One winter we had actually an occurrence that every dog owner should recognize about. One snowy morning ~ the garbage truck had actually been by our house, our dogs to be outside. Emme and also her Aussie friend Alfie to be licking the snow and we taken place to notice. We talked about to investigate and also saw they were licking in ~ a blueish-green stain, probably left by the rubbish truck. This automatically triggered every one of our alarms. If it was antifreeze, it would soon be deadly because that the dog in a horrendous way.

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On a hike v Alfie (left) and also Emme (right)

What is Antifreeze?

Antifreeze, or ethylene glycol, is lethal come animals. The difficulty is the it has a sweet taste i m sorry attracts animals to lick it. Engine coolant and also hydraulic brake fluids have ethylene glycol. A leak from any of those locations in a vehicle should it is in a red alert if pets room around. As little as one tablespoon can cause acute kidney fail in dog by crystallizing. As soon as that happens, the damage cannot it is in repaired. That is a cruel and painful death.

Dogs caught instantly in the plot of licking antifreeze have the finest chance the survival due to the fact that the vet will recognize what he is treating, and also medical attention have the right to be administered there is no delay. Acquiring treatment in the first few hours is critical as the crystals don’t start to form immediately.

The cure if In Time

The vet may do a stomach pump, wherein water is pumped into the stomach and also then drained out to wash the end the toxins. Over there is also a specific antidote for antifreeze poisoning, a synthetic alcohol called Fomepizole that is provided intravenously through a insanity in the dog’s leg.

We kicked into action within minutes of our dog licking the snow. We scooped few of the blue snow right into a plastic bag, threw the dogs into the car and drove in ~ high speed best to the vet. He seemed unconcerned and also even said, “Oh they probably didn’t lick enough if that was blended in the snow.”

That did not sit well. “How carry out you know just how much lock ingested?”

Vet: “Well Iguess ns don’t.”

Us: “Then how can you possibly understand if the wasn’t sufficient to kill them?”

The vet easily sensed we were “weapons hot” and called end to the emergency room to prepare because that the dogs. The bag v the blue components were validated together antifreeze through the gas station next door.

We carried the dogs home, each v an IV insanity in a leg and a bag connected to it with Fomepizole. ~ a couple of days, the dogs showed no distress, the ports came out and we dodged the bullet.

An estimated 90,000 dogs every year in the U.S. Space poisoned by licking antifreeze. It can be top top a driveway, top top a road or even a dust road causing a hike trailhead. Look because that it.

As one elder myself, I have been sure to advise from the view of outdoor activity later in life.

Topics variety from preparing physically, to what sort of devices is many useful and also why tohandling emergencies, weather, wild-animal contact and what to do if you gain lost.

I provide pointers from my years of experience in all kinds the conditions around thunderstorms, off-roading to trailheads, dehydration, nutrition and altitude issues for those heading to the hills.

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And I will certainly provide certain info for those of you who take along your ideal friend, her dog.