Many civilization think that having actually a pet tiger is a great idea, yet most world can not afford to treatment for a tiger properly, permit alone purchase one. Even if you deserve to buy one, pay for its feed, provide it with sufficient space, is a tiger really a good pet for you? allow us discover out.

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For the most component this write-up is composed for human being in the United claims wishing to buy and own a pets tiger, however some that the details is also an excellent for human being in various other countries. To note somewhere between 6,000 and 10,000 many tigers are retained as exotic pet in the unified States, in fact an ext tigers are retained as pets now than there are in the wild.

It also must be stated that pets tigers space not permitted everywhere, prior to you even think about it (and i am not suggesting you need to really consider getting a tiger at all) girlfriend must inspect out the laws and also regulations worrying owning a pet tiger. Even if her state enables you to save a pet tiger, the area friend live in might not. In terms of owning a pet tiger, these exotics are considered "large carnivores", and also are banned in most states.

How lot do Pet tigers Cost?

Tigers cost around $10,000 and also up, with certain colors (white tigers) costing more. Tigers room sold straight from breeders (often ~ above the Internet) and sometimes through odd and also unusual exotic pet auctions.

How lot Does it cost to feed a Tiger?

Tigers are the largest of the “big cats” you have to make certain you have the right to afford to feed it and have a secure supply the meat, they need to not it is in fed dried cat food. Many human being feed steed meat or beef, in ~ a expense of $1,500 come $2,500 per year.

How lot Land execute I need to Own a Tiger?

In plenty of places wherein pet tigers are allowed it is a requirement that you own at the very least 5 acres. In other words friend cannot store a tiger in your city backyard no issue ow great of a fence girlfriend have. In some instances the tiger no only demands a appropriate enclosure yet your property additionally requires second 8 foot perimeter fence, mainly to keep human being out!

Other expenses for Owning a pet Tiger

I need to not need to say this, however anyone that does no spay or neuter their tiger is questioning for trouble. The tiger will need to be vaccinated and also wormed, having actually a veterinarian that is willing to carry out this points may present a difficulty in itself. There might be unexpected costs due to health or injury.


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Other concerns with Owning a pet Tiger

Of food there room the apparent concerns concerning safety, huge cats have huge risks. They can turn mean without warning. If they hurt you the is bad enough, but if they hurt somebody else girlfriend may have a potential lawsuit on her hands in enhancement to having your pet removed.

In regards come veterinarian expenses, just just how you are going to obtain the huge cat to the vet and also back, perform not assume you have the right to just placed it in the back of your car. Even if you could most vets will certainly not watch after “loose” big cats, they call for them to be in a ideal cage, called a “Squeeze”. Some vets will pertained to your residential or commercial property (they fee mileage) but again, the cat must be contained.

Many many tigers in the pet trade room inbred, specifically the white ones. In some instances this renders them an ext prone to health and wellness problems and shortens their lifespan.

You require to have a appropriate waste administration system. What will you do with all the feces and also urine?

One more Point about Owning a pet Tiger

Many human being get tigers and also find, because that one reason or another, that they cannot care for them. There are just a handful of places that take it rescued tigers and those places generally report the they cannot assist all the pets they are asked come help, in various other words numerous former “pet” tigers room being killed.

On the whole, fairly than considering to buy a pets tiger it would be far better to donate to aid the tigers already in captive rescue situations, such as the Shambala maintain in California, or other big cat rescues.

States that enable Tigers together Pet

States that right now (as that January 2012) enable Tigers as pets, room as follows:

Alabama, Arizona – permit needed, Delaware – permit needed, Florida – permit needed, Idaho – permit needed, Indiana – permit needed, Kansas – license needed, Maine – allow needed, Minnesota – registration required prior come 2005 have the right to only replace an pet once if they had actually one registered prior to this date and also it passed away since, Mississippi – permit required, Missouri – have to be registered with law enforcement and also have a permit, Montana -permit needed, north Carolina – regulated by the county, phibìc Dakota – allow needed, Ohio – need wellness certificate because that importing, Oklahoma – allow required, Pennsylvania – permit required, Rhode Island – permit and also proof of secure basic required, southern Carolina, south Dakota – allow required, Texas – patent required, Virginia – license required, West Virginia, Wisconsin.

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Note- This articile is no to endorse tigers as pets, in its entirety they are not perfect for pet in many situations, and many space suffering as pets also now.