A snow Cone company is an ideal candidate for her summer side-hustle.

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The margins are incredible, you acquire to be external soaking increase the sun, and also you’re giving people a continuous stream the sugary ice. What can be far better than do money and also making people happy in ~ the same time? before we talk about how to begin a snow cone business, let’s take a look at the benefit potential.

The snow Cone Opportunity

Quick Stats:

Startup Cost: $4,571.75Peak Season: June-August (90 Days)Cost Per snow Cone: .80Retail Price: $3.00 (6oz)Profit Potential In optimal Season: $15,840 – $26,400 (Net)

Snow Cone profit Calculator

Are snow cones really the popular? Not only are snow cones popular, they never ever go out of style! Sure, you may decide to brand yourself together the much more premium ‘Shaved Ice’, (There is a difference, more on that later), however it’s pretty lot the same thing; sugar and ice. 

Consumer snow Cone Trends

According to Google ads Keyword Planner, the expression ‘Snow Cones near Me’ is searched an median of 45,500 times per month. 

As you deserve to see below, top seasons for snow Cone searches room the summer months, topping the end in June & July.


Locational Trends: The best states to begin a eye cone service in

Good news if you want to begin a eye cone company in texas, it regulates 48% that Google’s full SEARCH VOLUME because that the phrase ‘Snow Cones close to Me.’ Texas benefits from being a big state through a warmth climate, for this reason it’s no surprise.


The best states by find volume % are:

Texas 48.8%Oklahoma 6.5%Florida 4.5%Louisiana 4.0%California 3.3%

The remainder of the joined States makes up a full of 32.9% the the complete searches because that the ‘Snow Cones near Me’ phrase. 

Where’s Hawaii? don’t forget around shaved ice!

You may have wondered whereby Hawaii is in every one of this, no they the king the tropical sweets? the course, they are, but let’s store in mind end there; that all about the Hawaiin shave ice. If you’re beginning a eye cone business there, you may want to re-brand to shave ice. 

The find term ‘Shaved Ice close to Me’ is searched on median of 33,100 times per month, with 22.9% the the searches comes from the State that Hawaii. 


Does this typical I shouldn’t begin a snowcone business if I’m not in among the height states?

In short, no. There room plenty of successful snow cone sellers in says with a much reduced percentage of the searches. Store in mind; this is only data indigenous an online search engine. It’s necessary to remember that snow cones are additionally an advertise buy. 

Many of your customers i will not ~ be searching for snow cones, snow cones will discover them. They will certainly be hot, tired, and also ready for a pick-me-up.

There are plenty the seasonal avenues throughout the united state to make an excellent money slinging cones! Although life in a cooler climate could not be the finest idea if you space planning a full time snow cone venture. 

Snow Cone organization Pros

Low overhead: Once you purchase the necessary equipment, snow cones have actually a very low overhead cost.Good Margins: Depending ~ above the location and also flavors, you can charge in between $2-$5 because that a eye cone!Simple non-perishable menu: Snow hat consist of only two vital ingredients: Ice and flavored syrup. The just other element would be record or plastic containers to put them in. Your syrups will last rather a while prior to going bad.Working outside: If you gain being outdoors, this is a an excellent way to spend time outside while happen in part cash.Freedom & Flexibility: You obtain to be your very own boss, your own schedule and also take time turn off whenever friend want.Seasonality: because that some, this is a con, however for others, lock love the idea that a cash-generating next business. You get to make her burst the money and then placed it away until the following summer.Cash-Flow business: snow Cones should develop an instant cash circulation positive business. Through low overhead, you have to be in the optimistic the an initial year in business. If her profit margins room right, you will be able to pocket money very soon after gaining started.

Snow Cone business Cons

Seasonality: because that some, this is a con. If you desire to develop a full time snow cone empire, you may need to live in one of the states we spanned above.Hard work and hot temperatures: the a good problem come have, however slinging cones can get a small hot and exhausting. Regularly you will have actually a sirloin of customers all in a hurry, and it bring away someone that can regulate that stress.Occasional Slumps: You might have instances where days room slow, or the occasion that promised a many customers to be a bust.

Now that we’ve debated the opportunity and the pros and cons let’s get to the step-by-step process for launching your snow Cone empire.

Step 1: surname Your snow Cone Business


Though it can not seem the important, selecting a good name can give you an edge in any kind of business. Because you will certainly be marketing a typical item, a name the sticks out from the competition is constantly preferred. 

IE the a bland name: Ben’s eye Cones

IE of a name with an ext pizazz: Ben’s large Bad Cones

The second example still has a great keyword signifier (Cones) but likewise ads a fun angle. It sends out a message to the consumer that these are not just snow cones, yet they must likewise be extra big and sugary

It’s a good idea to spend some time choosing a name, yet eventually, rip the bandaid off and make a decision. You deserve to run potential name by your friends, family, spouse, etc. 

After choosing a name, it’s time to obtain a logo made! This deserve to be offered on her cart, truck, and also website if you have actually one. Having a an excellent professional logo design is an important for marketing your business. In a way, it deserve to be the an initial impression because that those considering make a purchase.

It likewise gives a feeling of psychological legitimacy to her business, and I constantly feel favor it’s an ext ‘official’ when I have a logo.

There are many styles the logos, for this reason it can be useful to ask yourself these questions prior to commissioning a designer:Do I want a classy classic logo or something more on the fun side?What elements can I add to make it rod out?What colors do I want my service to be linked with?

Having a logo design made have the right to be very overwhelming if girlfriend don’t understand where to look, for this reason we’ve do this easy for you. You have the right to take the answers come the questions above and send them to the designer friend choose.

2 Great-Cheaper areas to have your snow cone logo made1. Fiverr

Fiverr is a marketplace to find pretty much anything you need online, consisting of logos. Prices and also freelancer talent varies, for this reason it may take part time come filter and find some designers you desire to get mockups from. 

You will search indigenous the available designers HERE, and also then check out what styles you like. They all have instances in your portfolios. You can likewise filter based upon the aspects you’re spring for, such together Text-Only, 3D, Mascot-Themed, etc. 

Pricing varies greatly on the type of logo and also talent level. You have the right to pay almost everywhere from $5 to $500 because that a logo. We suggest paying in between $20-$50 because that Fiverr designs.

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Since Fiverr has tendency to run on the cheap side, we recommend rental a few different developers to carry out mockups and also see what lock come up with. We imply paying between $20-$50 for each. ~ you get the logo concepts back, pick the one you want to go v and carry out any important edits.