AAA, AA, C, D batteries all are rated at 1.5 volts however besides the difference in physical size theamount the electric present they produce is additionally different. In this task the four battery species will be linked to a tiny hobby engine designed to operate with a 1.5 volt D dimension battery and also a certain current. Indigenous the monitorings madea data table will certainly be produced and the results will be presented in the form of a graph.

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If the battery all have the very same voltage, why not just use AAA cell for every battery operated devices?Let's find out.

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What room the operating distinctions of AAA, AA, C, D batteries all v a 1.5 volt rating?Why will an electrical device that requires a 1.5 volt D dimension battery not operate as well with a 1.5 volt AA dimension battery?


AAA Heavy-duty carbon-zinc batteriesAA Heavy-duty carbon-zinc batteriesC Heavy-duty carbon-zinc batteriesD Heavy-duty carbon-zinc batteriesMasking or electric tape1.5 volt understand motorTri-fold cardboard display boardWatch or clock


Connect the understanding motor’s red (+) wire to the positive terminal ~ above the D battery and the black color wire come the an adverse terminal making use of strips of ice cream to hold the cable in place.Observe and also make a note of the early stage rotational speed of the motor’s axle utilizing words favor “fast,”“rapid,” “slow” “sluggish,” etc.Allow the engine to run continuously until the battery operation down.Record the complete time the the battery operated the engine in a table comparable to the one shownRepeat the very same procedure because that the C, AA, and also AAA dimension batteriesUsing the data in the table plot a bar graph of size of time of motor operation along the Y-axis verses the miscellaneous battery sizes along the X-axis.

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Battery size

Length of Time of motor Operation

Observation the Motor’s Axle Speed






The metal instance is lined through zinc which is attached to the an adverse terminal. There is a carbon rod in the facility attached to the confident terminal. Between the carbon and the zinc over there is a black paste made from manganese dioxide, carbon, and ammonium and zinc chlorides. Batteries labeled as “heavy duty” have a larger amount the zinc chloride and also tend not to leak together easily. Alkaline batteries have a powdered zinc negative rod surrounded by a highly corrosive potassium hydroxide electrolyte surrounded consequently by manganese dioxide and also carbon together an outer optimistic terminal. Words “battery” means a “line of plenty of things.”(Note: the 1.5 volt batteries offered in this project are really solitary cells and also so room not yes, really batteries, however, most civilization still call them batteries.)

AAA, AA, C, D battery all room rated in ~ 1.5 volts but besides the distinction in physical dimension there is a large difference in between them all. In an electric circuit or device, there are two really necessary things:voltageandcurrent. You can think the voltage choose the water push that pushes things down a pipe, and current likethe lot of water flowing under the pipe. Part electrical devices need a many of present to operate however do not require a many voltage. That’s where battery size comes in. The D size battery will certainly deliver much more current 보다 the C, AA, and AAA dimension battery. So also ifaAA battery and aAAA battery are both rated as having actually a voltage that 1.5, the AA battery will deliver more current 보다 the AAA battery.

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