You’ve ultimately landed on the perfect color for your following painting project. Now, you’re more than likely wondering exactly how much repaint to buy. First, you’ll require to know paint coverage so that you can get your interior paint estimate right.

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Every room has its very own quirks that impact how much a gallon of repaint will cover. Things prefer the condition, texture and porosity that your wall surface surface deserve to make a difference in exactly how much paint the wall surfaces will soak up. Listed below are the basic paint coverage guidelines to follow, assuming your walls are in great condition, plus some points to keep in mental in those quirky edge cases.

Paint Coverage 101

*These estimates approximate and also coverage amounts may vary depending upon the problem of your wall surface or surface.



Special scenarios that influence Paint Coverage

Dramatic color Changes

If you want to make a dramatic shade change, like black to a light neutral, it’s typically going to need extra coats paint to sheathe up the super dark shade with complete opacity. Using primer will aid make this lot easier and also cut under on the variety of coats the takes to cover increase a dark color.


Fresh Drywall

It might surprise you, but a new canvas is not necessarily the most efficient one. New drywall is very porous and also will soak up lot of your paint so priming drywall v at the very least two coats an initial is a must. Granted, most drywall will be pre-primed or also painted by the time you obtain to it, yet if you’re replacing drywall after ~ a leak, because that instance, or working on a recently renovated space, element in one extra coat or 2 of inside wall to be certain your surface is well-prepped.

Textured Walls

A textured wall means more surface ar area, which means you’ll need more paint to cover it. Think stucco, brick, popcorn ceilings,or comparable surfaces i m sorry have an ext surface area to paint. We recommend purchase 20 percent much more paint because that a textured surface (so, if friend are painting a 100-square-foot room, account for 120 square feet).


Calculating just how Much repaint to Buy

Now that you understand the basics of repaint coverage, here’s just how to number out precisely how lot paint to buy — no issue the size or layout of her space.

To gain started, main point the broad times the height of each wall surface in her space. Voila, you’ve gained your square footage.Next, calculate the square footage of each home window and door, or any kind of other area that you’re not paint (like a wall niche or doorway), and then deduct that from the full square footage of your wall surface.Do the exact same for trims and ceilings, multiply the size times the width to obtain the square footage, then examine out our coverage amounts for each form of paint listed below to number out exactly how much you will do it need. Remember that each coverage lot is for 2 coats. If you repaint one coat and feel favor you’ve got an excellent coverage, awesome! however for the most expert look, we always recommend two coats.

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Not right into math and also just desire a basic paint estimate? look at no further - we’ve created a handy paint calculator to execute all the work for you.

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