Is a wide receiver who"s built an ext like a soccer fan than a soccer player worth a top 10 pick?

That"s the concern draft experts are asking after Alabama wide receiver DeVonta Smith"s genuine height and also weight were revealed Wednesday.

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At Alabama, that was provided at 6-foot-1 and also 175 pounds. In ~ Alabama"s agree Day, Smith decreased to be measured or weighed, however said his weight was 170 pounds.

Here"s just how Smith is officially measured, follow to SI"s Albert Breer:

NFL groups didn"t acquire athletic trial and error numbers native the Indy medical combine earlier this month, but they did get measurements. And that meant, finally, they gained Alabama WR DeVonta blacksmith on a scale.Per sources, the Heisman winner checked in in ~ a 6-foot-0.2 and 166 pounds.

— Albert Breer (

Hmm. I think the idea of gift worried about weight is a tiny overblown, considering athletes typically undergo far-ranging physique alters when they enter the league - remember skinny Joel Embiid? - however 166 pounds certainly is slight for a 22-year-old.

Is it enough to bump him under the plank to the Eagles in ~ No. 12? and if he it s okay there ... Will certainly the Eagles neglect the size and select the talent?

Smith had an excellent season in 2020 v Alabama, catching 117 passes for 1,856 yards and 23 touchdowns en path to the Heisman. Totally insane numbers, frequently just running away native defenders. The question, that course, is even if it is Smith have the right to do the at the following level, wherein defenders are much far better at maintaining contact and also bumping smaller vast receivers off your routes.

NBC sports Philadelphia"s Reuben Frank examined the dimension question previously this week:

"Really, the just question about DeVonta smith is whether he’s too small. At 6-foot-1, 170 pounds, it’s fair to ask.

"No broad receiver that size has ever been drafted in the an initial half the the an initial round.

"Mel Kiper, that has called Smith among the five-best football player in the draft, additionally acknowledged that the Alabama star “could autumn a bit” due to the fact that of his size."

To it is in fair, we have seen part receivers at this size have actually success in the league. Eagles pan in specific will psychic a slim dude named DeSean Jackson, who stood 5-foot-9 3/4 and weighed 169 pounds at the 2008 NFL breeze Combine, doing just fine in the pros.

But Jackson is plainly an exemption to the ascendancy rather than a blueprint, and you probably don"t desire to do a habit of picking undersized players.

Last year, the Eagles had actually just three players under 180 pounds on the roster:

WR DeSean Jackson (175 pounds)K Jake Elliott (167 pounds)RB Adrian Killins (164 pounds)

An interesting group, and also not precisely encouraging.

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Ultimately, this might not matter at all. Blacksmith has an exceptional skillset as a wide receiver and he"s obviously precious a high breeze pick. However Smith is walk to desire to put on a few pounds before he bring away his very first hit as an NFL wideout.