Enter the size of her lawn to estimate how much sod you need, and include the price per role to estimate just how much it will certainly cost. Read listed below for more details on choosing sod and also its installation.

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How to estimate Sod for her Lawn

Growing a lawn from scrape is an extremely economical, yet it have the right to be tricky and time-consuming together well. If you space considering seeding your lawn, you can use our grass particle calculator. However, laying sod offers many advantages over direct seeding.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of sod is the it provides an instant lawn. Friend don’t have to wait because that the appropriate season because that planting, or germination and also growth, or contend with competition from weeds.

You can install sod in almost any season as lengthy as the soil is not frozen and also it is delivered fully mature and weed-free.

Establishing sod uses less water than growing seed, too, i m sorry is great for the environment and your pocketbook. Finally, sod is quick to place down, giving you beautiful landscaping in a matter of hours instead that months.


Steps to calculate Sod

To calculate how much sod you need, you require to know how huge the area is the you want to cover. Measure the length and also width in feet. Plug those numbers into the calculator above and let it do the work for you.

If you know the acreage, you deserve to use the number. If her area is rarely often rare in shape, measure up it in smaller, regularly shaped areas and calculate every of lock separately, then add the outcomes together.

If you already have a specific kind in mind and know the price, insert that price because that a an ext accurate estimate of the cost. If not, learn more about just how much sod costs. The calculator above instantly speak you how much sod you require in rolls and also pallets, add to the approximate cost.

If you favor to calculate by hand, do the following:

Calculate the square footage of the lawn for brand-new turf.Measure the length and also width of the area.Multiply them together to acquire sq. Ft.Divide the square footage result by 10 (most rolls sheathe ten sq. Ft.) to obtain the number of rolls the turf needed.If ordering by the pallet, divide the variety of rolls needed by 45 to obtain the number of pallets needed.Multiply the variety of rolls or pallets by the price that the sod you desire to obtain the complete cost of your lawn.

Example Sod Quantity and Cost Calculation

Suppose you have actually a new yard that is 0.13 acres that you want to sod in Kentucky Bluegrass. You recognize that bluegrass costs $7 a role in your area.

0.13 acre × 43,560 sq. Ft. = 5,662.8 sq. Ft.5,662.8 sq. Ft. ÷ 10 = 567 rolls (10 ft. Sq. Rolls)567 rolls ÷ 45 rolls/pallet = 12.6 pallets or 12 pallets + 27 rollsCost = 567 roll × $7 = $3,969

Sizes that Sod rolls & Slabs

Sod comes in pre-cut rectangles that room rolled up and stacked ~ above pallets. The size of the rectangle relies on what type of an equipment the grower provided to harvest it.

The rectangles can variety from 16″ to 24″ large for “rolls” and up come 4′ broad for “slabs.” Lengths vary as well and can variety from 3½’ come 6′ long.

Regardless that rectangle size, a usual pallet will contain sufficient sod come cover about 450 sq. Ft. Or 50 sq. Yards. If your turf supplier provides non-standard sizes, lock will be able to give the coverage the a roll or slab in square feet.

Follow the example above to calculate the number of rolls by dividing the total square footage by the square feet every roll.

Tips for Buying Sod

For very little areas, you can buy sod by the roll. But, if girlfriend have much more than 400 sq. Ft., think about buying it by the pallet. Your supplier will certainly usually supply it for a tiny fee.

If you room contemplating moving sod yourself, be afflicted with in mind that one pallet weighs between 2,800 lbs and 3,200 lbs, depending on the moisture content. Ensure the your van or trailer is qualified of handling this load.

Tips because that Laying Sod

You have to lay sod on leveled soil that includes organic material. If you require to add soil, usage our soil calculator to help you calculate exactly how much you will need.

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Contractors can assist you through soil, grass variety choices, delivery, and also installation. You have the right to use our contractor locator tool to aid you find local building contractors willing to offer you a free estimate for your project.

Our lawn mowing calculator will assist you estimate just how long the will require to mow your new lawn. Gain your brand-new lawn!