Featured Quote: “Thou gavest Me no kiss. Why? due to the fact that I was so busy serving Him, ns forgot to prayer Him. The priority that God wants in ours life is that we worship Him in spirit." -
Leonard Ravenhill
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Open together PDF periodically the the smallest words room the most powerful. Take the small word “if” for instance. When this two-letter indigenous is ignored in scriptures passages, that can result in a total misunderstanding that those passages. The three-letter word “but” is same powerful, both in every-day use and in the Bible.When we desire to it is in tactful with other civilization we preface ours statements with an encouraging statement. For example we would say “I love you”. And then we say “but” “I don’t like your attitude”. Thus the word “but” cancels the end anything that was said before. In various other words: “I love you however loving friend does no count because I have actually a difficulty with your attitude”. If we adjust the sentence around, we get a entirely different message: “Your perspective stinks but I love you”. Currently we space saying that it does no matter about the attitude, it just matters that us love them. So, what comes before the “but” is cancelled and also what come after the is what really matters.The new King James Version supplies the native “but” over 4,000 times! The very first time that is offered is in Genesis 2:6 wherein it claims that that did no rain yet a mist come up indigenous the earth to water the ground. In various other words the reality that it did not rain walk not matter – the is superseded by the truth that a mist came approximately water the earth.As powerful as this little word is, it becomes infinitely much more powerful when connected to an additional three-letter word: “God”. These two words “but God” appear together 45 times. Several of these verses contain mighty statements and also promises about God’s treatment in the to work of men.In Genesis 31:7 Jacob claims to his mam “your father has deceived me and changed my earnings ten times, however God did not permit him to hurt me”. Isn’t that wonderful? No matter just how much Laban schemed versus Jacob – the made no difference when God came into the picture. In Genesis 50 Joseph states something similar, yet even more wonderful: “as because that you, you supposed evil against me; yet God intended it because that good”. It does not matter what men scheme or do versus those who are in His will, when God becomes part of the equation, that all works out an extremely well! possibly you can speak around all the trials and opposition girlfriend experience, and also that can be an extremely negative, however if you conclude by saying “BUT GOD…” what can be a hopeless case becomes a very blessed and also fruitful one.Sometimes the “but God” could appear to be an adverse like the moment David plan to develop a home for God “But God stated to me, `You shall not develop a house for mine name’” 2Chronicles 28:3. Or when Peter spoke of his Jewish heritage that compelled that he no mix through Gentiles “But God has shown me that I need to not call any type of man common or unclean” acts 10:28. This teaches us that no issue what to plan or preconceptions we may have, as soon as God becomes part of the picture, every little thing changes due to the fact that His means are therefore much higher than our ways. Would that we would listen when God litter a “but” right into our ideas, plans, traditions and habits! Sadly, man’s history is often marked by the “BUT GOD” complied with by “BUT MAN”. Let’s allow God the last say, especially when He claims ”BUT” to our ideas.In plot 13:29 Paul says: “they take it Him (Jesus) down from the tree and also laid him in a tomb. Yet God raised Him indigenous the dead”. Hallelujah! men crucified and also buried him and thought they had lastly put an finish to Jesus. However GOD is no bound by fatality or the tomb – He increased Jesus native the dead. If there to be no however GOD, our faith would it is in futile and we would still it is in in our guilty (1Corinthians 15:17).Romans 5:7 states that someone may, possibly, dice for a good man and it infers that no one would certainly bother dying because that a negative man or a sinner. “But God displayed His own love toward us, in the while we were tho sinners, Christ passed away for us” Romans 5:8. Thank God the He is not like us and that He to be willing to die for us, as soon as no one would certainly have given two hoots about us.In Ephesians 2, Paul paints a graphic snapshot of ours state prior to we to be saved. He says we to be dead in ours trespasses and also sins, us were under the power and control that the devil and also we had actually no expect whatsoever. “But God, who is wealthy in mercy, since of His good love with which He love us, also when us were dead in trespasses, made us alive in addition to Christ (by grace you have been saved)” Ephesians 2:4. It does not matter how bad you are, or how much you have actually sinned. The does not matter if world have provided up on you. That does not matter how countless times you have failed. Nobody of the matters in the irradiate of God’s rich mercy. That is maybe to bring life out of death and also He is able to adjust your life. He can carry light right into the darkness, hope into the despair, love right into the loneliness and order into the chaos of our lives. So, no matter exactly how you amount up her life and also past, if you include BUT GOD in ~ the finish of the story, every little thing can be different.He died on the cross to readjust your past, present and also future. And also here is where that other tiny word come in: “IF” girlfriend will put your trust in Him. Yes, He has actually done that all. He paid the price for her sins, He has actually the strength to adjust your life around. However He needs you to agree and to be ready to go together with His plan. So, over there is a problem – that’s the “IF” word. He will forgive girlfriend IF you revolve to Him. He will readjust your life IF you put your trust in Him. He will certainly shower His love on girlfriend IF you draw near come Him.The “BUT GOD” component takes treatment of everything and turns everything around as lengthy as we simply do the basic “IF” part. The yet GOD is not automatic – that does not change anything, IF we execute not desire what that offers. The is no going to force all His goodness, grace, forgiveness and also power ~ above you. The is all available to girlfriend IF friend will just accept it.

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“I am the door. IF anyone enters through Me, he will be saved” (John 10:9).