One the the more popular fall protection inquiries we get relates to OSHA needs for security railing and guardrail systems. Established inquiring minds have the right to consult OSHA’s revised Walking working Surfaces ruling for basic industry,but this deserve to be a laborious process. In the interest of time, below is OSHA’s official stance on guardrail for basic industry applications….

OSHA 1910.29(b) consists of system requirements that employers should follow to ensure guardrail solution will safeguard workers native falling to lower levels:

1910.29(b)(1)The top edge height of peak rails, or identical guardrail system members, are 42 inches (107 cm), add to or minus 3 inch (8 cm), above the walking functioning surface. The height edge elevation may exceed 45 inches (114 cm), listed the guardrail device meets all other criteria of paragraph (b) the this ar (see figure D-11 below).

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1910.29(b)(2)Midrails, screens, mesh, intermediate vertical members, hard panels, or indistinguishable intermediate members are installed in between the walking-working surface and also the top edge of the guardrail system as follows when there is no a wall surface or parapet that is at least 21 inch (53 cm) high:

1910.29(b)(2)(i)Midrails are mounted at a height midway in between the top edge that the guardrail system and the walkingworking surface;

1910.29(b)(2)(ii)Screens and mesh expand from the walking-working surface ar to the top rail and along the entire opening in between top rail supports;

1910.29(b)(2)(iii)Intermediate upright members (such together balusters) are set up no much more than 19 inches (48 cm) apart; and

1910.29(b)(2)(iv)Other equivalent intermediate members (such as additional midrails and also architectural panels) are set up so the the openings are not an ext than 19 customs (48 cm) wide.

1910.29(b)(3)Guardrail solution are capable of withstanding, there is no failure, a force of at the very least 200 pounds (890 N) applied in a bottom or outward direction within 2 inch (5 cm) of the height edge, at any suggest along the top rail.

1910.29(b)(4)When the 200-pound (890-N) test pack is used in a bottom direction, the peak rail the the guardrail mechanism must no deflect to a height of less than 39 customs (99 cm) above the walking-working surface.

1910.29(b)(5)Midrails, screens, mesh, intermediate vertical members, hard panels, and also other equivalent intermediate members are capable of withstanding, there is no failure, a pressure of at the very least 150 pounds (667 N) applied in any type of downward or outward direction at any suggest along the intermediate member.

1910.29(b)(6)Guardrail systems space smooth-surfaced to safeguard employees from injury, such as punctures or lacerations, and to prevent catching or snagging the clothing.

1910.29(b)(7)The end of height rails and midrails do not overhang the terminal posts, other than where the overhang does not pose a projection risk for employees.

1910.29(b)(8)Steel banding and also plastic banding space not provided for optimal rails or midrails.

1910.29(b)(9)Top rails and midrails are at the very least 0.25-inches (0.6 cm) in diameter or in thickness.

1910.29(b)(10)When guardrail equipment are used at hoist areas, a removable guardrail section, consist of of a optimal rail and midrail, space placed across the access opening between guardrail sections once employees space not performing hoisting operations. The employer may use chain or entrances instead the a removable guardrail ar at hoist locations if the employee demonstrates the chains or gates administer a level the safety identical to guardrails.

1910.29(b)(11)When guardrail systems room used approximately holes, castle are installed on every unprotected sides or edges of the hole.

1910.29(b)(12)For guardrail solution used approximately holes v which products may be passed:

1910.29(b)(12)(i)When products are being passed through the hole, not more than two sides that the guardrail system are removed; and

1910.29(b)(12)(ii)When materials are no being passed through the hole, the hole have to be guarded by a guardrail mechanism along every unprotected political parties or edge or closeup of the door over through a cover.

1910.29(b)(13)When guardrail systems are used approximately holes that serve as clues of access (such as ladderways), the guardrail mechanism opening:

1910.29(b)(13)(i)Has a self-closing gate that slides or swings away from the hole, and is equipped v a height rail and also midrail or indistinguishable intermediate member the meets the demands in paragraph (b) that this section; or

1910.29(b)(13)(ii)Is offset to avoid an employee from walking or falling right into the hole;

1910.29(b)(14)Guardrail solution on ramps and runways are mounted along every unprotected side or edge.

1910.29(b)(15)Manila or artificial rope offered for optimal rails or midrails space inspected as necessary to ensure that the rope proceeds to satisfy the strength requirements in paragraphs (b)(3) and also (5) the this section.

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Note to i (b) that this section:The criteria and practices requirements for guardrail systems on scaffolds are had in 29 CFR part 1926, subpart L.