North east Wildlife animal Rehabilitation Coalition is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization. We are a group of license is granted wildlife rehabilitators, and these space the story of the injured and orphaned pets we treatment for till they space able to be released ago into the wild.

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Let me take advantage of the slow times around here for a small lesson on raccoon teeth....and why they room so great at inhaling chicken parts, bones and also all, in document time!
Aside from the pit bull choose power of your jaws, they have the normal teeth uncovered in various other omnivores, such together molars, incisors and canines. A quick peek in her dogs mouth will look similar.
One an extremely important difference....take a look at that upper canine. That is no a smooth, ring tooth choose in a dog or choose the bottom canine. Thanks to the lighting and also the small amount the tarter buildup, you deserve to see just how the optimal canine has an ext of a blade-like edge....a an extremely sharp blade-like edge! I prefer to think of them as a shark/raccoon hybrid! (especially as soon as that details tooth is hidden deep within the meat of my hand or arm! LOL). The sharp edge renders it fantastic tool because that shredding......not your "average" puncture wound wherein this tooth is involved.
(Thank friend were a wonderful model for this.... While you were unconscious and getting your x-rays of course!)
A couple of fast updates. There is a new injured squirrel in ~ the feeders. Looks favor something took fifty percent his tail off. He"s doing good though and also it looks far better every day. At some point the tail will heal and the dead part will turn brittle and fall off. It"s nice common and also looks worse 보다 it is.

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As much as the coonies go, Vin has worn out his welcome v the gang. He"s harassing the girl (as many young males will...hehe). Love is in the wait this time of year for the coonies anyway, and even despite he is young, his behavior is still a ache in the ass! even Tash is fed up v him! He"s sporting a new wound top top his good rear leg and based ~ above his mindset with Vin, I"m guessing he"s the one that placed it there. The up side to the is that the new wound required him to start using the various other injured foot more! me induced physical for me! I"m happy to watch him starting to retrain that various other foot to work-related again.
Not having an north pen to put Vin in, ns separated him (with Scrappy to store him firm since he seems to be the only one to tolerate him appropriate now) into the smaller sized side that the pen. I placed up the wire "window" I always put up there to different it (remember the one they were every smooshed up against when I put the late babies in there?) and also the following day that was completely ripped apart and also everyone was with each other again. Acquired dad functioning on a more powerful one now! It would certainly be for this reason much much easier if there wasn"t about 3 feet of snow on the ground! climate we could just litter up among the release pens and also move him. Alas, no together luck.
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