To recognize how many edges go a hexagonal prism have the definition of"edge","prism"and"hexagonal"must be known. The an initial two ideas are general definitions, and also the 3rd concept has to do through the shape of the geometric figure.

as soon as talking about hexagonal a mention is make of a hexagon (polygon). The prefix"hexa"indicates that the polygon has actually six sides.

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An leaf is an sheet of one object. Geometrically, the is a line the connects two consecutive vertices the a geometric figure.

A prism is a geometric figure minimal by 2 bases that room parallel and also equal polygons and their side encounters are parallelograms.

In the following image it deserve to be checked out that the lateral faces of a hexagonal prism deserve to be rectangles, however they can likewise be parallelograms.

follow to the form of parallelograms, the premiums have the right to be classified into two types: straight and oblique.


just how to counting the edges of a hexagonal prism?

The variety of edges the a hexagonal prism will have will not readjust if that is a right or oblique prism. Also, the number of edges does not depend on the length of the sides either.

counting the edge of a hexagonal prism can be done in several ways. Right here are two ways:

1- Decompose the prism

One way to counting the edge is through decomposing the hexagonal prism in its 2 bases and also its lateral faces. In this way two hexagons and a parallelogram with five inner lines room obtained.

every hexagon has six edges, therefore the prism will certainly have much more than 12 edges.


At an initial glance the is believed that the parallelogram has nine edges (seven vertical and two horizontal). However it is practically to avoid to analysis this case.

once the parallel is bend to kind the prism, it can be checked out that the very first line ~ above the left will join with the last line on the right, v which both lines stand for a single edge.

yet what about the 2 horizontal lines?

once all the pieces are put together again, the horizontal lines will certainly be joined, every one, with the 6 edges of every hexagon. For this reason, count them independently would be an error.

so the parallelogram has six edge of the prism that, along with the 12 edge counted in ~ the beginning, provides a complete of 18 edges.

2.- Projecting every edge

one more way, much much easier to counting the edges, is to use the truth that the bases that the hexagonal prisms space hexagons, so each base has actually six edges.

on the other hand, from every vertex that a hexagon, a single edge is projected come the matching vertex of the various other hexagon; that is, over there are 6 edges that connect one base through the other.


By adding all the edges, you get a total of 18 edges.


It have the right to be displayed that the variety of edges of a prism is equal to three times the number of edges that the polygon that develops it has.

Therefore, a pentagonal prism will have 3 * 5 = 15 edges, a heptagonal prism will have actually 3 * 7 = 21 edges and so it have the right to be used to any type of prism.

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