The humble apple is one of the many widely consumed fruits and also offers various health and wellness benefits. Countless of us reach for an apple together a sweet fix when we’re dieting or make the efforts to it is in healthy.

For this post, i have weighed 2 of the most popular yet average-sized to apologize varieties; Braeburn and Pink Lady to obtain an typical result.

In short, a entirety averaged size eating apple through the skin on weighs an mean of 110-120g or 3.88-4.23oz in total.

Read on to uncover out exactly how much an apple weighs once it’s cored through the skin remaining and also cored there is no skin.

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1 The weight of an average-sized totality apple
2 exactly how much go a cored apple weigh?
3 how much walk a cored apple there is no skin weigh?
4 Equipment and Information used for This write-up
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The weight of one average-sized totality apple

Below is a switch table that shows the weight of an average-sized eat apple in grams, ounces, kilograms, and pounds:

Weight typeApple weight
Ounces3.88 – 4.23oz


How lot does a cored apologize weigh?

I cored one average-sized apple (Pink Lady) and also retained the apologize skin and as lot apple together possible when removing the challenging parts that the core and also seeds.

The weight of a cored average-sized apple including the skin is roughly 100g or 3.5oz. This is equal to 0.10kg or 0.22lb.


How much does a cored apple there is no skin weigh?

I cored and also peeled one average-sized apple (Pink Lady) and maintained as lot apple as possible while removed the difficult parts the the core and also the seeds.

The load of a cored average-sized apple there is no the skin is about 85g or 3.0oz. This is equal to 0.085kg or 0.19lb.


Equipment and also Information used for This Article

I offered precision scales that sweet to 0.01 of a gram which is consistently calibrated with a 100g weight. For more information watch my recommended weighing scale here.

To make certain the information in this post is accurate, ns researched and cross-referenced assorted sources (as fine as initial research) to achieve the correct weights and also calories.

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