Whether you space trying to develop what type of wall mount your tv needs, assessing just how easy it will be to lug home and also move her TV, or girlfriend are just curious, you may be wondering, how much walk a 65-inch TV weigh?

Most television brands administer a 65-inch tv option, and also each company’s product is a various weight. However, almost every 65-inch TV on the industry weighs in between 50 and also 60 pounds. 65-Inch TV Weights

Now that you recognize the typical weight that a 65-inch, we’re going to find out a little an ext about the different products available, exactly how the 65-inch weight compares to other television sizes, what the weight means for your wall surface mount and also your television mobility.

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Which carriers Offer 65-Inch TVs and How lot Do castle Weigh?

There are a lot of of options when it involves televisions these days, operation systems, LED vs. 4K UHD, picture quality, app availability, voice control, clever options, and more! however one the the age-old inquiries consumers ask once buying a TV is: exactly how much does that weigh?

Televisions supplied to it is in massive and also bulky, and also once they were ceded they were extremely an overwhelming to move. However, the has adjusted with time and of course, technology. Providers today room taking benefit of the brand-new tech possibilities and also are make their products as light as feasible so they are an ext convenient for the consumer.Let’s to compare the influential brands in the ar to uncover the miscellaneous weights the a 65-inch television today.

Television (65”)Weight (lbs.)
Samsung QLED53.8
Phillips 4K UHD44.98
TCL course 6 4K UHD63.9
Sony A80J 49.2
Vizio OLED60.9

Of course, over there are various other important components in picking your brand-new television as well as its weight, yet this chart should give you a tiny insight into your assorted options. 65-Inch TV Weights

How lot Do TVs Weight depending on their Size?

Now the you are well versed in the obtainable weights because that a 65-inch television, you may want come know just how much televisions of all sizes weigh.

Television dimension (inches)Average load (lbs.)

Remember, these space only median weights because that a variety of sizes. In reality, you can uncover 32” screens that weigh much less than 10 lbs and also outdoor 55” models that sweet 100 lbs! for this reason make certain that if load is crucial to you, you discover the precise number before purchase. Median Weight of TVs

Does the weight of my TV impact the form of wall Mount i Need?

The an easy answer is yes, the load (and size) the your tv will impact which mount you need to safely secure your TV come the wall. The good news is, you perform not have to be a mathematician to figure it out. In fact, what dimension mount girlfriend will require usually comes within the instruction manual for the television.

Most wall surface mounts can reliably hold an ext than twice the load of the TV. Bigger mounts have the right to hold between 100 and 200 lbs, no problem. However, weight isn’t the only crucial factor when picking the wall mount finest suited for her TV. TV wall surface Mounts

You likewise will require to attend to the measurements between the mount holes on the ago of the television, aka the VESA pattern. As soon as again, this need to be clearly visible in your instruction manual, but if you want or must measure yourself, you deserve to learn more about VESA here.

How execute I uncover the weight of my TV?

If you have purchased a television, that will have come v a manual detailing every the essential must-know information around your device, including its weight. Yet if your instructions got thrown away with the box or are shed in a junk drawer somewhere, nothing stress, there space other ways to find out the weight of her TV!

You deserve to either uncover this information on the SPECIFICATIONS the TV information section on the main menu of your television, or if you cannot find that, girlfriend will need your product’s make, model, and year.

The “make” is the company name which is usually presented somewhere on her TV. The version is a little harder come find, yet it will be presented on her TV’s info menu, which friend can accessibility using her remote. Friend can uncover the year your TV was made in ~ the serial number. Depending upon your carriers protocol, this have the right to either be found on the back of the TV or as soon as again, on the display screen through the main menu.

Once girlfriend have uncovered these few things, you can easily type the details into Google to find your television’s specific weight.

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Although the load of televisions has significantly decreased in the past two decades, users room still very conscientious the the fixed of their televisions for assorted reasons. No matter why you want to know, the load of your tv or your potential television, do not do it be a mystery.If you want to purchase a 65-inch television, it will most most likely weigh between 50 and 60 lbs. Because these are few of the larger TVs ~ above the market, they are also some that the heaviest. So if a lightweight TV is vital to you, carry out your research an initial and make sure to discover the ideal fit for her home.