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‘The Mentalist‘ remains one of the most-loved shows, even after having actually aired the last episode of Season 7 in February 2015. The story follows Patrick Jane, a fraudulent psychic who had a successful stint together a conman. However, when his family members is murdered through Red John, a brutal serial killer, Jane teams up v the CBI (California bureau of Investigations) together a consultant.

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Over the seasons, the show has been immensely successful and also well-loved, i beg your pardon is why plenty of fans could still be wonder if there will ever be ‘The Mentalist’ season 8 remains a possibility. We are here to put all your doubts come bed. Review on.

The Mentalist Season 8 relax Date: will certainly It Happen?

‘The Mentalist’ Season 7 started airing top top November 30, 2014, and the final episode aired top top February 18, 2015. However, even prior to Season 7 aired, CBS, the house network, announced the it would mark the last outing the ‘The Mentalist’, as Patrick Jane would certainly hang up the proverbial boots. In fact, the last season was additionally shortened to have actually 13 episodes, while all previous seasons had actually over 20 episodes. You can check out CBS’ tweet below, referring to Season 7’s finale together the series finale, denote ‘The Mentalist’ coming to one end.

Last night's
Mentalist​_CBS series finale carried out every the feels. Clock the complete episode: http://t.co/JO7imGfoqR pic.twitter.com/VBBmKEPTBw

— CBS (
CBS) February 20, 2015

Since the showrunners were conscious of ‘The Mentalist’ ending, they to be able to give the characters a appropriate sendoff. The finale look at Jane marrying Lisbon, and the latter even telling him the she is pregnant. Therefore, every the storylines are nicely wrapped up. Red man was eliminated by jane in Season 6 episode 8, title ‘Red John’.

According come Simon Baker, who plays the function of the protagonist, as soon as the revenge motif is satiated, there is not much left come Jane’s story. You can inspect out the writers of ‘The Mentalist’ tweeting around Red John’s death, below.

RED JOHN: DEAD #TheMentalist #RedJohn #DownWithRedJohn

— The Mentalist Writer (
mentalistwriter) November 25, 2013

Therefore, v the main character’s arc gift completed, and also neatly wrapped up through a wedding, the chances of Season 8 look extremely slim. However, Bruno Heller, the creator, has been asked whether he’d be open up to new episodes the the show.

He said, “That’s totally up to Simon and also Robin. I would certainly love to occupational with Robin again, I would love to occupational with Simon again. That’s in the lap of the business gods and also their choice. Robin deserve to do anything she wants — she’s a excellent actor. Normally, at the end of shows, you’re glad to check out the back of everyone to some degree. Creatively and also as family, I’d love to work with those guys again. And the show was still basically as successful at the finish as it was at the beginning, therefore you have the right to never to speak never.”

Now that we have actually heard every sides that the story, the concern that stays is if Season 8 will be back, and also if it does return, when have the right to we suppose a brand-new season the ‘The Mentalist’. The show might either head to a brand-new platform or continue to be on CBS. Given that the network has moved top top to various other shows due to the fact that Season 7 aired, the is most likely for Heller’s display to be headed to a streaming platform. As soon as greenlit, it would take roughly 5-6 month to film and also air a brand-new season.

That being said, it has actually been a little over 4 years the the show has to be canceled. In the time, no streaming organization or network has actually come forward to offer ‘The Mentalist’ a brand-new home. When we pair these facts v the keep in mind on i m sorry the show ended, and also the death of Red man in Jane’s hands, there is really not much of the story left to it is in explored.

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If ‘The Mentalist’ were to continue, it can focus ~ above Jane and Lisbon’s work, and personal relationship, however the collection would operation the hazard of becoming a run-of-the-mill procedural.Keeping every these truth in mind, it would be safe to say the ‘The Mentalist’ Season 8 stand canceled, and is not most likely to do a return at any time soon.