Americans spend an mean of $6.96 for a tobacco pack. No all united state residents, however, salary the same price to satisfy their smoking habits. New Yorkers, for example, pay double the price payment by those in Missouri. Meaning, smoking cigarettes two packs per week will price you circa $1,308 a year in the empire State. Missourians, through contrast, pay just $546. How much money walk an typical cigarette load cost? What is the state through the cheapest cigarettes? Why carry out some claims have much more expensive tobacco products? uncover all the answers in this guide on cigarette prices by state.

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What affect Cigarette Prices?

Before us list the states, let’s discover why the price the cigarettes varies. Numerous factors influence how much residents pay because that cigarettes in your state. Taxes, because that instance, account for 44.3% that the complete cigarette retail price per pack.

Federal cigarette tax – Ever because 2009, the federal tax on cigarettes has been $1.01 every pack. This is a level charge that uses to every packets, nevertheless of the state or brand.State taxes – State taxes are a significant factor that affects the median cigarette prices by state. D.C., for example, has actually the greatest cigarette taxes by state that $4.50 every pack. That’s why this destination is among the top 5 states with the highest possible cigarette prices.Brand – not all cigarette brands expense the same. Plus, many brands have actually a broad choice of products, whose prices also vary. Meaning, the Marlboro carton price by state isn’t the same to the Newport cigarettes price through state.Neighborhood and also store – A Public wellness Reports research established back in 2009 that cigarette prices vary through community and store form as well. High-income locations have more expensive cigarettes. The study concluded the the price were higher in minority communities where mobility was normally lower. Together for save price variations, chain stores had actually the lowest tobacco prices contrasted to independent stores.

And one more thing prior to we dive into the data on tobacco prices by state — the actual price of smoking goes past the cost of cigarettes. Tobacco use frequently has costly aftermath for her health. Smokers are an ext likely to build chronic diseases that bring about soaring medical bills, especially in the USA. America, after all, has actually the highest possible healthcare expenses by country.

Cost the Cigarettes through State

Scroll down to discover where friend can get the cheapest cigarettes in the USA. Below, we will certainly list each state from least to most expensive. Us will likewise analyze the cigarette tax for every state and provide approximations ~ above the yearly price of cigarette smoking two package a week.

The typical US sleeve price the cigarettes is $6.65 every pack. Americans who smoke two packs a week, therefore, spend about $688 a year.



When looking in ~ cigarette costs by state, Alabama won the 8th location with its mean price that $5.51 per pack. This state applies a tobacco excise taxation of $0.68 per pack, on peak of the $0.18 the sales tax. Alabama residents that smoke 40 cigarettes a mainly spend about $573.04 a year. The cotton State has one the the highest tobacco use prices of 20%.


The price that cigarettes in Alaska is $9.79, result in annual expenses that $1,018, make the last Frontier among the locations with the highest tobacco prices by state. Alaska doesn’t have sales taxes on cigarettes, while its tobacco use price is a far-reaching 17.40%.


Cigarette prices in Arizona earn the state the 36th position on our perform of states with the cheapest tobacco. A packet here prices $8.05, leading to total annual costs that $837.20 for those that smoke 40 cigarettes a week. Together for tobacco use, just 14.90% the Arizona adult reported indulging in this habit.


Arkansas uses a tobacco excise taxation of $1.15 and a sales taxation of $0.37 every pack. This two rise the average price that 20 cigarettes in Arkansas to $6.07. So, smokers in Arkansas that smoke around 5.7 cigarettes a day invest $637.28 every year. Regardless of holding the reasonable 17th position regarding cigarette price by state, Arkansas has a price of 20.20% adult smokers.


With the price that cigarettes in California being $8.31, Californian smokers invest $864 a year on 2 packets every week. This tobacco costs place the state in the firm of other states through high cigarette prices. California meanwhile has actually a smoker price of 10%.


The cost of cigarettes in Colorado is $5.65 every pack. If girlfriend live in Colorado and smoke two packs weekly, the regional cigarette price by state means that friend will spend $587.60 top top cigarettes a year. In this state, the cigarette use rate is 13.50%.


The tobacco prices in Connecticut ar the destination in the top-three most expensive American says for smokers through its mean pack expense of $9.52. About 12.1% of adult based here smoke and also spend almost $1,000 ~ above tobacco assets a year.


D.C. Has actually the highest cigarette excise tax of $4.50 every pack and the highest total state tax of $4.98 every packet. That’s why D.C. Likewise has soaring tobacco carton prices by state of $94.9. The average load price below is $9.49. Countless adults exhilaration in D.C., and also the use price is 12.7%.


Delaware tobacco carton price are around $63.5 as a single packet costs, ~ above average, $6.35. It’s amusing that this state doesn’t apply any type of sales tax yet has a hefty cigarette excise taxation of $2.10 a fill which makes for virtually average tobacco prices by state.

Delaware has an mean tobacco usage rate among adults the 15.90%. Instead of security money top top cigarettes, Delawareans thrive their savings, through the state boasting the highest possible average retirement to save by state in the nation.


With tobacco prices in Florida about $6.30, this is the critical state in the top 20 united state destinations with cheap tobacco. Floridians salary $63 per carton. Smoking, however, isn’t widespread in the state as the tobacco usage in Florida is 14.8%.


The price that cigarettes in Georgia is $5.39 per pack. This renders Georgia one of the destinations through the cheapest cigarettes by state. This state has respective tobacco excise tax and also sales taxation of $0.37 and also $0.23 per pack. Georgia has actually a tobacco use rate of 16.3%.


With cigarette prices in Hawaii in ~ $9.55 a packet, the state is the 6th worst destination for American smokers. If girlfriend smoke one carton per 5 weeks in Hawaii, you will spend $993.2 top top cigarettes a year. Not numerous Hawaiians smoke, however, and the cigarette use rate in the state is only 12.3%.


Idaho is one more state with cheap cigarettes — the typical price of cigarettes by state for a pack right here is $5.41. Buy 2 packs every week, and also you’ll invest $562.64 on cigarette smoking per year in Idaho. The tobacco use rate among adults in this state is 15.30%.


Cigarette prices in Illinois make this state a bad destination because that smokers. A pack costs, top top average, $11.50. Meaning, the yearly smoking expenses for intermittent smokers space $1,196. Amongst Illinois adults, 14.5% use cigarettes.


With tobacco prices in Indiana gift $5.97 per pack, Indiana is among the top 20 destinations because that American smokers. This price is reasonable and also contributes to the annual smoking expenses of about $620.88 (for 40 cigarettes per week). Indiana has a tobacco use rate of 19.20%.


Iowa belong in the team of destinations v a reasonable expense of a fill of cigarettes by state. Cigarettes expense $6.29/pack. A human who smokes 40 cigarettes a main in Iowa spends just under $655 on smoking a year. The cigarette use in the state is, however, as high as 16.4%.

Given the below-average cigarette prices in Iowa, this is terrific state because that smokers. It, however, is no that suitable for businesses, having actually some of the highest corporate count by state in the country.


The price that cigarettes in Kansas is $5.83 per pack and also $58.3 every carton. V such a price, Kansas inhabitants that smoke 40 cigarettes a week invest a tiny over $654 each year on smoking. Together for the tobacco use price in Kansas, 16.20% the the state’s occupants indulge in this habit.


Kentucky occupants pay a reasonable typical of $5.40 because that a 20-cigarette fill our cigarette prices by state synopsis shows. Through this average price, smokers in the state spend around $561 a year if castle buy 40 cigarettes per week. The low cigarette prices in Kentucky are among the reasons that this state has actually the second-highest price of tobacco usage of 23.6%.


Louisiana is one of the says with the cheapest cigarettes in the USA. The Pelican State has actually a cigarette use price of 21.9%, and the typical price smokers pay right here is $5.44 per pack. Smoking cigarettes 40 cigarettes a main in Louisiana will cost you around $565.76 a year.


Maine has high tobacco carton prices by state and also tobacco use among adults. Smokers based in the state salary $7.37 per fill or $73.7 every carton. Acting 5.7 cigarettes a day because that a year in Maine, and also you’ll spend $766.48. In spite of the hefty price the cigarettes, the state’s tobacco usage rate among adult consumers is a far-reaching 17.6%.


The cost of cigarettes in Maryland is $7.57 a pack or $75.7 per carton. In Maryland, if you offer up smoking two packs per week because that a year, you have the right to save around $787. Cigarette smoking isn’t the popular and also the tobacco use rate is just 12.7%.


The typical price of cigarettes in Massachusetts is $9.95, which renders this state a poor destination for those searching for the cheapest cigarettes by state. Those buying two packets every seven days invest $1,035 or for this reason on tobacco products. ~ above the upper and lower reversal side, analysis of the states with the best job market by state reflects that Massachusetts ranks first, making the a an excellent destination because that both smokers and also non-smokers.


With cigarette prices in Michigan being $8.00, human being living in the state salary $80 for a carton. Michigan inhabitants who smoke two packets within 7 days invest an median of $832 in 52 weeks. Still, Michigan note a high tobacco use rate of 18.7%.


Minnesotans spend $842.4 a year on smoking cigarettes as the price that cigarettes in Minnesota is $8.10. This state belongs amongst those wherein tobacco use isn’t as well high — the stands at 14.6%.


The average expense of cigarettes in Mississippi is $5.34, make this one of the says with the cheapest cigarettes. Cigarette smoking 40 cigarettes weekly costs Mississippians about $555 annually. When the low cigarette price doesn’t necessarily boost smoking, Mississippi has actually a high cigarette usage level that 20.4%.


Missouri has the shortest price that cigarettes through state in the united state — an median of $5.25 for a pack. The low cigarette excise taxes ($0.17 every pack) and also state sales taxation ($0.21 every pack) room responsible for the affordable cigarette prices in Missouri. This price earns Missouri the top position when assessing the cheapest carton of cigarettes through state, as well.

Missouri has a tobacco use rate of 19.6% amongst adults, put it amongst the 15 claims with the highest rate that smokers. Missourians who smoke 2 packs a mainly spend around $546 a year. Inhabitants in this cheapest state come buy cigarettes save twin the money than smokers in Connecticut, new York, and Rhode Island.


Montana is one more jurisdiction whereby the price of cigarettes by state isn’t influenced by a sales tax. The big Sky state only has actually a tobacco excise taxes of $1.70, and that’s it. One average load in the state costs $6.46, while the tobacco use rate is 18%.


Nebraskans pay around $6.23 because that a pack, below the nationwide average. Buying two packs every week for a year in Nebraska will price you about $647.


Less 보다 16% (15.7%) of adults in Nevada use cigarettes, put the state among those with median tobacco use rates. The price the cigarettes in Nevada on the other hand is $6.15 per pack. Those that buy 2 packets every seven days, every year spend just under $640 ~ above smoking.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire has actually no sales tax and yet ranked in the lower half of our tobacco prices through state rundown. Just the tobacco excise taxation of $1.78 per load affects the brand-new Hampshire cigarette prices. A carton in this state costs about $66.4 because the average fill price is $6.64. New Hampshire has actually a 15.9% tobacco usage rate.

New Jersey

This destination has unfavorable tobacco prices through state at $8.20. One carton in the Garden State costs about $82. These cigarette prices in new Jersey result in yearly smoking costs of $852.8. Around 13.1% of adults living in new Jersey smoke.

New Mexico

Smoking in brand-new Mexico expenses $7.67 every packet, $76.7 every carton, and around $797 per year. This is among the destinations v the many expensive cigarettes through state in the US. High value tobacco is just one of the factors why cigarette use in new Mexico is at 16%.

New York

With the price the cigarettes in brand-new York being $12.85, this location has the highest possible cigarette expense by state. New Yorkers invest $1,336 a year if they smoke 40 cigarettes a week. That’s one of the reasons why tobacco use in this state is low 12.7%. Even the tobacco prices by brand in new York are greater than the nationwide average.

North Carolina

With an median price the $5.45, the expense of cigarettes in north Carolina is amongst the lowest throughout the country. People from this state that smoke about two packs a week spend roughly $567 a year. The cigarette usage rate amongst adults in north Carolina is 18.5%.

North Dakota

North Dakota ranking high among US areas with the lowest cigarette expense by state. The typical cigarette prices in phibìc Dakota move approximately the $5.33 threshold. So, 17% of adult smokers in the state spend approximately $554.32 annually on 2 packs per week.


Cigarette prices in Ohio space $6.03 per packet. Through this pricing, Ohio citizens spend about$627 a year on 40 cigarettes a week. Despite having pricey tobacco, Ohio has actually one of the highest cigarette use prices of 20.8%.


Oklahoma doesn’t have actually a sales tax yet still has a high mean price the cigarettes by state. The price of cigarettes in Oklahoma is $6.29. Meaning, its residents spend about $654 on 2 packets every week over a year. Oklahoma additionally has a high cigarette use rate of 18.9%.


Set at $5.69, the price of cigarettes in Oregon earned the state a place amongst the height 20 claims for smokers. Oregon doesn’t have any type of sales taxation on cigarettes but applies a $1.33 excise tax. Oregon inhabitants spend $56.9 per carton on cigarettes, when the tobacco use rate in this state is 14.5%.


About 17% of adult in Pennsylvania use cigarettes, definition the state come somewhere in the middle compared to the rest. Smokers in the state deal with Pennsylvania cigarettes price of $8.51 a packet. Calculations based on cigarette price by state display that smoking 5.7 cigarettes a work in the state prices residents $885 annually.

Rhode Island

This is the state with the highest sales taxation of $0.66 per pack. So, the no surprise that the Rhode Island tobacco prices space the second-worst transparent the US. An median packet of 20 cigarettes in the state expenses $10.15, resulting in yearly smoking expenses of $1,055. Rhode Island has actually a tobacco use rate of 13.30%.

South Carolina

Cigarette prices in southern Carolina stand at a reasonable $5.85 every pack. This way that anyone that buys two packs weekly will invest $608 yearly ~ above smoking. South Carolina is one of the says with tobacco use rates among adults of 17.50%.

South Dakota

With southern Dakota cigarette prices approximately $6.08, follow to data on tobacco prices by state, local occupants spend $632 or so on smoking per year. Southern Dakota has a cigarette usage rate amongst adults the a substantial 18.30%.


Tennessee is amongst the optimal 10 says with the highest tobacco use rate (22.6%) in the US and rounds up the top-five perform of states with the cheapest cigarettes. Tobacco prices in Tennessee display that one load in the state is $5.30, resulting in average yearly smoking expenses of $551. This approximate uses only come Tennesseans the smoke two packs weekly.


The tobacco use price in Texas is 14.7%, put this state in the better half. The situation is similar to the price of cigarettes in Texas because the state ranks as the 22nd finest destination for smokers. Through an average fill being $6.69, Texans spend around $695.76 a year ~ above their cigarette smoking habit.


Utah is a an excellent state in many regards. West sink City, for instance, is among the best, if no the best place for flipping houses in America. Plus, the state has actually the lowest tobacco use price of only 7.90%. When it pertains to cigarette expenses by state, however, Utah can do better. With a total state taxes of $2.09 per packet, Utahns pay about $6.89 for 20 cigarettes. Smoking two package a week costs them end $716.56 a year.


Vermont is among the says where smoking isn’t prevalent and only 15.10% of adults usage tobacco. One packet in the state prices $9.62. These cigarette prices in Vermont represent an annual burden of about $1,000 for light smokers.


Virginia is in the optimal 20 on our list of tobacco prices by state. The mean cigarette prices in Virginia room under $6 or, much more precisely, $5.25. Meaning, a carton in this state is $52.5, when the annual cost of smoking cigarettes two packs a week is $546. Virginia has actually an average cigarette use price of 14.9%.


The price the cigarettes in Washington State is $9.30 a packet or $956.7 a year. With a tobacco use rate of 12.6%, Washington is among the states with the lowest tobacco popularity among adults, partly on account the the soaring cost of cigarettes by state.

West Virginia

The West Virginia cigarette prices space 5.43 per pack. It, however, has a sales taxes of $0.35 top top cigarettes. West Virginia is also the state through the highest possible tobacco use rate amongst adults the 23.80%.


About 15.4% of adults in Wisconsin use cigarette products. The rate makes sense as the cost of cigarettes in Wisconsin is together high together $8.82. This is the an initial state ~ above the list wherein smokers of 2 packs a week every year spend over $917 ~ above cigarettes.


Wyoming is among the states with the lowest price of a pack of cigarettes by state. World who smoke two packs a week here spend a bit over $560 every year ~ above their cigarette smoking habit. Namely, one packet in Wyoming is just $5.41. Probably that’s among the reasons why the state has actually a high price of tobacco use — 18.4%.

Cigarette price FAQ

How lot do cigarettes expense in every state?

Various factors, consisting of state excise taxes per pack, influence the yes, really cigarette price in each state. In 17 states, therefore, the median price per pack is under $6.

Cigarettes room the many expensive in brand-new York, Rhode Island, and also Connecticut. In this states, they expense over $10 every pack. Missourians have the cheapest cigarettes that price $4.91 ~ above average, follow to data on cigarette prices by state.

Which state has the highest possible cigarette tax?

D.C. Has the greatest cigarette excise tax per fill of $4.50. Combined with the $0.48 state sales taxes per pack, the total tax amount totals $.98.

Connecticut and brand-new York are the second-worst says in this regard, with their tobacco taxes the $4.35 every pack. Still, new Yorkers salary the highest possible retail price per pack of cigarettes that $10.47.

What states have the many smokers?

West Virginia, Kentucky, and also Louisiana have the highest smoking prices of 23.8%, 23.6%, and 21.9%, respectively. Many smokers in America room males age 25-64.

Which states have the cheapest cigarettes?

Missouri, Georgia, and North Carolina space the US claims with the cheapest cigarettes. At $0.17, Missouri also has the lowest tobacco excise taxes per pack. That’s the main reason why the state’s inhabitants pay an median of $4.91 every pack.

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Final Words

The cigarette prices by state differ drastically. Meaning, passionate smokers might save tons of money by simply relocating elsewhere. Smoking three package a mainly in Missouri costs around $766, when in new York, about $1,633. The amount you’d conserve is practically $870, which easily adds up. If you’ve been smoking cigarettes for 20 years, because that example, girlfriend could’ve saved around $17,400. This is a significant amount the money the could’ve ended up in your financial institution account.

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