According come the U.S. Census, the current population of the United states in 2019 sits roughly 330,000,000. Much of that populace is moving to metropolitan areas. In fact, the top 10 urban in the U.S. By population make up almost 8% of the entire population. When the Northeast and also Midwest supplied to conquer the perform of largest American cities, most of the top 10 are currently in the Southwest and West. However, it will be challenging for any city to ever before catch new York at the peak of the rankings. The huge Apple has been America’s biggest city due to the fact that the very first U.S. Census in 1790 and also is larger than Los Angeles and Chicago combined. Right here are the 10 biggest U.S. Cities by population according to U.S. Census approximates from July 2019:

10. Mountain Jose, California – 1,030,119 – “Surf City, USA”

San Jose is known as the resources of Silicon Valley. The only Area City has continued to thrive over the past few years. However, with an progressively high expense of life that development may start to sluggish down. Still, together the unofficial funding of the technology industry, san Jose has actually a many going because that it. Tech suppliers with headquarters in mountain Jose include: Samsung, eBay, PayPal, and also Adobe.

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9. Dallas, Texas – 1,345,047 – “Big D”

Dallas continues to it is in a hub for economic activity. Although it is no the biggest city in Texas, Dallas is the largest city in the substantial DFW Metroplex. Unfortunately, Dallas has actually a little of a dark history as it to be the location of the assassination the President man F. Kennedy. However, since that fateful day in 1963 the city has rebounded to end up being one that America’s that company hubs.

Major corporations v headquarters in the city include: AT&T, Southwest Airlines, and also Texas Instruments. The handmade brewery step has also become a substantial draw for many to visit the DFW area, but perhaps Dallas’ most famed institution is “America’s Team”, the Dallas Cowboys. Regardless of the name, the Cowboys in reality play their home games in nearby Arlington in ~ the massive AT&T Stadium.

8. Mountain Diego, California – 1,425,976 – “America’s ideal City”

Sometimes dubbed “America’s Finest City”, san Diego is known for having one the the best climates in the country. With its location on the Pacific Coast, san Diego is a hub for military activity, especially the Navy. Additionally, mountain Diego is house to three significant universities: college of California – mountain Diego, college or san Diego, and San Diego State University.

Located simply miles indigenous the mexican border, san Diego is well-known for having actually some that the best Mexican cuisine in the U.S. Significant attractions in san Diego incorporate Sea World, the world-renowned san Diego Zoo, and also Torrey Pines Golf Course.

7. San Antonio, Texas – 1,532,233 – “Alamo City”

Located in the south-central part of Texas, mountain Antonio has experienced massive growth in current years. The house of the Alamo is quickly ending up being one of America’s most vibrant and trendy cities. Together with the Alamo, san Antonio is home to 6 Flags Fiesta Texas and also Morgan’s Wonderland, a theme park for youngsters with distinct needs. In the sporting activities world, mountain Antonio is known as the residence of the NBA’s Spurs. The Spurs have won 5 NBA championships and also sign football player from about the world, including the renowned Manu Ginobli. San Antonio combine a historical past with a bright and also promising future.

6. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 1,584,138 – “City of Brotherly Love”

The City the Brotherly Love is known as among America’s most historical cities. Philadelphia is home to independence Hall, wherein the declaration of freedom was signed in 1776. Additionally, Philadelphia served as the very first capital that the joined States and where numerous forefathers dubbed home. The Pennsylvania city has additionally been a staple in film and television, from Rocky to It’s constantly Sunny in Philadelphia. If you decision to visit, remember come grab a famed Philly cheesesteak from Pat’s or Geno’s.

5. Phoenix, Arizona – 1,660,272 – “Valley of the Sun”

Arizona’s funding city has seen massive growth to placed it in the U.S. Top five. Phoenix started its increase to becoming one that America’s largest cities in the years following people War II. The innovation of air conditioning allowed the city come thrive, regardless of its ar in the center of the Sonoran Desert. Major corporations located in Phoenix include: Avnet, PetSmart, and also U-Haul. Phoenix is the just city amongst the peak 10 most populous in the U.S. That likewise serves together a state capital.

4. Houston, Texas – 2,325,502 – “The space City”

Located ~ above the Gulf the Mexico, Houston is Texas’ and the South’s largest city. They also have some of the finest neighborhoods because that young professionals, such together Montrose, because of their youthful vibe. Houston is known approximately the people as the house of NASA’s Johnson room Center, for this reason the phrase “Houston, we have a problem”. The city’s connection to NASA earned the the nickname “The space City” and also coined the phrase of 2 of the city’s sporting activities teams, the Rockets and Astros. Houston is also known as a hub because that energy. Both the oil and also natural gas markets play a significant role in the city’s economy.

 3. Chicago, Illinois – 2,705,994 – “The publicly City”

While it is widely recognized as the “Second City”, Chicago reduce to third in the U.S. By populace in the 1990 Census. Located on the shores that Lake Michigan, Chicago is the biggest city in the Midwest. The city is famous for that architecture, consisting of the Willis Tower i beg your pardon was previously the tallest building in the world when that was named the Sears Tower. An additional famous facet of Chicago is that cuisine, including deep dish pizza and also Chicago-style hot dogs. The public City is residence to a number of significant corporations including Walgreen’s, McDonald’s, and State Farm, i m sorry attracts numerous millennials and young professionals to the area.

2. Los Angeles, California – 3,990,456 – “City of Angels”

Known together the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles ranks as America’s second largest city. The city prospered rapidly roughly the middle part of the 20th century, mainly due to the fact that the beautiful year-round weather. Together the house of the film, television, and music industries, Los Angeles is a city where desires can come true. The city is also a hub in the sports world, as it has professional sports teams in every major league and also has twice held the Summer Olympics. An in similar way to mountain Diego, Los Angeles is situated on the Pacific shore with many up-and-coming neighborhoods.

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1. Brand-new York, new York – 8,398,748 – “The City that never Sleeps”

New York has actually been America’s biggest city because at the very least 1790. Unique amongst American cities, brand-new York actually incorporates five counties, together each borough is its very own county. Famous sites in new York include: The Statue the Liberty, the empire State Building, and also Ellis Island. Home to the brand-new York stock Exchange, wall Street is often dubbed the financial capital of the world in the jae won District. Brand-new York is easily one that the most diverse cities in the world; hundreds of different languages are talked within the city. For that reason, NYC renders the perfect residence for the united Nations. The fast-paced city is a civilization leader in politics, finance, and culture.

While there room plenty of an excellent places to live around the country, plenty of Americans favor to live in big cities. If you’re up for the hustle and bustle, one of these 10 cities could just be the place for you!

Source: us Census Factfinder: