The average cost of one American Bulldog have the right to vary widely. The average pet-quality dog normally costs about $800. This is primarily because of their huge size. They room simply much more expensive come breed since they require much more room and eat fairly a bit. 

However, if you’re searching for a pedigreed dog from a superior bloodline, you have the right to expect come pay over $1800. In this case, you’re paying for the fact that the dog will likely have the ability to compete in shows and also do quite well. 

The objective of one American Bulldog will identify its pricing.

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How much is one American Bulldog?

These dogs variety widely in price. Whereby you decide to take on your dog provides a far-ranging difference in the price. You can likely uncover local “backyard” breeders the are marketing this dog for extremely cheap. However, these dogs space rarely wellness tested and also are more prone to wellness problems. On the other hand, purchasing native an AKC-registered breeder help ensure the the suitable health tests were run. However, lock are also the many expensive option. 


In the end, that is typically much better to acquisition from a experienced breeder. While friend will invest more, this is since you’re payment for comprehensive vet care for the puppy and also thorough health experimentation for the parents. Both of these factors help ensure the the puppy is healthy. 

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Getting a puppy indigenous Craigslist

Purchasing a puppy from craigslist is frequently cheap. However, over there is no method to for sure the wellness of puppies sold solely through this medium. Often, this puppies space from unprofessional breeders that breed your pet dogs in your backyard. They generally don’t undergo the proper health testing. Countless puppies aren’t also taken to the vet, which method they space often missing necessary vaccinations. Part puppies may have actually underlying health problems that have not yet been diagnosed due to the lack of vet care. 

Backyard breeders regularly do not develop purebred dogs, however cross your American Bulldogs with e.g. Dogo Argentinos.

Some backyard breeders have actually done their appropriate research and also take great care of your puppies. Others end up through accidental litters and also have no idea just how to take treatment of puppies. When a breeder isn’t donate by the AKC or national breed club, it isn’t basic to recognize what group they fit in. For this reason, us don’t recommend purchasing a puppy the is advertised ~ above a regional marketplace alone. 

While you might save money upfront, you’ll frequently spend much more on vet receipt to get basic health testing and also vaccinations. It is impossible to phone call if the puppy has health problems since many room not watched by a vet. You may finish up v a puppy with genetic problems since health experimentation was likely not perform on the parents. 

Getting a puppy from a rescue

Most puppies in rescues were accidents. A professional breeder would never send their puppy come a rescue. After all, lock breed their dogs partially for profit. Furthermore, professional breeders regularly have an adoption contract that states unwanted puppies need to be went back to them – not taken to a shelter. Therefore, most puppies in rescues are not bred by skilled breeders. They’re generally accidents. 

For this reason, the parents execute not undergo wellness testing before breeding. The puppies are currently born when the rescue has actually them (or the mother is currently pregnant, in ~ least). However, rescues do acquire their puppies properly wellness tested and also vaccinated. This helps ensure that the puppy is healthy and balanced once you embrace it. Friend won’t have to worry around underlying problems like parasites, together the rescue regularly tests and also treats puppies because that this problem. 

Plus, adopting native a rescue is reasonably cheap. Most administer puppies for only $100-$300. This prices commonly cover the veterinary treatment that your dog needs and any other treatment the puppy needs.