Michael Oher network Worth: Michael Oher is one American football attack tackle who has a net worth that $16 million. Oher"s an individual story to be chronicled in the Academy Award-winning 2009 movie "The remote Side" starring Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw. Michael"s duty was played by Quinton Aaron.

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Early Life and Career: Michael Oher was born might 28, 1986 in Memphis, Tennessee. Oher was born come Denise Oher, who was one alcoholic and crack cocaine addict, and a father, Michael Jerome Williams, that was frequently in prison. Because of his upbringing, the received little attention or discipline during his childhood. He recurring both very first and 2nd grades and attended eleven various schools throughout his an initial nine years together a student. He was put in foster treatment at age seven, and also alternated between living in various foster homes and periods of homelessness. Oher"s biological father was a former cellmate that Denise Oher"s brother and also was murdered in prison once Oher was a an elderly in high school. A young Michael Oher was ultimately taken in by Sean Tuohy and also Leigh ann Tuohy when he was 16, and also the Tuohys came to be Oher"s legal guardians when he was 17. They rental Oher a tutor, who worked with the on schoolwork because that 20 hrs a week.

Oher began playing football throughout his student in the first year year in ~ a windy high institution in Memphis. In his small year, Oher started to excel in football. Oher to be named department II Lineman the the Year in 2003 and very first Team Tennessee All-State. He additionally earned 2 letters every in both track and also basketball. By the start of his an elderly year, Oher was the beginning left tackle on the varsity soccer team. He was a state runner-up in the discus together a senior. Oher"s low grades were originally a obstacle to his acceptance to an NCAA program, yet he eventually increased his 0.76 GPA come a 2.52 GPA in order to attend a division 1 school. He did this by taking online classes indigenous Brigham Young University and replacing his Ds and also Fs deserve in earlier classes with As until he ultimately raised his graduating GPA over the compelled minimum. That quickly came to be a peak football prospect in the state that Tennessee, which brought about multiple scholarship provides from division 1 schools. He ultimately decided to play college football with the Ole miss out on Rebels in ~ the university of Mississippi, but he had received scholarship offers from Tennessee, LSU, Alabama, Auburn, and also South Carolina.

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College Career: Oher began in ten gamings as a guard throughout his premiere season with the Ole miss out on Rebels. He quickly ended up being a first-team student in the first year All-American. ~ he change to the position of left tackle because that the 2006 season, Oher was named to various preseason All-Conference and also All-American teams. That was likewise named a second-team Southeastern Conference attack lineman after ~ his second year, and was named a first-team SEC offensive lineman after ~ his junior year. Oher also thrived academically in ~ Ole Miss and also his tested IQ score enhanced by 30 points between when he to be measured farming up and then measure up in college. The made the honor role in his sophomore year. In January 2008, Oher asserted he would certainly be leaving institution to get in the 20008 NFL draft. However, he announced his withdrawal from the draft just two days later to go back to Ole miss out on for his an elderly year. After ~ the 2008 season, Oher was recognized unanimously together first-team All-American, and also made the honor roll for the 2nd time in his college career. The graduated through a level in Criminal righteousness in the feather of 2009. He walked far from his college football career v over a dozen awards and also prestigious honors for the sport.


Michael Oher

Net Worth:$16 Million
Salary:$2.7 Million every Year
Date that Birth:May 28, 1986 (35 years old)
Height:6 ft 3 in (1.93 m)
Profession:American football player, Athlete
Nationality:United states of America