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Borax, likewise referred to sodium tetraborate, disodium tetraborate, or sodium borate, is a powdery, white mineral make of boric and also boron acid and also is found in areas with seasonal lakes.


If you want to rise pH, you can easily include borax alone. However, if you great to an increase the pool’s borate level come cushion the pH and the water’s pH is correct, you might need to add the borate and also then mountain to to decrease the pH.

The amount you will require to add depends top top the early pH level, your swimming pool size, the borax you space using, pool alkalinity, and the target water chemistry. You can use a water-chemistry calculator (found online) to know just how much borax to add and even if it is you should add acid.

Steps come Follow

Here are the actions that friend would need to follow come ensure the you include the ideal amount of borax in her pool.

The an initial step is to usage the virtual calculator to understand the lot of borax you will need to add to your pool.Wait for 24 hours prior to testing the pH level.Add an ext products if required to boost the pH come the best level.When the borax is totally dissolved, include the other fifty percent of the acid and then the remainder of the borax. Brush again and leave the pump to operation for around 48 hours.Test the pool’s pH and include the assets if the pH level is no correct.

Useful advice – Borax Guide

Here some useful tips that you need to remember when including borax to your pool.

Use the virtual calculators come determine just how much borax come add.The quantity to add depends on the early stage TA and also pH level of her pool.At around 100 TA and also 7.5 pH, the lot is about 8 ounces, therefore 0.5 pounds that borax have the right to raise pH in a 10,000 gallons pool.That exact same amount the borax have the right to increase a pH of 7.0 by about 0.04 and also a pH the 8.0 by around 0.14.Also, at a pH the 7.5 and also TA that 80, the amount the borax would raise the pH by about 0.12 if it would raise by 0.08 if the TA is 120.

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In Conclusion

There is no right answer to the inquiry of just how much borax come raise pH in the pool. Usage online water-chemistry calculators to compute the right amount.

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