtain it to her home, try to get it dumped as close to wherein you will certainly be making use of it as possible. The median size wheelbarrow deserve to carry about three cubic feet, but whether you have the right to move it as soon as weighing around 120 pounds can be an additional matter. Even then it will certainly take at least nine trips to move one cubit garden of topsoil.

Uses because that Topsoil approximately Your Home

Gardening is among the most usual uses for topsoil because it naturally has actually a fair amount of nutrients to give garden plants a good start, yet there room a few other offers too.

It deserve to be additionally perfect for enhancing drainage if you have a component of her yard the is no draining properly. Sandy soil, in particular, helps with drainage and also for best results is tilled right into the soil approximately a foot deep.

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Another thing that topsoil can be an excellent for is to assist level her lawn. Perform this by sprinkling a couple of inches in ~ a time over low areas, enabling the grass to thrive through without smothering it and doing a couple of applications end a few weeks if it is really low.