We every know steeds are powerful animals, qualified of pulling heavy loads. For countless years, man has actually relied on horses to traction carriages, spanned wagons, trees, military supplies, and farming equipment.

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With the ability to pull large loads, horses have actually helped form the human being as we recognize it. However, you may be shocked by exactly how much load a horse deserve to pull.

On average, a horse can pull 10% of it’s body weight in ‘dead weight’ items such together logs. However, ~ above a cart, three times that is bodyweight once driving. However, if you include wheels to the load, a horse deserve to pull 3 times that bodyweight.

Some solid horse draft breeds can pull an exceptional 10-15 times their body weight over short distances. The human being record because that the heaviest load pulled by a solitary horse was a Shire steed that pulled 58,000 pounds.

Keep analysis to discover out which steed breeds are the strongest, world record weights pulled by a horse, and what components determine just how much a horse deserve to pull.

Horse weight Pulling people Records

Draft horses have set some an extremely impressive pulling world records end the years. This records have actually awed people and shown the impressive capabilities steeds have.

In 1924, a pair the Shire horses pulled an outstanding 100,000 pounds. To placed that in perspective, that is about the load of 30 pick-up trucks! That same year, a solitary Shire pulled 58,000 pounds, a feat the is important astounding.

Heavy steed pull competitions have come to be a popular event to show off genuine horsepower.

In 2012, a pair that Belgian breeze horses damaged the world-famous Calgary Stampede’s hefty Horse Pull record by pulling a deadweight that 13,400 pounds. Simply two year later, another pair that Belgians at the national Western Stock present hauled a staggering 17,000 pounds.

Here is a video clip of a strong horse pulling a auto out that a ditch:

Strongest steed Breeds

Draft steeds such together the Belgian, Percheron, and the Shire are thought about the strongest breeds. Qualified of pulling approximately 15 times their body weight, draft horses variety from 16 come 19 hands (163 come 193 cm) in height and from 1,400 to 2,000 lb (640 to 910 kg) in weight.

Draft equine breeds have a stocky develop with well-muscled bodies and legs. They often have vast shoulders, big hindquarters, and short backs, making them qualified of pulling very heavy loads.

Here is an ext detail around the three strongest equine breeds:



Powerful and beautiful, the Belgian has come to be one the the many loved each other of draft horse. Recognized for their stunning chestnut and also roan coats, this giants are descended from middle ages war horses.

With stocky bodies, short legs, and thick muscles, lock are among the strongest breeds that horses. They can variety anywhere between 16-18 hands and also weigh between 1,800-2,400 pounds. As the most popular draft each other in America, Belgians room loved for your calm dispositions and capability to haul hefty loads.



Originally native France, the Percheron breed is known for their beauty and incredible power. V a well-muscled body and also graceful carriage, lock are thought to be lower from sturdy medieval workhorses with some Arabian heritage blended in.

As we mention in our best horse breeds guide, their adaptability has do them renowned work and also carriage horses. They typically variety in elevation from 16-19 hands and weigh in between 1,700-2,600 pounds.

With your sturdy build, deep-set chest, and also hardy legs, they are known to haul outstanding loads.



Starting off as fierce war horses leading knights right into battle, the Shire has developed into among the most powerful breeds of horses. Originally from England, they are big and strong, while also being athletic and beautiful.

Read much more about the most common war horse breeds and their background here.

These mammoth horses have the right to vary in height everywhere from 16-20 hands and weigh between 1,800-2,400 pounds. They are known for their arched necks, an effective hindquarters, sturdy builds, and well-muscled body.

these docile steeds are famous for their strength, together they have broken many pulling records.

Here is another awesome video of a solid horse dubbed Petra!

Fun fact: An mean horse has actually 14.9 horsepower.

What Factors impact How much a Horse deserve to Pull?

A horse that gets consistent exercise will have a much much easier time hauling a hefty load 보다 one you take the end of pasture as soon as a month come work. In addition to fitness level, a horse’s body form will add to that pulling capabilities.

A large horse, such together a Belgian, that has wide shoulders and strong legs is bred for pulling heavy loads. Vice versa, a little horse through a sleek build, such together an Arabian, won’t have the very same strength together a much larger, stockier horse. However, countless breeds, including Arabians, deserve to make wonderful satisfied driving horses.

Type of load Being Pulled

The form of pack plays a huge factor in just how much weight a horse have the right to pull. Loads have the right to be classified as dead-weight or rolled vehicles.

When it comes to a dead weight, such together a plow or log, a horse have the right to pull 10% of its body weight over an eight-hour workday. However, end a brief span that time, horses have the right to pull significantly more dead weight.

Pulling competitions have end up being a popular occasion to test horses’ strength, with pairs regularly pulling dead weights upwards the 12,000 pounds.

When it comes to weight top top wheels, such together carriages, wagons and carts, equines are able come haul much more weight over time. A steed can generally pull up to 2-3 time its weight when out because that a satisfied drive.



The kind of terrain a horse is top top will affect their workload. End a smooth surface, such together a road, arena, or flat pasture, is whereby a equine is qualified of pulling increase to 3 times the weight v a wheeled vehicle.

When it concerns uneven terrains, such as hills or rocky surfaces, a horse deserve to safely pull 1-2 times its weight.


Just as professional athletes wear unique shoes to assist them perform, so execute horses. For part horses, shoes through slip protection and studs assist them with traction when hauling large loads. This provides it easier on the equine when they haul hefty objects.

What kind of equine Pulls a Carriage?

Though breeze breeds make good carriage horses, numerous other breeds also excel at carriage driving.

Morgans, Hackneys, Arabians, dutch Harness Horses, Welsh Ponies and also even Miniature equines are among the many breeds that make exorbitant carriage control horses.

How lot Weight deserve to Two steeds Pull?

When it pertains to pulling a large amount the weight, it is much better done together. You would certainly assume if one steed is qualified of pulling 6,000 pounds, climate an same pair is may be to pull 12,000 pounds.

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However, they would actually have the ability to pull upwards of 18,000 pounds, as horses are able come pull more together than apart individually. Pairing equines actually enhances their load capability.