Looking to freshen up your bath tub without a major remodel? A bathtub Fitter bathtub may be a solution worth feather into.

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You can expect to pay in between $700 come $1400 because that a bathtub tubber tub. This is comparable in expense to other acrylic bath tub liners. Store in mind the you will must take right into account the cost for installation. If you pay someone to do this the price get raise to $4,000 to $7,000 or more. Make this quite a i have lot of money project.

Standard tub replacements can price over$6,000depending top top the parameters of her project. Not just that, yet working with a contractor to renovate her bathroom might takeseveral weeks!

A bath Fitter bath tub is a quicker different to full tub replacements. This unique commodities can change the look at of your bathroom without every one of the headaches.

So, exactly how much walk a bath Fitter bathtub cost?

What is a bathtub Fitter Tub?

To get a an excellent understanding that what a bathtub Fitter tub will cost, you have to understand what provides these tubs different.

Despite the popularity of the name, bathtub Fitter describes a specific company quite than a product. TheBath Fitter companyhas a history that dates earlier nearly 30 years. The brand started in Canada and also has conveniently spread throughout the unified States.

Bath Fitter provides custom bath tub liners and also installation services.Contrary to renowned belief, a bathtub Fitter tub doesn’t involve replacing her existing tub at all! Instead, you’re obtaining a brand-new tubliner.

The structural elements of your existing bathtub remain the same. But, the exposed complete looks brand-new.


Bath Fitter Tubs room solid piece ofacrylic. PVC vinyl liners room available, too. But, they often tend to produce aplastic-like finishthat doesn’t critical as lengthy as acrylic.

Acrylic is the material of choice for many applications since it supplies a smooth complete that deserve to last a lifetime.Furthermore, it’s pliable sufficient to create a water-tight seal.

To produce your new liner, manufacturers mold a solitary piece that acrylic to match the precise contours of your existing tub. This new bath tub shell fits over your existing fixture, offering a smooth finish.

Bath Fitter can also take care of her tubsurroundto create a cohesive look for her bathroom.

What is the Installation procedure Like for Bath Fitters Tubs?

The unique thing around Bath Fitter tubs is that whatever iscustom.Liners have to fit perfectly onto her existing bathtub to protect against cracks and structural issues.

To ensure the you’re acquiring the best liner, installation specialists will take it measurements. Usually, lock will use preciselaser toolsto make certain that every curve is simply right.


After that, bath Fitter’s manufacturers develop your practice liner off-site. This is what renders Bath Fitter tubs so efficient. Girlfriend don’t have actually to resolve a partially renovated bathroom or spare products lying around.

Of course, girlfriend can additionally choose indigenous a sizable collection of styles and colors. You’ll also have the possibility to do your tub more useful with extra storage and also accessories.

When the liner is ready, bathtub Fitter experts can go back to your home and install the in as tiny asone day! The team will eliminate your old hardware, install brand-new accessories and surrounds, and drop your liner ideal in. It’s a simpleprocesswith exceptional results.

How much Does a bath Fitter bathtub Cost?

Bath Fitter tub costs vary fairly a bit depending on your needs. Prices can go up with different colors and styles. If you select to install equipment or a matching bathtub surround, you deserve to expect come pay even more.

The reality is that there’s no way to know how much a brand-new liner will expense without a quote. Luckily, bathtub Fitter does offerfree in-home consultations. Throughout your consultation, you can select your alternatives and get a quote, i beg your pardon is valid because that a year.

While there’s no way to examine exact costs, we can take a look at some median prices.

On average, tub liners cost between$850 and $1,400. That is there is no installation or accessories. Also with simply the liner alone, you’re walking to view some price differences based on the material you choose.

PVC vinyl is an ext cost-efficient. In most cases, this liners are going to cost youseveral hundred dollars lessthan acrylic. But as we pointed out earlier, it has a shorter lifespan than the acrylic that Bath Fitters uses.

When you start factoring in surrounds and installation costs, you deserve to expect come spend anywhere between$1,721 and also $5,267.The national median is in the ballpark of $3,420.

Can You save with a DIY Installation?

To placed it simply:there’s no means to install a bath Fitter tub on her own.The firm simply go not carry out that option. The factor for this is the customized nature the the install.

Tubs from bath Fitter made to fit the exact size and also shape of her tub. Acquiring a liner that doesn’t right snugly on her existing bath tub puts you at risk forcracks and also water damage.

Bath Fitters takes treatment of the entire procedure for you come ensure that your tub doesn’t have any type of water issues. This has measuring your tub. That doesn’t matter whether you have actually a straightforward builder bathtub or something a bit much more intricate, bath Fitters can create a liner the works.

It is feasible toinstall a lineron your own. But, you can’t do that with a bath Fitters tub. Expert installations only!

Is a bath Fitter bathtub Worth It?


Installing a bath Fitter tub isn’t the many cost-efficient remodeling alternative out there. It drops somewherebetweenrefinishing and full bathtub replacement. For this reason why pick a bath Fitter tub over your other options?

Here room some advantages and disadvantages come mull over prior to you decide the a bath Fitter bathtub is appropriate for you.


If you’ve seen Bath Fitter’s commercials, you’re likely currently familiar with the benefits! bath Fitter offers a simple and quicky method to obtain a brand-new tub.

When contrasted to full replacements, you’re conserving a significant amount oftime and money.

Think about all that the costs that come through redoing a bathroom. You need to remove the old fixture, demolish the surround, pay for brand-new tiles, and also so lot more. Every one of that add to up.

With a bathtub Fitter tub, you don’t have to worry about any the that. These tubs covering the existing work. If you’re installing a brand-new surround, it’ll sheathe up her old tiles, too.You don’t have to do any demolition!Instead, experts can obtain the job done quicker and also cheaper.

Bath Fitter tubs space usually mucheasier to maintain, too. Whatever from the surrounds to the bathtub liner itself is molded out of a solitary piece that acrylic. That way no grout lines or difficult-to-reach clean spots!

For peace of mind, bathtub Fitters also offers alifetime warrantyon the products. That’s not something you often get v standard tubs.

While bathtub Fitter tubs might not be the cheapest way to remodel your bathroom, the convenience is well worth the extra costs.You can acquire a brand-new bath tub in only a portion of the time as a full remodel. Who doesn’t want that?


Despite every one of the an excellent they lug to the table, bathtub Fitter tubs aren’t for everyone.

These liners space not foolproof. They deserve to experience damage similar to anything else. However, damages can it is in a lot more serious with a liner.

With wrong installation, the liner can conveniently crack. Water can additionally get behind seams or through poorly cured caulk. Once this happens, the water will create a “squishy” feel underfoot.

Depending on the severity the the leak, you may likewise experience water damage!

Another thing to think around is how it will impact the resale value of her home. Obviously, extending up an ugly tub is much better than doing nothing at all!

But, aBath Fitter bath tub isn’t walking to have actually the same affect on the value of the bathroom choose real brick would. With a true tile surround, you canrecoupa far-reaching amount of what you spent. That’s not the case with a plastic surround or liner.

Bath Fitter tub Alternatives

Bath Fitter tubs aren’t your only means to acquire a brand-new look at in her bathroom! over there are several other choices that deserve your consideration.

Other bath tub Liner Companies

Bath Fitter can be associated with bathtub liners, yet it’s certainly not the only agency you can go to. Other big-name brands likeReBath,Miracle Method,Home Depot, and much more offer the same form of company as bathtub Fitter.

Many live independence bathroom builders can order tradition liners and get the task done for you together well. Shop around and get price quotes from various companies! You may find much more options or better pricing than Bath Fitter.

Full bathtub Replacement

Replacing her entire bath tub can be expensive. This is particularly true once you aspect in labor, materials, hardware, and demolition. All in, you’re looking atsignificant renovation costs.

That said, it might be precious it if you want something a bit much more permanent. Through a full bathtub replacement, you have actually endless choices for style and materials.


Finally, friend could always refinish your tub. Refinishing is lot moreaffordablethan full tub replacements or liners.

When girlfriend refinish a tub, you’rereglazingit. The processcovers up any type of physical damage and masks stains. Plus, it creates a smooth new finish.

You have the right to hire a contractor to take treatment of refinishing because that you. Or, you deserve to do the yourself!

Here’s a suitablerefinishing kitthat’s perfect because that DIYers. It’s a special epoxy coating the can completely transform your tub. After some basic preparation work, every you need to do is integrate the ingredients and apply the mixture to the tub.

It’s a an easy solution that has a big impact on the look at of her tub!

You don’t need to settle because that an ugly tub! A new Bath Fitter liner deserve to transform the look at of her bathroom quickly and efficiently.

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If you desire a equipment that’s even more affordable and DIY friendly, examine out thisrefinishing kitfrom Refinished bathtub Solutions.

Still have actually questions around the costs associated with acquiring a new Bath Fitter bathtub liner? leave them in the comment below!

Pricing have the right to vary based upon the parameters of your project, yet the mean that most homeowners spend is about $3,400. For much less than the price that a complete replacement, you can get a bath tub that watch brand new!