Well do trucks will outlast their paint by plenty of years. However, if you leave the paint to chip and peel, it will certainly leave the body exposed. Raw metal body panels will certainly then end up being rust magnets, and eventually the paint that didn"t last will finish up taking your truck v it. Instead of waiting for the paint to begin failing, you must be proactive. The good news is the you have the right to do that yourself and also it won"t cost as much as you think. It turns out, paint your truck, is a good investment.

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Painting a truck gives you the opportunity to rejuvenate the look at or try out a different color altogether. Besides selecting a color, among the biggest things to think about is the cost to repaint a truck before getting started. While we can’t call you exactly what it expense to paint a truck, us can assist you ballpark the answer.

Professional painting or DIY

The biggest consideration to make when analyzing the expense to repaint a van is even if it is you desire to perform it yourself or salary a professional. Of course, going to a professional costs a lot more, however it’s likely you’ll obtain a showroom high quality finish. If you have the tools, patience and also skill, you can attempt the repaint job yourself. This not just saves you money however gives girlfriend a project to enjoy. The one time us don’t recommend painting a truck you yourself is as soon as you require the complete to it is in collector’s quality. Then, it’s best to bite the bullet and also seek assist from a professional. To obtain that durable, high-gloss finish you crave, they could need come apply much more than 20 coats that paint!

Cost to paint a van Professionally

If you choose to walk the expert route, you have some various levels of service easily accessible to you. Basic Service – This entails a few coats the paint and also is the many inexpensive option. Castle use synthetic enamel and also will just take care of visible areas. You have the right to expect come pay between $500 and also $1,000 because that most straightforward services. Standard Service – This often has sanding and also removing any kind of rust prior to beginning the repaint job. You can expect come pay all over from $1,000 to $4,000 depending upon how much work needs to be done. Showroom top quality Service – This requires taking the bodywork come bare steel with sanding. Then, lock remove any dents and also rust. After ~ that, the shop uses high-quality repaint in plenty of coats. These projects can consume a month of time and also cost approximately $20,000.


Cost to repaint a van Yourself

If you journey an old truck, it could not make sense to have a professional paint it. To keep the prices down, it’s way to take into consideration doing the yourself. The materials you require are readily accessible. Make sure you purchase:PrimerMasking tapeFoam brushesSandpaperPaint traysSolventFiltered Mask

One the the main things you need to consider is whereby you’ll paint the truck. Because you don’t have actually a climate-controlled booth, you should evaluate your location’s dirt and also dust content. The best place you can paint is in a an extremely well-ventilated, clean garage. If you haven"t got access to that, many civilization are able to usage DEET and also Citronella as pest repellants and apply Durabak in their front yard.

You may be of the impression that an excellent automotive paint needs to be pce on with an aerosol can. If you desire to mimic the applications of a experienced sprayer, it"s not going to be possible with a deserve to of aerosol though. Whilst friend can uncover cans that automotive spray paint from as little as $10, you would need dozens of them, costing you thousands of dollars. The complete would still no look close to professional however don"t worry too much, because it won"t last that long.

If you to be to try and usage your HVLP gun and also air compressor to spray top top some professional automotive paint, climate you just need come invest in an oven large enough to fit her truck in to dry it! also if not, you"ll must spend a lot of time and money ~ above bondo and sanding together that repaint will magnify any type of imperfections in the automobile - so set aside a week because that the project.

There is an additional option though, Durabak. Durabak was developed to resolve all these troubles in a straightforward DIY package. For simply $300 you will have enough Durabak come coat her Truck fully. Durabak is not constant paint, it"s army spec for this reason it"s supervisor tough. It"s likewise much more thickness than consistent paint, so friend don"t need to have actually the world"s many perfect surface ar to apply it on to. Durabak is also flexible not brittle, for this reason if your truck ever gets dented, the won"t just crack and break off leaving exposed metal.

You can roll ~ above Durabak or usage a spray gun and you can gain surprisingly great results that will last decades - inspect out our collection for pictures of DIY Durabak to view what good results girlfriend can get with it.

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Final Thoughts

Prior to making any kind of commitment, you want to fully consider the cost to repaint a truck. If you pick to walk professionally, you’ll want to obtain multiple quotes and also evaluate the shops’ reputations. If you like to tackle this job on her own, we can’t introduce Durabak enough. Not only is the a cost-effective option, but it protects her truck from UV rays, rust and scratches. If you want to watch how straightforward it is to paint the exterior that a truck with Durabak"s truck bed liner paint, just inspect out this YouTube video clip from a customer that did it himself. Https://youtu.be/Vd8Phbw_5yI contact us today and also let us assist you boost the illustration of her truck.