I will not asking why girlfriend don’t have a shoot glass. Possibly you shed it. Maybe you’re not lot of a home bartender and never had actually one. Possibly you have restricted space in your kitchen and got to escape of her shot glass because it lacks versatility. Possibly you had actually several shot glasses, yet your crew “borrowed” or damaged them. There room countless, perfectly good reasons come not have a shoot glass!

But the why does not matter. I am a judgment-free person and this is a judgment-free article. It exist to provide assistance to you, human being Without a shoot Glass that Now demands to measure up a Shot. You may not also know exactly how much a shooting is! are afraid not: it’s 1.5 ounces. See? I’m currently bringing you knowledge. Currently keep reading for five ways to a measure up a shot there is no a shooting glass.

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1. A Tablespoon

Fun fact: A tablespoon is approximately fifty percent a fluid ounce. STOP: perform not effort the math! ns have already done the math for you. I have actually instantaneous access to counter charts, and algorithms—and likewise a calculator. They unanimously check that three tablespoons equals one shot.

So over there you go: measure up them out, one-by-one, and add them to her shot—oh, wait, that’s why we’re right here in the very first place. Girlfriend don’t have actually a shooting glass. Just add them to every little thing glass you’re structure your drink in.

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5. Water Displacement

space you the type that likes a labor-intensive, time-consuming—but fun!—solution to a conundrum? Buddy, have actually I got a method for you! all you need to do is measure exactly how much liquid is displaced by 1.5 ounces of heavy material. Then anything have the right to be her shot glass!

Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1: to fill a smallish container with around two inches of water. Mark the top of the water’s level with a marker.

Step 2: Place an object that displaces 1.5 ounces in the water. My suggestion: 5 quarters and 3 nickels, i beg your pardon totals 1.52 ounces. With all the coins submerged, note the brand-new high note of the water.

Step 3: recording the readjust and water. To fill the glass to the top line through the alcohol of your choice. Pour out the liquid until you with the an initial line you made. You simply poured a shot!

*You can additionally use a ping pong ball for this method. It will certainly yield 1 oz lines, so if you want to walk for it—and why not? you’ve come this far—you have the right to make your own full-blown measure cup with it.

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Congratulations! did you do it completed a crash food in make-do shooting measurement. Much from judging you for no owning a shot glass, her friends will currently marvel at your MacGyver-esque bar skills. Go forth and spread your newfound knowledge.