Adam to be the oldest. Here"s what i found: Ben Cartwright an initial met and married Adam"s mother, Elizabeth Stoddard. She died right ~ Adam to be born (during childbirth) and Ben go westward with Adam.

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Then that met and married Inger Stevenson, a sweden lady, as soon as Adam to be 6. Inger did not die while giving birth to she son, Eric, she passed away in an Indian attack a tiny while later. Eric Haus Cartwright was dubbed Hoss since it intended "big trusted man" (which he did prosper up come be) and because once Ben took Inger west, away from her brother, it to be his one wish that they would call their first (and only!) boy "Hoss." Ben then took his two sons and also went on whereby he met Marie DeMarigny, who he fell in love with and married. I don"t know just how old Adam and also Hoss were, however I think they were around 12 and also 6. She had actually Joseph Francis Cartwright, who they called small Joe, or Joe later on in the series, but she did no die till he was 6 years old. She died from an accident once she fell off a horse.
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Elizabeth Stoddard (Adam’s mommy – from new England -- died during childbirth);Inger Borgstrom (Hoss’ mommy – Scandanavian – passed away during an Indian attack); and Marie DeMarigny (Little Joe’s mommy – from brand-new Orleans – passed away from accident when she dropped off a horse.) DeMarigny must have been she maiden name, because, follow to the lyrics of the Saga of the Ponderosa, she married surname would have been Collins.

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There is a 4th brother just seen in one episode called Clay. Small Joe wanted to walk travel with him. Clay claimed he feel trapped on the Bonanza i m sorry is why the wandered. That was his mother?
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Mballard wrote:There is a 4th brother just seen in one episode named Clay. Tiny Joe want to go travel through him. Clay stated he feel trapped top top the Bonanza i beg your pardon is why he wandered. That was his mother?Clay was little Joes half brother and no relation to Ben Cartwright. Clays father was called Jean and also his mothers name was Marie. Clay was increased by his grandmother in new Orleans and was told the both the his parents had died. Together he acquired older he asked world that knew his parental what had happened come them and how they had actually died. That"s once he uncovered that his mommy Marie was still alive and also that his father to be dead, but that marie had actually married a guy by the surname of Ben Cartwright the owned a large ranch in the Nevada Territory called the Ponderosa. Clay climate departed anew Orleans and also worked together a ranch hand at various ranches ~ above his journey west. It to be this constant moving that led to him no to be tied to the Ponderosa and also his wanting come leave. Ns hope this helps.
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