English Mastiffs space a sports of the Mastiff dog breed, a group composed of large dogs whose tragic background has deserve an unfair stereotype. Despite these dogs were initially bred because that the gruesome sport of dogfighting, their temperament is gentle, loving, and also patient. Some may feel intimidated through the massive English Mastiff size, yet these hard-working dogs excel in public duty top top police teams, search-and-rescue missions, and beyond.

If you room the lucky pet parent to among these noble, security dogs, you may be asking yourself how big do English Mastiffs get and also at what age do they stop growing?

Here’s everything you must know around the English Mastiff growth rate through weight and age:

English Mastiff growth & weight Chart

AgeMale WeightFemale Weight
1 mo5 - 20 lb5 - 15 lb
2 mo20 - 35 lb15 - 30 lb
3 mo35 - 55 lb30 - 50 lb
4 mo50 - 70 lb40 - 60 lb
5 mo60 - 90 lb50 - 80 lb
6 mo80 - 110 lb60 - 90 lb
7 mo110 - 140 lb75 - 100 lb
8 mo120 - 160 lb85 - 115 lb
9 mo130 - 170 lb95 - 125 lb
10 mo140 - 180 lb100 - 140 lb
11 mo145 - 190 lb105 - 150 lb
12 mo150 - 200 lb110 - 160 lb
24 mo160 - 230 lb120 - 170 lb

Please remember the the above numbers room estimates for just how much her English Mastiff might weigh through month. Every puppies will differ in how easily they grow, and also some puppies will weigh a bit more or less than others.

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If you an alert your English Mastiff is considerably behind or front of the over numbers, we recommend consulting through your veterinarian to make certain your pup is cultivation appropriately.

How large do English Mastiffs get?

According come the American Kennel Club1, a full-grown English Mastiff male need to stand at least 30 inches tall (2 ft. 6 in) at the shoulder. The size of one English Mastiff female at maturity should be at the very least 27.5 inch (~2 ft. 4 in.) in ~ the shoulders.

Both male and female English Mastiffs should be symmetrical, powerful, and have a rectangular shape.


How lot do English Mastiffs weigh?

On average, a full-grown English Mastiff masculine weighs in between 160 and 230 pounds, while a full-grown mrs weighs in between 120 and also 170 pounds.

When space Mastiffs full-grown?

Most dogs of this breed will be near to your adult height around one year old2. However, English Mastiff puppies require two to three years to fill out and finish maturing.

Unlike tiny to tool dogs, gigantic dog breeds have the right to take years to finish growing. Use our English Mastiff weight chart over to help you monitor wherein your pup is in ~ in the growing process and to make sure they autumn within a reasonable range.

How large should an English Mastiff puppy it is in at 6 months?

At just six month old, masculine English Mastiffs will weigh as much 80 to 110 pounds. In contrast, the mean English Mastiff woman puppy will weigh 60 come 90 pounds.

Pro Tip: The American Humane society estimates the one in 3 dogs obtain lost during their lifetime. Read an ext about the cost of microchipping dogs to assist your pup find their way back come you should you come to be separated.

How lot bigger will my English Mastiff get?

There space several means to estimate the size of an English Mastiff at maturity:

Age. A crucial factor in estimating exactly how much bigger your English Mastiff will get is their present age. If they are currently two years old, castle are most likely to it is in close to their final size. However, if your puppy is only six month old, lock have substantial growing left come do. Recommendation our English Mastiff dimension chart above for much more information around how much larger your pup might grow.Paw Size. Paw size isn’t an exact science. However, if your puppy’s paws look oversized alongside their legs and also body, that a an excellent guess that they room still growing into your paws and filling out. If their paws nothing look oversized, her puppy may be close come their final size already. Gender. A puppy’s gender will significantly affect how lot they end up weighing and how tall they are. Large dog breeds, like the English Mastiff, have especially prominent distinctions in how much a male and also female dog will weigh. Parents. her puppy’s parents room a great indicator of how large he or she may flourish to be. Pups hardly ever outgrow their mom or dad, whichever is largest. If you deserve to reach out to the breeder of your English Mastiff puppy, ask castle for much more information about the dimension of your parents and how big past litters turned the end to be. This background details will give you a much more concrete idea that how big your Mastiff might get when they reach complete maturity.


How long do English Mastiffs live?

The life expectations of an English Mastiff ranges in between six and 12 years. Unfortunately, choose all purebred dogs, Mastiffs are at increased risk for a variety of genetic health issues, together as:

EntropionHeart diseaseCancer

According to the Mastiff club of America4, cancer is the leading cause of death in English Mastiffs. The many common species include lymphoma, osteosarcoma, and also mast cabinet tumors.

While friend can’t change your dog’s susceptibility to details conditions prefer cancer, you can carry out them with top-notch vet care, which can prevent certain diseases and help to adjust the outcome of diagnosed wellness problems.

Are English Mastiff vet bills expensive?

As pet parents, it"s important to be conscious that veterinary treatment can be expensive, especially for emergency treatments or ongoing treatment for chronic conditions. For example, English Mastiffs are prone to cancer, particularly osteosarcoma, an wild cancer of the bone. Canine osteosarcoma treatment costs can it is in high, with some instances adding as much as over $10,000.

Like all giant dog breeds, the English Mastiff size dram a significant factor in the price of veterinary care due to the fact that they will require larger quantities of medications, anesthesia, chemotherapy, and so on contrasted to smaller sized dog breeds. It"s crucial to be all set financialy for unanticipated sicknesses and injurties, yet less than 20% that pet parents say they might cover $5,000 in veterinary bills up-front, out-of-pocket.

Consider enrolling your furry girlfriend in a pets insurance plan now before any signs the illnesses start. Pets insurance reimburses you for as much as 100% the out-of-pocket veterinary care costs so that you can emphasis on what’s truly important: your English Mastiff puppy’s health and also happiness. Dogs that space insured space covered for brand-new illnesses or health problems they develop and emergency veterinarian costs, such as hospitalizations and surgery.

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Pro Tip: pet insurance plans can help dog owners save money on veterinarian bills. Examine out the options for English Mastiff health insurance now so that you have the right to rest easy understanding your Mastiff will have accessibility to gold-standard veterinary care throughout their lifetime.