The expense Of Owning A Guinea Pig

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If you’re thinking about a brand-new pet, it’s essential to consider the cost to keep that pet. Dogs and also cats deserve to be fairly expensive to keep but tiny pets room often more affordable. Not just are guinea pigs a an excellent option for brand-new pet owners, yet their expenses for upkeep room reasonable.

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The thing you must know around guinea pigs is that they room not solitary creatures. To keep your guinea pig happy, you’ll require to have actually at least two of them. It’s crucial to protect against unwanted breeding, however, so setup to have your guinea pigs changed or only keep guinea pigs of the very same sex.

Here’s what you need to know about how lot it expenses to save a pets guinea pig.

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Bringing house A brand-new Guinea Pig – One-Time Costs


Guinea pigs are gentle, entertaining tiny pets. Though they are reasonably small, they room highly active and call for a kind amount the space. This method you’ll need to element in the price of a large enclosure, not to point out the cost of doubling whatever if you arrangement to keep much more than one (which girlfriend should).

Before you set your love on a pair the guinea pigs, take the moment to take into consideration how much it is going come cost and also whether you can afford it. Not just will you have to purchase a cage for your guinea pigs, yet you’ll have to think about other upfront prices like cage supplies, spay/neuter surgery, one initial vet visit, and the food and also bedding to obtain started.

Here’s what you must know about one-time prices for pet guinea pigs:

Buying A Guinea Pig

You may not realize it, but there are countless different each other of guinea pig.

If you’ve just seen guinea pigs in pet stores, you’ve more than likely seen the American each other or perhaps the Abyssinian. American guinea pigs have short hair that comes in a wide selection of colors and patterns. Abyssinian guinea pigs have long, messy hair in simply as numerous colors.

Here are some of the most famous pet guinea pig breeds:


The price to purchase a pet guinea pig relies on the breed and also where you obtain it.

If you setup to buy her guinea pig native a pet store, you can expect to pay somewhere between $10 and also $40. Many pet stores don’t differentiate in between breeds once it pertains to pricing, though some do.

Another alternative is to take on a guinea pig native a shelter. Fostering fees for guinea pigs vary, but you must expect to spend about $25 or more. Store in mind that most shelters spay/neuter their pets before adopting them out so, if you might pay a greater fee, you’ll save the cost of surgery.

The final option because that purchasing a guinea pig is to buy indigenous a breeder. This is the best option if friend are looking for a certain breed or color/pattern, yet it may cost you much more than buying from a pet store.

Guinea Pig expense by Breed

BreedAverage cost (Low)Average expense (High)
White Crested$10$40

Supplies and also Setup

Guinea pigs are fairly active, for this reason they need a cage that provides a decent amount of floor space. Save in mind as well that this pets do ideal in pairs or small groups, so factor in the size requirements for lot of guinea pigs once shopping for a cage.

You need to expect to spend in between $50 and $150 ~ above a kind guinea pig cage. If you desire to conserve on setup costs and provide your guinea pig v a big enclosure, look into the C&C an approach for building your own cage. You’ll still require guinea pig bedding and also other supplies.

On height of her guinea pig cage, you’ll need particular accessories.

Provide her guinea pig v a food bowl, water bottle, and also at least one place to hide. The a an excellent idea to provide one hiding place per guinea pig, also though they have tendency to share. Friend may likewise want to encompass a hay rack since hay is the clip in her guinea pig’s diet.

Another optional cost to think about is a guinea pig playpen.

If girlfriend don’t want to acquisition a giant cage for your guinea pigs, an additional option is to buy the largest cage you have the right to afford then provide your pets daily time to exercise in a playpen.

The last setup costs to take into consideration include veterinarian costs.

Guinea pigs need an yearly vet checkup, simply like any kind of other pet. Prices vary, yet you have to expect come spend between $40 and also $50 per visit – you may need to do some research study to uncover a vet the cares for tiny pets.

Guinea pigs don’t require vaccines, but you should take into consideration spay/neuter surgery, specifically if you setup to store male and also female guinea pigs together. The most cost-effective means to carry out this is to neuter the males – this costs in between $50 and also $100, depending wherein you go.

Guinea Pig Supplies and Setup

Cost TypeAverage price (Low)Average price (High)
Cage Supplies$20$50
Initial Food and Bedding$15$30
Spay/Neuter Cost$50$100
Initial Vet Visit/Vaccinations$40$50
Total = $170 come $380

Cost the Guinea Pig property – yearly Expense Breakdown

Once you’ve purchased your guinea pigs, the cage, and also the vital supplies, you’re great to go. Make sure you purchase everything ahead the time so girlfriend can acquire it setup before you bring your brand-new pet residence – he’ll require some time to adjust to his brand-new surroundings.

After gaining your guinea pig cleared up in, your task as a pet owner really starts. You’ll have to feed her guinea pig daily and also keep his cage clean. Arrangement for monthly costs for food and bedding and also occasional or annual expenses because that vet visits, medical treatments, and also more.

Here’s what you have to know about annual expenses for pet guinea pigs:

annual Medical Expenses


For part pets, medical prices are a major cost. Fortunately, guinea pigs don’t require yearly vaccinations, therefore you may only have to cover the cost of an yearly visit. If your guinea pig it s okay sick or injured, however, emergency vet fees have the right to be rather costly.

Here are several of the common health problems known to impact guinea pigs:

Respiratory infectionDiarrheaVitamin C deficiencyAbscessesUrinary problemsSkin problems

The average expense for a guinea pig vet visit is about $45. If your guinea pig creates skin difficulties or parasites, you deserve to expect to pay about $15 or more per treatment.

Many pet owners wonder if pets insurance is precious the cost. Though it might be a an excellent idea for bigger pets choose dogs and cats the require regime veterinary care, the expense to insure a guinea pig is likely much more than the price of treatment. Instead, put what you’d pay in monthly premiums into savings for emergencies.

Estimated Medical prices for Guinea Pigs

Cost TypeFrequencyAverage Cost
Veterinary CheckupAnnual$45
Dental CleaningN/AN/A
Flea, Tick, and Worm TreatmentsOccasional$15
Emergency ExpensesOccasional$100 or more

Food and also Supplies


The best method to store your guinea pig healthy and balanced is to feeding him a high-quality diet that provides for every one of his nutritional needs. Store in mind the guinea pigs are herbivores.

Fresh hay is the staple of a healthy diet because that guinea pigs. Timothy hay and other grass hays space recommended and should be accessible in unlimited quantities at all times. Young guinea pigs may benefit from little amounts that alfalfa hay due to the greater protein content.

To supplement your guinea pig’s hay diet, provide small amounts of advertising guinea pig food once a day and a grasp or two of fresh vegetables.

Guinea pig food costs around $10 come $15 because that a 5-pound bag which must last friend at the very least a month, even with many guinea pigs. Fresh hay may be a bit much more costly, depending whereby you buy, as execute fresh vegetables. Budget about $50 come $75 per month because that food.

In enhancement to feeding her guinea pig, you’ll need to keep his cage clean. Instead of the bedding once a week will certainly cost about $15 to $30 every month.

Other monthly costs to take into consideration include toys and added supplies. A guinea pig’s teeth thrive continuously, for this reason you’ll need pieces that fruit wood or chew toys to help keep lock filed down. You must budget around $10/month for toys and another $10/month for added supplies as needed.

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Food and Supply costs for Guinea Pigs

Cost TypeFrequencyEstimated price (High)
Food and also TreatsMonthly$75
Additional SuppliesMonthly$10
Total = $125/month

Total yearly Cost of Owning A Guinea Pig


When thinking about bringing house a brand-new pet, it’s vital to take into consideration the upfront and annual costs. Guinea pigs might not be as expensive to store as bigger pets like dogs or cats, however the cost to feed them appropriately is far-reaching for a pet of this size.

Here’s a quick review of the estimated yearly cost for maintaining a guinea pig:

Purchasing/Adopting = $10 to $40Cage and Setup = $170 come $380Annual veterinarian Costs = $45 (exam only)Monthly Food and Supplies = $125

These expenses may differ depending what sort of cage you choose and also how plenty of guinea pigs friend keep. Structure a C&C cage or utilizing fleece bedding deserve to save friend upfront and monthly costs, despite it may adjust your maintenance requirements.


How much does a guinea pig cost?

Cost might vary by breed but the average expense for a guinea pig is $10 come $40. You may pay a little much more from a breeder or shelter, but adoption fees generally include the spay/neuter surgery.

How much does it price to neuter/spay a guinea pig?

It costs in between $50 and $100 to neuter a male guinea pig. If you arrangement to save males and females together, it’s most cost-effective to simply neuter the males.

How much does a guinea pig vet checkup cost?

You deserve to expect come pay between $40 and $50 because that a vet visit. You might need to carry out some research study to discover a veterinarian knowledgeable with little pets like guinea pigs.

How lot does it price to microchip a guinea pig?

The average price to have a pets microchipped is around $45 and also it is a one-time fee.

How much does guinea pig food cost?

Guinea pig food costs about $10 come $15 because that a 5-pound bag which will certainly last about a month. You additionally need to take into consideration the expense of hay, however, i m sorry is the clip of her guinea pig’s diet. Food, hay, and fresh vegetables will expense you between $50 and $75 a month.

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How much does a guinea pig cage cost?

Your guinea pig calls for a far-reaching amount of space and the cage needs to be larger the much more guinea pigs you keep. Setup to spend $50 to $150 top top a guinea pig cage.