A huge number that Shakespeare's dram are collection in Italy. Why was Italy one attractive or marketable setting to 16th and 17th Century English theatre audiences?

Taming that the Shrew, two Gentleman the Verona, vendor of Venice, lot Ado around Nothing, Titus Andronicus, Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar, Othello, Coriolanus, The Winter's Tale. Virtually as countless as were collection in good Britain. To be it just the renaissance, or was there an ext to the popularity of Italian settings?

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Medieval & Earliest contemporary Europe

It's not the finish of the story, since adapters have choices. However the mass of the factor for the miscellaneous Italian city-states' setting of Shakespeare's theatre is most likely his sources. Great old will took a lot the his resource material native Italian literature, particularly Boccaccio's Decameron. A most these texts room actually medieval, not "Renaissance," by usually every stretch of the imagination.

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Merchant that Venice has roots in the Gesta Romanorum, Boccaccio, and (especially) Fiorentino's Il Pecorone

Cymbeline comes an especially from Boccaccio and a different on Boccaccio's tale dubbed Frederyke the Jennen (a 16th-century Low countries work)..."Jennen" is Genoa

Winter's Tale, again the Decameron

Much Ado around Nothing, a couple of Italian texts/versions that texts, Orlando Furioso and Ariosto

Romeo and also Juliet is from a whole series of story that wind their means around west Europe and also its vernaculars; IIRC they obtain the names Giuletta and Romeo in 1530

Measure for Measure is exciting in that it is NOT collection in Italy, however the characters all have notably non-Germanic names. The plot derives from an actual event that to be immortalized in literary works twice, as soon as as text and also once together drama

Othello has actually a foundation in Cinthio's (Giraldi's) Gli Hecatommithi, and especially the story "Disdemona and the Moor"

All's Well the Ends Well is partially collection in Italy, partly in France; it's based upon a Decameron story that is--yep--set in France

As with All's Well, Shakespeare is in basic pretty faithful to the setups of his sources even when they are not Italy or England. (Hamlet maybe being the most renowned example.)

Hopefully the roman inn Empire-related plays describe their setup rather inherently.