The actors Of that '70s Show, Ranked By net Worth Boasting one all-star cast, that 70"s Show developed some of the most accomplished actors of the at an early stage 2000s. Let" take it a look at the cast"s net worth.

That "70s Show is a sitcom from the so late "90s to the early on 2000s. It adheres to 6 suburban teenagers living in a made-up city, their woes with family life, dating, alcohol/drug use, and also navigating young adulthood in the social setting of the so late 1970s. It successfully linked nostalgia, suburban youth culture, and featured mostly family-friendly, regularly borderline raunchy humor.

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Not just was That "70s show a hit throughout its time, running for 8 seasons, it likewise launched many actors friend know and also love into their onscreen careers. Here is the cast of That "70s Show, ranked by network worth.


10 Don Stark, $5 Million

Don Stark was born in brand-new York City and also is a renowned American actor. He play Bob Pinciotti, Donna Piniciotti"s dad on the "70s show. He and also his wife room next-door neighbors to the Forman"s and also he serves as a pseudo finest friend to Red, though they have actually a love-hate connection throughout the collection run.

Although the played rather of a goofball character, distinguishable is additionally known because that his functions in various other hit TV collection and movies like, Curb your Enthusiasm, Star Trek: first Contact and also Peggy Sue obtained Married.


9 Debra Jo Rupp, $5 Million

Debra Jo Rupp grew up in Massachusetts and versus her parents" wishes, join the drama room at the college of Rochester. After, she moved to brand-new York to start working together an actor. Her first big break was her role as Ms. Patterson in Big alongside Tom Hanks.

She went on to play recurring guest spots on Friends and also Seinfeld, but she is ideal known for her function as Kitty Forman top top That "70s Show. She expertly dram an iconic well-meaning mother to Eric and also a loving wife to Red.


8 Tommy Chong, $8 Million

Of the famous comedy duo, Cheech and also Chong, Tommy Chong was born in Alberta, Canada and also he was well-known in the 1970s because that his goofy stoner and also hippie culture. His debut movie, Up In Smoke, is a nonsensical comedy around two stoner friends and also their strange misadventures. Chong acquired his start as a musician, turned comedian turn actor.

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He had a recurring role as one old hippie top top That "70s Show well-known as Leo. Tommy Chong has additionally had a few notable roles in Half Baked, Zootopia and also The masked Singer.

7 Topher Grace, $10 Million

Topher Grace to be born Christopher john Grace, in brand-new York City and shortened his name to Topher once he to be young because he didn"t prefer being called Chris. He attended the college of southern California however dropped the end to play the leading function of Eric Forman in That "70s Show.

Eric Forman, the main character and leader that the unruly teenagers, is recognized for his quick-wittedness, sarcasm, and also schemes coupled through his call of being a square. Topher elegant went on come play the command in Spiderman 3.


6 Kurtwood Smith, $10 Million

Kurtwood Smith to be born in Wisconsin and graduated through an MFA from Stanford University. Blacksmith has had a long career in film and also television with duties in iconic films such together RoboCop, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Dead Poet"s Society and also Deep Impact.

His role on That "70s Show was the of a gruff navy veteran, who appears to have it out for his smart-aleck son, and yet has a strong affinity for his spoiled daughter Laurie. His friendship v his neighbor, Bob Pinocki, is likewise a long-running storyline.

5 Laura Prepon, $12 Million

Laura Prepon to be born in new Jersey and began acting and also modeling in ~ a young age. She studied at complete Theater laboratory in new York City and has starred in numerous hit series, consisting of her function as rough and also tumble previous drug smuggler Alex Voss ~ above the Netflix original series, Orange Is The new Black.

Prepon was just 18 when she started her role as Eric Forman"s tomboyish best friend, neighbor, and also love interest, Donna. Prepon freshly started a Youtube channel whereby she renders meal prep videos in she kitchen.

4 Danny Masterson, $16 Million

Danny Masterson was born in the state of brand-new York and was a child version at period four and was performing on Broadway at age eight. The actor has starred in countless commercials, films, and TV shows. He"s well-known for play the tough-but-wise Steven Hyde, who at some point becomes Eric Forman"s foster brother. He and also co-star Laura Prepon were romantically attached for plenty of years, and also both space members that the church that Scientology.

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Masterson was recently contained in a large lawsuit versus the church, with allegations of sexual assault and also misconduct.

3 Wilmer Valderrama, $20 Million

Wilmer Valderrama was born in Miami, Florida and moved with his family members to Venezuela once he was three before they relocated to LA when he was 13. He landing the duty of ethnically ambiguous Fes (an acronym for foreign Exchange Student) as soon as he to be a senior in high school.

Valderrama walk on to job-related in many TV collection like NCIS, native Dusk till Dawn: The Series and also Grey"s Anatomy. Valderrama has likewise been a large advocate for educating and also empowering Latino youth also as leading initiatives for political organizations.

2 Mila Kunis, $65 Million

Mila Kunis to be born in Ukraine and moved through her family to sunny Los Angeles, California in 1991. Kunis was only 14 years old when she score the duty of self-absorbed, rich son Jackie Burkhart in That "70s Show. Kunis has had many other on-screen roles including the Griffin family"s teen daughter Meg on family members Guy.

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Mila Kunis has additionally broken right into the movie industry, with exciting and charming functions in Forgetting sarah Marshall, black color Swan, Ted and Friends v Benefits. She and former costar Ashton Kutcher are at this time married.

1 Ashton Kutcher, $200 Million

Ashton Kutcher was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and was examining biochemical engineering at the university of Iowa before he dropped out of university to go after a career modeling and acting. Kutcher landing the duty of Michael Kelso, the naive however cute occasionally boyfriend the Jackie.

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Kutcher later on went ~ above to come to be a leading male starring in Just Married, The Butterfly Effect, and The Ranch. Kutcher also created the MTV series Punk"d, to be the first Twitter user to get 1 million followers, and has invest in countless tech startup companies.