Ear piercings deserve to make human being feel beautiful, provide them their very own identity, and also increase confidence. If you’ve decided to gain a piercing, your an initial question is likely this: how much walk it price to gain your ear pierced?

In this article, we’ll breakdown the price of acquiring your ears, cartilage or tragus pierced. We’ll show you the many economical locations to get your ears pierced and also answer some common questions.

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How much does it price to get your ears pierced?


The average cost of getting single piercing top top one ear is in between $40 – $60 whereby as a solitary piercing top top both ear will expense you in between $80 – $120. If you currently have your ears pierced, you’ll uncover that the cost of a second piercing ~ above one ear reasonably cheaper: $10 – $60. However the expense of a second piercing top top both ears will expense you between $20 – $120.

How much does it expense to gain your cartilage pierced?


For the cartilage, the cost for a solitary piercing top top one ear is relatively similar come the single piercing on one ear, ranging from $40 – $70. A solitary piercing on the cartilage for both ears will expense you in between $80 – $140. For a 2nd piercing ~ above the cartilage top top one ear will cost between: $30 – $50 while a 2nd piercing on both ears will certainly cost: $55 – $70.

Type that PiercingApproximate Cost
Earlobe: single piercing ~ above one ear$40 – $60
Earlobe: solitary piercing ~ above both ears$80 – $120
Earlobe: second piercing ~ above one ear$10 – $60
Earlobe: second piercing top top both ears$20 – $120
Cartilage: single piercing top top one ear$40 – $70
Cartilage: solitary piercing top top both ears$80 – $140
Cartilage: 2nd piercing top top one ear$30 – $50
Cartilage: second piercing top top both ears$60 – $100
Tragus$55 – $70

How lot does it cost to acquire your tragus pierced?


The cost of acquiring your tragus will price you in between $50 – $70. Listed below is a graph summarizing the approximate expenses for gaining your ears, cartilage or tragus pierced.

Keep in mind that the prices detailed are one estimate and also don’t take right into account discounts. For example, Walmart and Claire’s offers cost-free ear piercings through the purchase of your starter kit. It’s additionally common because that there come be lower rates for dual ear piercings.

Additionally, the price is subject to vary depending upon the kind of earring you acquisition or if you lug your own earring.

Type the PiercingApproximate Cost
Earlobe: single piercing ~ above one ear$40 – $60
Earlobe: solitary piercing ~ above both ears$80 – $120
Earlobe: second piercing ~ above one ear$10 – $60
Earlobe: second piercing on both ears$20 – $120
Cartilage: solitary piercing on one ear$40 – $70
Cartilage: solitary piercing top top both ears$80 – $140
Cartilage: second piercing top top one ear$30 – $50
Cartilage: 2nd piercing on both ears$60 – $100
Tragus$55 – $70

Where deserve to you go to acquire a piercing?


You can acquire piercings at the adhering to stores:

WalmartIcingPagodaClaire’sMacy’sMaria TashStudsLove Adorned

Since earlobe piercings room the standard kind of piercing in the unified States, you could be questioning yourself the following questions: Where deserve to I acquire my ears pierced? Where have the right to I gain my cartilage pierced?

The chart below indicates the species of piercings each of these stores offer:

 Ear PiercingCartilage PiercingTragus Piercing

If you’re wonder which stores offer the cheapest piercings for the ears, cartilage or tragus, we’ve acquired you covered.

Walmart provides some of the lowest ear and also cartilage piercing prices, with cost-free piercings if you purchase earrings.

Given that, you could be wondering: exactly how much go it cost to acquire your ears pierced at Walmart through the acquisition of earrings? their earrings begin at $10.

As you deserve to see, over there aren’t as numerous stores that sell tragus piercings, but Pagoda is a an excellent choice because they have great reputation. You’ll need to consult individual stores because that pricing.

If you room going because that a an ext exclusive experience, Maria Tash, Studs and also Love Adorned are good options. Maria Tash is renowned for her job-related with celebrities. Their experience proceeds even ~ you leaving the save – they offer complimentary downsizing of write-ups to certain the angle is maintained and your piercing has the perfect fit. See listed below for the prices of ear, cartilage and tragus piercings:

Ear SectionPrice RangeStore
Ear lobe$35 – $50Marla Tash
Cartilage$45 – $75Studs
Tragus$35 – $60Love Adorned

What age can you acquire piercings and also does it impact the price?


Individuals of almost any age can obtain piercings. They include:


According to Healthline, it’s appropriate to wait till a baby is in ~ least 4 months old, which is when they’ll have actually both tetanus vaccines, prior to getting their ear pierced.

On the other hand, the American Academy of Pediatrics states that it’s right to wait until a child can treatment for their ear piercings independently. However, they recognize that cultural and personal decisions negate these recommendations, so they recommend the parents job-related with their pediatrician to determine the ideal time to pierce their child’s ears.

How much does it expense to gain your ears pierced, friend ask? The prize varies depending upon the kind of piercing, the style of earring girlfriend choose, and any promotions a store may be running. Regardless, ear, nose, cartilage, and tragus piercings are economical for many consumers.


Now let’s take a look in ~ some usual questions around getting your ears pierced.

Does it hurt to obtain your ears pierced?

There’s no doubt about it—you’ll feeling it once you acquire your ears pierced. However, piercing the earlobe is just one of the the very least painful forms of piercing. In fact, getting a inoculation is often an ext painful than getting your ears pierced.

What kind of earrings will the stores usage for piercing ears?

When you obtain your ears pierced, the save will usage a special kind of earring, often called starter earrings. These starter earrings have an especially sharp reminder to do puncturing the skin quicker and less painful. The backing also comes with safety measures so the it doesn’t acquire too close to the earlobe when the ear is healing.

Can you carry your very own earrings to gain pierced?

Depending ~ above the store and piercing an approach used, friend might be able to bring your own earrings to obtain pierced. If you pick to carry your very own earrings, it’s best to lug a starter layout of earring. Together an earring consists of a sharp tip and safety backing.

How do I keep my newly pierced ear clean?

It’s an essential to practice everyday hygiene through your recently pierced ears. You can keep castle clean by dabbing her ears v a cotton sphere doused in a unique ear piercing solution, an antibacterial soap, or rubbing alcohol. It’s finest to clean your recently pierced ear 2 – 3 times per day. Make certain to wash her hands with soap and also water prior to touching them. 

How long do I must keep mine starter earrings on for?

You’ll need to keep your starter earrings ~ above for six to eight weeks. Acquisition your earrings the end early might have terrible consequences. Namely, the hole may close, and also you’d require to gain your ears pierced again come wear earrings.

Where have the right to I to buy earrings after i have worn my starter earrings because that the recommended period?

After wearing her starter earrings for 6 to eight weeks, you’re totally free to purchase any kind of earrings you will do like. You can buy earrings native the same places that offer ear piercings, such as Walmart, Pagoda, and also Claire’s. Alternatively, you can purchase earrings online, at craft markets, and also in stores that don’t market ear piercings.

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Can girlfriend pierce your own ears through a piercing gun?

Although it’s possible to acquisition a piercing gun, that a bad idea come pierce your own ears with it. Not just would that be challenging to obtain the earring in suitable alignment, yet for security reasons, someone with experience must use the piercing gun.