Brakes: indicators & symptom of Failure

Servicing her brakes is a necessary component of her Hyundai maintenance. However for many car owners, preserving a vehicle’s brakes is frequently overlooked. Keeping your brakes in great working order have the right to also aid prevent costly repairs under the road. Below are generally asked questions about brake repairs.

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Frequently asked Questions about Brake repairs & Replacements

How carry out you know when girlfriend need new brake pads?

The usual signs of failing brake pads incorporate low brake fluid (warning lights) and also the i can not qualify to prevent abruptly. Additionally, girlfriend may an alert the brake pedal feeling soft/spongy, the auto is pulling to the side, or the auto vibrates or is usually hard to control when braking. These space all symptom of negative brake pads, brake shoes or connected components.

How perform you recognize when girlfriend need brand-new brake rotors?

The most usual sign of bad rotors: grinding; metal-on-metal sounds when you push the brakes. This is usually because your brake pads have worn under entirely, causing the rotors and brake pads making metal to metal contact. When you hear the grinding sound, a complete brake task is generally the just solution.

If her brakes are acting weird, they’re shuddering, your brake warning light is ~ above or they’re simply not functioning right, it’s best to contact us in ~ 847-230-8221 or schedule an appointment for an inspection.

How regularly should I change the brakes on mine Hyundai?

Hyundai recommends having your brakes confirm every time you gain your tires rotated, around every six months or 7,500 miles. If girlfriend commute in hefty traffic and also use your brakes often, you’ll require to get an inspection more frequently.

What is consisted of in a brake job or brake repairs?

A brake task or brake repair usually requires replacing the brake linings (which means replacing the brake pads and/or shoes), resurfacing or instead of the rotors and/or drums, adding brand-new brake fluid or bleeding the mechanism as needed, and also looking for various other worn components.

How lot does it price for brake repairs or brake replacement?

Brake repairs or brake replace instead instead for your Hyundai depends on her model kind and the form of repair needed. Hyundai brake repairs and replacements right now start in ~ $157.00 and go approximately $399.00, and also labor cost is $90.00 every hour. This pricing does not incorporate taxes, fees, and also does not aspect in your distinct location or related repairs that may also be needed.

How long does a brake fix or brake replacement take?

Under typical circumstances, brake repair or replacement will certainly take on mean 1-2 ½ hours; however, based upon the number of repairs, it might run a tiny longer.


Is it worth getting brakes done at the dealership?

Absolutely. The finest place to have brake repair or instead of performed is at the dealership due to the fact that we use original Hyundai parts, and also labor typically bills the end a little higher than independent shops because of our Hyundai training, certifications and also continuing education requirements the are compelled to work-related on your Hyundai.

The automotive sector is continually in a state the change. Every year, awesome new vehicles with new never-before-seen features are released. With all the current rapid advances in tech, these alters are happening more dramatically than they ever have before and also it’s ideal to have actually a knowledgeable and also trustworthy Hyundai certified technology from Patrick Hyundai work-related on your automobile or SUV.

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The best advice is to lug it to us, our skilled service professionals can provide you a quote customized for her car and also its demands. To discover more, simply contact us by phone call 847-230-8211 or submit an inquiry. Or if you’re prepared to schedule her Hyundai brake repair or brake replacement, click “Schedule Service” below.