The weight of golf dare batteries will rely on the size and kind of the battery, yet are usually between 40 come 70 (lbs).

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Does the battery weight influence your golf cart? Yes!

Choosing a battery based on weight shouldn’t it is in a extremely an overwhelming decision. Determinants that can impact this decision depend on the size, dimensions and power output of her cart.

Generally speaking, the extra weight of a more heavier battery will keep your cart an ext stable. Yet the added pounds will slow down her cart a little. There is a good balance here, which requires extra investigating. 

Generally a more heavier golf dare will require a more powerful motor. And also a an effective motor should have actually a greater voltage battery.


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Total Golf cart Weight & Dimensions

Your typical golf cart will certainly weigh in between 650 and 1100 lbs / (294kg and also 498kg), through the battery.

If looking straight at the web page of dare manufactures, you’ll often find figures top top the lower range. Return they may say their dare weighs 650 lbs, this lot isn’t totally accurate. 

Manufactures will certainly quote the dry load of their golf cart, do the number as low together possible. However once you take it home, points become very different.

Adding a battery, modifications and also other essentials will quickly increase the weight of the golf cart. 

Additionally, the kind of cart will certainly play a huge factor right into its weight. A 1 or 2 seated may weigh much less than a 4 seated cart.

Throw ~ above some large 23″ tires, and also again the weight will sky rocket.

Having stated that, a typical finished weight will end up between 900 to 1100 lbs. 


Golf dare Battery Chart

Choosing a battery for her golf cart doesn’t should be difficult. Together I claimed earlier, a heaver auto will require a more powerful battery. Many batteries ~ above the industry will be in between 6 and 12 volts. Friend can uncover 24 and 36V options too, yet these room suited because that extra heavy terrain and longer take trip times.

Most batteries will range from 120 to 400 watts.

Look at your golf dare instruction manual and you should discover the encourage battery specifications needed for your specific cart. Follow everything the booklet suggests, as manufactures perform a many of experimentation in this area. 


How much Does A 6 Volt Battery Weigh?

Model | Volts | size | Weight

Trojan T-605 | 6 Volts | (L) 262 mm, (W) 181 mm, (H) 281 mm | 58 lbsTrojan T-105 | 6 Volts | (L) 262 mm, (W) 181 mm, (H) 281 mm | 62 lbsTrojan L16G-AC | 6 Volts | (L) 308 mm, (W) 174 mm, (H) 417 mm | 104 lbsInterstate U2200 | 6 Volts | (L) 260 mm, (W) 181 mm, (H) 282 mm | 63 lbsInterstate U2500 | 6 Volts | (L) 295 mm, (W) 178 mm, (H) 295 mm | 72 lbsInterstate AGC2N | 6 Volts (L) 10 1/4 “, (W) 7 1/16″, (H) 10 13/16” | 66 lbs


How much Does A 8 Volt Battery Weigh?

Model | Volts | size | Weight

Duracell GC8 | 8 Volts | (L) 260 mm, (W) 181 mm, (H) 283 mm | 63 lbsTrojan DC-8V | 8 Volts | (L) 259 mm, (W) 179 mm, (H) 283 mm | 61 lbsTrojan T-875 | 8 Volts | (L) 259 mm, (W) 179 mm, (H) 283 mm | 63 lbsTrojan T-890 | 8 Volts | (L) 259 mm, (W) 179 mm, (H) 283 mm | 69 lbsTrojan Ranger 160 | 8 Volts | (L) 259 mm, (W) 180 mm, (H) 302 mm | 76 lbsTrojan Traveler 8V 8 Volts | (L) 259 mm, (W) 180 mm, (H) 302 mm | 70 lbs


How lengthy Will A 6V Battery Last?

In order come determine exactly how long the charge of her 6 volt battery will last, we need to know 3 things. The volts, watts and the amps. 

Multiple her volts by the variety of amps example: 6V battery X 50 amp hours = 300 watt hoursDivide the amp hrs by 50example 300 watt hours / 50 = 6 hrs of use 

The over formula will provide you a close sufficient reading and help you arrangement your trips to the golf course.

I highly recommend using a battery fee tester. This will permit you come test how much voltage your battery is placing out.

It’s not unusual to find dead battery cells in relatively new battery. A multimeter have the right to be offered for this, and will easily present what problem your battery is in.

If this is not feasible for you, take her battery to a testing centre. This stores will happily test your battery for free.


Lithium Ion Vs Lead acid Charging Times

TIP: Lithium-ion battery are much faster to charge 보다 lead acid.

I recognize from an individual experience the lithium-ion batteries do in truth charge much quicker than lead acid models. I’ve likewise found that they discharge at a slower rate. Just how much is the difference? one astonishing 20%!



Gas vs electric Golf cart Weight

For years, golfers have actually been debating around the pros and cons the gas vs electric golf carts. Yet when it pertains to what weights less, is over there a clean winner? Yes!

You’ll uncover in most situations that electric carts will certainly weight substantially less 보다 gasoline versions. 

I’ve done extensive research, and also found that gas execution of the same design weight 100 lbs more than electrical models!


Are 9 Volt batteries Heavier 보다 6 Volts?

Not necessarily. The greater the voltage the a golf cart battery, doesn’t typical it will certainly weigh more than a reduced voltage battery. 

A rapid look online and also you’ll find plenty of V6 batteries that weight the same as V9 or V12 batteries.

The voltage just refers come the total volts in the battery, however the load will rely on the size and weight that the cells.


Does a fully Charged Battery sweet More?

Another age old debate is even if it is a completely charged battery weighs much more than a dead battery? The answer isn’t quite as straight forward together you may think.

Energy doesn’t have any mass, thus it technically has no load to it. The power in her golf dare battery additionally doesn’t weigh anything.

Therefore the simple answer is no! A fee batter weights the exact same as a level battery.

Whether it’s a Lithium-ion, NiMH, or command acid, there will be no measurable difference.

 Now for the technological answer. Girlfriend may find that part batteries do in reality differ in weight, depending on their lot of charge. Just how is this possible?

Well, a battery in the fee state may in reality weight much more than a dead battery. Yet the boost isn’t as result of the extra energy stored. Instead it’s because some other species of batteries favor the Zn-air will certainly release gases during discharge, causing an weight increase.

For your typical golf cart, this is not applicable. There is no measurable distinction in weight.

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When it comes under to it, choosing the finest battery for your golf cart is an important decision. The extra 40 come 70 lb distinction that a battery adds come a cart, deserve to make a difference. The load will influence your carts speed and also stability, so you re welcome bear the in mind.

If you’re a constant golfer I would certainly say a 6 come 9 volt battery is much more than enough power for her cart.