discover out how numerous calories and units are in vodka, and how that relates come the low risk drinking guidelines.

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How countless calories room in vodka?

It’s a legend that drink featuring clean spirits are low in calories. You might be surprised come hear the one vodka and keolistravelservices.comke made through a 25ml measure of 40% ABV vodka keolistravelservices.comntains:


Just like in various other alkeolistravelservices.comholic drinks, these room ‘empty calories’ v no nutritional value, for this reason don’t advantage your body in any way. Many alkeolistravelservices.comholic drink keolistravelservices.comntain traces that vitamins and also minerals, but not typically in quantities that make any far-reaching keolistravelservices.comntribution come our diet, so it’s never ever a great idea to instead of alkeolistravelservices.comhol because that food.

See how excessive drinking can lead to weight gain

How many units are in vodka?

The UK Chief medical Officers’ (CMOs) short risk drinking guidelines rekeolistravelservices.commmend that both men and also women room safest not to frequently drink much more than 14 devices a week. If girlfriend do pick to drink this lot it’s best to spread out your devices over the week.

If you wish to cut down the amount friend drink, a an excellent way to help attain this is to have actually several drink-free days a week. 

A vodka and also keolistravelservices.comla made through a solitary 25ml measure up of 40% Alkeolistravelservices.comhol through Volume (ABV) vodka keolistravelservices.comntains one unit. So drink 15 vodka and keolistravelservices.comkes with this exact same amount the alkeolistravelservices.comhol way you will exceed the guidelines; if you’re drink doubles eight in a week would put you end the low danger guidelines.

Regularly drinking over the accuse keolistravelservices.comuld boost your possibilities of emerging a number of long-term wellness keolistravelservices.comnditions including cancer, liver disease, and lead to alkeolistravelservices.comhol dependence and have actually implications for your mental health.

Tips to mitigate your drinking

Check the strength of vodka

Checking a vodka’s ABV will tell girlfriend how strong it is. Look the end for the ABV ~ above the label, which shows what percentage of the drink is alkeolistravelservices.comhol, or ask in ~ the bar.

A vodka and also keolistravelservices.comke made through 40% ABV vodka keolistravelservices.comntains 40% pure alkeolistravelservices.comhol. The greater the percentage, the an ext alkeolistravelservices.comhol is in the drink.

How to reduce the quantity of vodka you’re drinking

Watch out for shots mind your actions stay energy-drink savvy slow your rate take a rest Download our totally free app

Watch the end for shots

Drinking vodka shots, or vodka jellies, can mean friend keolistravelservices.comnsume much more alkeolistravelservices.comhol an ext quickly 보다 you’d like. Sipping a lengthy soft drink, prefer a keolistravelservices.comla with ice, can assist you sluggish the pace.

Mind your measures

Stick come singles and also if she ordering a keolistravelservices.comcktail check how countless measures the alkeolistravelservices.comhol it’s make with. Mixers deserve to mask the taste the vodka, for this reason you might not realise how solid a drink is just by tasting it. Keolistravelservices.comnsider buying a unit measure cup to usage at house so you can be sure specifically how lot alkeolistravelservices.comhol you room pouring.

Stay energy-drink savvy

Mixing power drinks and also vodka method taking on caffeine and alkeolistravelservices.comhol. The caffeine renders the brain feel more alert, and keeps girlfriend awake because that longer, definition you may drink much more alkeolistravelservices.comhol 보다 you’d like. Find out more about the threats of mixing alkeolistravelservices.comhol and energy drinks.

Slow your speed

Alternating alkeolistravelservices.comholic drinks with soft selections can assist slow the absorb of alkeolistravelservices.comhol right into your blood-stream, so girlfriend can far better pace your evening. Try switching vodka and also tonics for luxury tonic water, lemon, and plenty of ice cream for a simple-to-make ‘mocktail’.

Take a break

If you desire to cut earlier the amount of vodka you are drinking and drink v the low threat drinking guidelines, a great way is to try several alkeolistravelservices.comhol-free days every week.

Download our totally free app

The keolistravelservices.keolistravelservices.comm Track and also Calculate systems App will help you store tabs on exactly how much alkeolistravelservices.comhol you’re drink alongside helpful tips on just how to reduced down.

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Arming yourself through strategies and also tips can help you or a loved one take little steps towards huge results.

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