To transform a hectare measurement come a square mile measurement, multiply the area by the counter ratio.

since one hectare is same to 0.003861 square miles, you have the right to use this basic formula come convert:

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Hectares and also square miles room both units provided to measure area. Keep analysis to learn much more about every unit of measure.


One hectare is equal to 10,000 square meters,<1> or the area that a square v 100 meter sides.

The hectare is one SI accepted unit because that area for use through the metric system. In the metric system, "hecto" is the prefix because that 102. Hectares can be abbreviated as ha; because that example, 1 hectare have the right to be created as 1 ha.

Square Miles

One square mile is equal to the area the a square through sides that are 1 mile long. One square mile is approximately equal to 2.59 square kilometers.

The square mile is a us customary and also imperial unit that area. Square miles have the right to be abbreviated as sq mi, and also are likewise sometimes abbreviated as mi². Because that example, 1 square mile can be created as 1 sq mi or 1 mi².

Hectare to Square Mile counter Table

Hectare dimensions converted to square miles Hectares Square miles
1 ha 0.003861 sq mi
2 ha 0.007722 sq mi
3 ha 0.011583 sq mi
4 ha 0.015444 sq mi
5 ha 0.019305 sq mi
6 ha 0.023166 sq mi
7 ha 0.027027 sq mi
8 ha 0.030888 sq mi
9 ha 0.034749 sq mi
10 ha 0.03861 sq mi
20 ha 0.07722 sq mi
30 ha 0.115831 sq mi
40 ha 0.154441 sq mi
50 ha 0.193051 sq mi
60 ha 0.231661 sq mi
70 ha 0.270272 sq mi
80 ha 0.308882 sq mi
90 ha 0.347492 sq mi
100 ha 0.386102 sq mi
200 ha 0.772204 sq mi
300 ha 1.1583 sq mi
400 ha 1.5444 sq mi
500 ha 1.9305 sq mi
600 ha 2.3166 sq mi
700 ha 2.7027 sq mi
800 ha 3.0888 sq mi
900 ha 3.4749 sq mi
1,000 ha 3.861 sq mi


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