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Holiday e-mail Tips and Reminders

The vacation mailing season has actually arrived. For plenty of cus­tomers visiting post Offices to mail your holiday cards and packages, it may be the very first time they room made mindful of the may 14, 2007, changes such as First-Class mail shape-based pricing, Priority letter dimensional-weight pricing, and also the worldwide mail product redesign.

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Here room some tips and reminders because that you and also our cus­tomers to help make this vacation mailing season a success.

Greeting Cards and Other First-Class letter Items

Greeting cards are obtainable in various shapes and also weights and also include the renowned “musical” cards. Countless of these cards weigh more than 1 ounce, and, if the card shows up to it is in square, it might be subject to the $0.17 non­machinable surcharge in enhancement to the applicable letter-size First-Class mail postage. Often, the envelopes because that these cards are marked “extra postage required.” due to their size, countless musical greeting cards exceed letter-size standards and also are classified and priced as big envelopes (flats).

In addition, note the following:

See DMM 101.1.2 for further information.

“Right-Size Shipping” — rapid Packaging Tips

Proper packaging plays an important role in vacation shipping. First, pick a box that is perfect for the con­tents and weight the the item(s) gift mailed and, when choosing boxes, constantly practice “right-size” shipping. Execute not ship small, lightweight items in huge boxes. Because that exam­ple, a pair of shoes packaged in a reinforced shoebox could price a lot much less to mail 보다 if the shoes are packaged in a copy record box — also though the components may weigh the same. Practicing “right-size” shipping likewise helps customers protect against the additional costs that Priority mail dimen­sional-weight or balloon-rate pricing. If reusing a box, cus­tomers must obliterate or completely cover every previous labels and markings before mailing. Remind customers that plenty of of our retail outlets market ReadyPost packaging because that purchase, and that totally free Priority Mail and Express mail packaging is also available in a range of sizes at sleeve outlets, virtual at, and by phone in ~ 800-222-1811. Cost-free Priority letter pack­aging is sized so the it is never subject to dimensional-weight or minimum balloon-rate pricing. For exceptional value and also convenience, customers may choose Priority letter Flat-Rate Boxes, which are obtainable in 2 sizes.

Next, as soon as packaging items for mailing, be certain to include an proper amount that cushioning, based upon the contents. Newspaper, Styrofoam “peanuts,” bubble wrap, or shredded document are all ideal for protecting contents. Remove any type of batteries from toys and electronic devices, wrap each separately, and also place alongside the item within the mailing container. Prior to sealing the package, place the return and delivery resolve inside the box to ensure that the item can be ceded (or returned) if the outside address label becomes damaged or detached native the box.


Always seal all openings and seams of boxes through a tape that is designed because that shipping. Clean or brown packag­ing ice cream at the very least 2 inch wide, reinforced pack tape, or file tape is preferred. Various commercial sleeve outlets (in enhancement to article Offices) carry article Office–approved packaging materials. Reminder: Priority Mail and also Express Mail tape is for identification purposes only and is not intended come seal packages.

Addressing because that Success

Proper addressing of letter is essential to customers and also the Postal Service. For customers, appropriate addressing help to ensure the the best feasible service is received. That pre­vents delays due to an incomplete or not correct address. For the Postal Service, appropriate addressing helps ensure that mail get its destination within our company standards and reduces the work costs connected with undeliverable-as-addressed (UAA) mail. Ideal addressing is even an ext important during the holidays to ensure timely come of gifts and also greetings at their destinations. Below are some addressing reminders for you and also customers. Suitable addressing information is also obtainable online at; click on All products & Services climate on Addressing her Mail.

Return deal with

The mailpiece need to contain the complete address of the sender, including the ZIP Code, in the upper left corner of the address side of the mailpiece. Only one return address may it is in used, and it must be located so that it does not impact either the clarity of the destination resolve or the application of company labels and also notations (postmarks, etc.).

For global shipments, the sender’s name and address, consisting of ZIP Code and country that origin, should be consisted of on all mailpieces. For example:


Delivery attend to

The delivery address should it is in typed or printed parallel come the longest side of the package using a pen or perma­nent marker so the attend to is legible from an arm’s size away. For international packages, the full first and last names that the sender and addressee must show up on the mailpiece. The finish delivery attend to must it is in typed or legibly created (with ink) in English — utilizing all uppercase roman inn letters and also Arabic number — and should appear lengthwise on only one side of the package. Other than for worldwide Express Guaranteed® (GXG®), because that which the resolve must be written completely in English, an deal with in a foreign language is permitted just if the name of the city, province, and also country are also indicated in English. The last heat of the address must include only the finish country name (no abbreviations) written in uppercase let­ters. International postal password (numeric and/or alpha), if used, need to be inserted on the heat immediately above the country name. For example:


International Products

Since many customers mail international packages only throughout the holiday season, they may not be mindful of the far-reaching changes the were made to our global ser­vices this past May. The international product line now offers the exact same familiar and also trusted brand as domestic Express Mail and Priority letter services.

International commodities now offered at retail offices are First-Class mail International, Priority mail International, Express letter International, and also GXG. Economy (surface mail) products are no longer offered. Online mailing is eas­ier on the budget, as well — with discounts for international postage (GXG, Express letter International, and Priority mail International) purchased making use of Click-N-Ship organization at or through authorized postage vendors.

Customers purchase postage online can qualify because that the complying with postage discounts:

These discounts apply to postage only, not to any kind of extra organization fees, and also are calculated once completing the virtual transaction. The virtual labels are linked with the ideal customs develops to administer customers v the included convenience of preparing the appropriate type to ensure the is complete and accurate.

More good news international shipping: Custom­ers may use the same packaging for their Express mail International and Priority Mail global shipping the they usage for domestic shipping. Because that example, every Express mail packaging may be offered for Express mail International, consisting of the flat-rate envelope; every Priority mail packaging might be supplied for Priority mail International, including the flat-rate envelope, flat-rate boxes, and also all various other Priority mail packaging supplies and also labels. GXG packaging proceeds to be noted for GXG shipments. Note: use former domestic packaging until supplies are depleted. Return the packaging says “For domestic Use Only,” it have the right to be used for both domestic and also international shipments.

Customs Forms

Customs creates are available to customers there is no charge with an virtual Customs type Application in ~; click International mail & Packages in the blue sidebar, climate on Customs Require­ments. remind customers the it is vital to affix the exactly completed customs form to their packages before mailing and also that customs forms demands vary by the kind of mail. Client must provide a “detailed descrip­tion” of the components (what is being mailed, the quantity, asserted value, and weight) ~ above the required customizeds forms. Even if words “gifts” is confirm on the form, a thorough content description and also value must still be entered and also declared. The online labels with postage payment additionally offer digital signature. Client should include telephone numbers of the sender and also addressee as this info may be compelled to ensure delivery. The perfect cus­toms kind must it is in signed and also dated.

Mailpieces with absent or incomplete custom-mades forms may be returned to sender or otherwise delay by the Postal organization or the international post. Sleeve employees room not to accept pieces with absent or incomplete custom-mades forms because that mailing. Constantly check for country-specific prohi­bitions, restrictions, and observations (see the IMM Inter­national country Listings).

Reminder: PS type 3813-P is no much longer used for interna­tional shipments. The insurance money receipt and customs form (PS kind 2976-A) have actually been combined. For additional information, walk to the retail Operations net site in ~ and click on SOPs in the left navigating bar.

Following is a fast review of international products and customs creates requirements. Thorough information appears on the Rate adjust Resources for sleeve OperationsWebsite in ~

First-Class letter International

First-Class letter International provides a reliable and also economical way of sending correspondence (letters and also postcards), documents, and also lightweight goods weighing up to 4 pounds. Insurance allowance coverage is not easily accessible for First-Class Mail worldwide items. Items weighing 16 ounces or more, and all perhaps dutiable items nevertheless of their weight, call for a customs form as follows:

Priority mail International

Available to more than 190 countries, Priority letter Inter­national business offers 6–10 median business-day distribution (may vary based upon origin and destination) and also the very same flat-rate packaging choices as residential Priority Mail. There are two flat-rate box alternatives (20-pound weight limit) — $23 for Canada and Mexico, and also $37 for all various other countries. Tracking is accessible for packages to part destinations in Canada, Europe, and Asia. Tracking is not accessible for the Priority mail Flat-Rate Envelope in ~ this time. For Priority letter International, the tracking number (the customs form number or the online an unified mailing label and also customs form) has a 9-digit barcode that begins with the letter “C” and ends v the letters “US.” minimal indemnity coverage is detailed at no extra charge for flat-rate boxes and variable-weight articles. Extr insurance may be pur­chased for a fee because that flat-rate boxes and variable-weight arti­cles in ~ the customer’s option. Preferably indemnity different by separation, personal, instance country. When global insured service is purchased, that replaces the indemnity coverage included on ordinary Priority Mail global packages. With the exception of the flat-rate envelope, all Priority letter Interna­tional packages must bear a perfect PS type 2976-A put into a pouch (PS form 2976-E) and also affixed come the exterior of the package. For Priority letter Flat-Rate Enve­lopes:


Express letter International

Express letter International offers reliable, 3–5 average-business-day distribution to much more than 190 nations with a money-back delivery guarantee to pick destina­tions. Details average-days-for-delivery info to major destinations is obtainable to client via the online postage price calculator. Tracking is additionally available. Because that Express letter International, the tracking number is the 9–digit barcode that starts with the letter “E” and ends with the letter “US.” merchandise insurance as much as $100 is listed at no extr cost. Additional insurance cover­age may be purchased at the customer’s alternative up come a best of $5,000 every shipment. Best indemnity, as well as customs form requirements, varies by separation, personal, instance country.

Reminder: The following items space prohibited in all Express Mail global shipments: coins; banknotes; money notes, including paper money; securities of any type of kind payable to bearer; traveler’s checks; platinum, gold, silver; valuable stones; jewelry, including watches; and also other beneficial articles.

Global refer Guaranteed

Global Express guaranteed (GXG) is an expedited deliv­ery service readily available through one alliance through FedEx express that gives reliable, high-speed, date-certain business (1–3 business days) through money-back distribution guarantee to much more than 190 countries. Average variety of delivery days might vary based on origin and destination. Tracking is additionally avail­able. Because that GXG, the tracking number is a 10-digit barcode situated on the bottom ideal of the sender’s copy. Insurance approximately $100 per shipment is included. In ~ the customer’s option, added insurance may be purchased approximately $2,499 or as restricted by location country, content, or worth — watch Publication 141, Global express Guaranteed company Guide, in ~ PS type 6182, Commercial Invoice, might be required and serves together the customizeds form. Items 11FGG1, GXG mailing Label, or the digital GXG label need to be used.

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Mail Deposit Reminder: every mail weighing end 13 ounces bearing just postage stamps as postage need to be presented to an employee at a retail business counter at a post Office for mailing. These pieces might not be deposited in collections boxes or lobby drops.