A.� There room 1,652 actions to the top of this magnificent Paris structure; 704 of them deserve to be to walk by visitors. I expect you"d prefer some more facts and figures �Q.� Rather!A.� really well. The tower was built to grace the global Exhibition in Paris in 1889, i m sorry also significant the centenary that the French Revolution. The architect to be Stephen Sauvestre; Maurice Koechlin and Emile Nouguier to be the engineers; and the keolistravelservices.comntractor was Gustave Eiffel. Keolistravelservices.comnstruction began on 23 January, 1887, and also took 2 years, two months and also five days. Eifeel"s architecture was chosen after architecture keolistravelservices.commpetition attractive 700 entries. The Prince of Wales - later Edward VII - opened up the tower.�Q.� and also was it a popular enhancement to the Paris skyline A.� no universally. A petition was attracted up the 300 worthies come protest versus its keolistravelservices.comnstruction. They included the men of letter Maupassant, Emile Zola and also Dumas the Younger as well as Charles Garnier, architect that the Op�ra Garnier. A later publication on style said of the tower: "... was the biggest affront not just to the style of Paris, but likewise to the eye the the Parisian, because that whom its structure logic and also revolutionary aesthetic language were inkeolistravelservices.commprehensible".�Q.� How numerous worked ~ above its keolistravelservices.comnstruction A.� around 300. They tackled 18,038 steel pieces and also used 2.5 million rivets. One worker to be killed during the keolistravelservices.comnstruction.�Q.� height A.� 986ft - that"s 300,51 metres (plus or minus 6in, depending upon temperature). It"s 1,052ft if you include the tv antenna - and an aerial became an important in the survival of the tower, as we chandelier see. The weighs 7,000 tons and also its base is 412 sq ft. It needs repainting every seven years - and that requirements 50 tons of dark brown paint.�Q.� and also it"s still a vast tourist attraction A.� five yes - the most recent number I have actually is because that 1996, as soon as it attracted 5.53 million visitors. It"s estimated that 167.66 million have visited because it opened. It to be the tallest structure in the human being until 1930 when the Chrysler structure rose in new York. It kept sekeolistravelservices.comnd-tallest location for two years till the realm State structure (click right here for a attribute upon that).�Q.� Other offers A.� It"s been supplied in a variety of publicity stunts. A journalist climbed down that stairs ~ above a bicycle in 1923. A mountaineer scaled it in 1954. 2 Englishman parachuted from the in 1984. Oh - and also the best publicity stunt of all - the Nazi flag was hoisted top top the Eiffel Tower as German army entered and also occupied Paris ~ above 14 June, 1940.�Q.� I expected its use for telekeolistravelservices.commmunications ...A.� Indeed. It has been supplied as a base for aerials for French television since 1957 and radio since 1918. And early in the 20th Century, somebody had the shining idea of making use of it because that the fledgling telegraphy.

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In 1909, that saved the tower"s life. Plans to be afoot come demolish it till its use as one antenna was pointed out.�To questioning a question around People & Places, click hereSteve Cunningham