RIBS safeguard some the the most necessary organs in the body, prefer our heart and lungs.

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They are flexible so the we can breathe, but that makes them fragile. They room so delicate that you can fracture a rib by sneezing.


The human being body has three different types of ribCredit: Getty - Contributor

How plenty of ribs do people have?

Humans have 24 ribs in total, 12 on every side. They space symmetrical therefore come in pairs.

The ribs mostly connect to the chest bone in front, and the backbones in ~ the back.

All 12 pairs of ribs are collectively called our rib cage and there space three layers of muscle between the bones.

Some people, about five in every hundred, have much more ribs, and others, around three in every hundred, have less.

Slightly an ext or much less ribs doesn’t normally cause any kind of problems.

A cracked rib generally repairs itself, however ribs that have actually damaged need attention.

You have the right to crack a rib by coughing a lot, however blunt trauma, favor a road accident, is the many common cause of damaged ribs.

The rib cage expands by 3cm come 5cm every time girlfriend breatheCredit: Getty - Contributor

What is the legend of women having actually an extra rib?

The myth of women having an extra rib originates from a mash-up of a bible story and also old ideas about how we pass things on to our kids.

In the an initial book that the Old Testament, Genesis, it says that God makes Eve using among Adam's ribs.

In Genesis thing two and also verses 21 and also 22 it says: "So the Lord God resulted in the man to autumn into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping, that took one of the man’s ribs and then closed up the ar with flesh.  

"Then the Lord God make a woman from the rib he had taken the end of the man, and he lugged her come the man."

Over the years people have declared that this means Adam had one much less rib than Eve, and so men have one less rib 보다 women.

However, the scriptures doesn’t to speak how countless ribs Adam had at the start. And as we all know, human being don’t inherit and also lose parts of their body in this way.

If a man shed a toe, for example, his kids wouldn’t necessarily be born without the very same toe that is missing.




Do humans have actually floating ribs?

Yes, humans have actually two bag of floating ribs, that’s four individual bones.

They are at the bottom the the rib cage and get your name since they sign up with on to the backbones yet are no joined on to the chest bone (sternum) at the front.

Above the floating ribs are three pairs of "false" ribs, which sign up with to the backbones and also in front come the ribs above them.

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The peak seven bag of ribs are referred to as "true" ribs, due to the fact that they sign up with the skeleton in ~ both the chest bone and backbones.


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