When you"re installation a fence post, the lot of concrete you need will it is in calculated based upon the diameter of your fence post and also how high the article is over ground.Most fence post holes will need in between 1 - 4 bags that concrete to securely host the write-up in place.The best means to identify the size of the feet is:Diameter that the feet is 3 times the broad of the fence postDepth that the hole is one-third to half the above ground elevation of the fence postFor example: A 6" high fence article 4"x4" needs a feet 12" in diameter by about 2" come 3" deep. That would certainly take four 50 lb. Bags of fast setup concrete mix every fence post.

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how lot concrete for a 3" diameter fence post?

A fence post 3" in diameter will need a post hole that"s 9" in diameter
and a depth that at the very least 1/3 the height the article is over ground. A 6" high article will need a 2" deep hole.For a 9" diameter hole, the table below will display you how countless bags that concrete friend need based upon the depth of her hole.
These numbers are based on a fence post that"s 6" over ground and 2" below ground.

how lot concrete because that a 4" diameter fence post?

A 4" diameter fence short article will need a post hole that"s 12" in diameter and also a depth of at the very least 1/3 the over ground height of the fence post.The table listed below shows friend how plenty of bags the concrete you need per short article for a 12" diameter feet that"s in between 12" and 36" deep.
These numbers are based on a fence article that"s 6" over ground and 2" listed below ground.

how much concrete for a 6" diameter fence post?

A 6" diameter fence short article should have actually a article hole that"s 18" in diameter and a depth that"s at least 1/3 the above ground height of the post.The table below shows you how plenty of bags the concrete you"ll require per fence short article for a 18" diameter hole that"s in between 10 - 36 inch deep.
Depth of hole in inches10 - 12 inches13 - 17 inches18 - 21 inches22 - 25 inches26 - 28 inches28 - 30 inches32 - 36 inches
These numbers are based upon a fence post that"s 6" over ground and also 2" listed below ground.

post feet concrete calculator

This concrete calculator will aid you figure out how countless bags that concrete you require per short article hole.Enter the diameter of your post, then the diameter and depth of your short article hole.Next, go into how many post holes you need to fill and also click ~ above "Calculate".The concrete calculator will certainly tell you how plenty of cubic yards the concrete it"ll take. (just in instance you have actually a many holes come do.)Using ready-mix concrete could be a much better solution than utilizing bagged concrete if you have a lot of them to do.The calculator also tells you how many 50 lb., 60 lb., and also 80 lb. Bags that concrete girlfriend need.This gives you the alternative to usage a larger size bagged concrete mix than what is in the charts over and know how many to get.You can order 1 cubic yard of ready-mix concrete yet understand, the concrete agency will fee you for a tiny load charge that can be number of hundred dollars.Most concrete carriers charge some type of little load charge for any kind of orders under 5 cubic yards. Call your local ready-mix plant to uncover out what they charge in your area.
How many Bags of Concrete necessary For a post Hole
Inch Calculator

7 actions for setup a fence short article in concrete

STEP 1. Using a write-up hole digger, dig your short article hole therefore the diameter is 3 times the broad of her fence post.Example: for a 4" wide post you"ll need to dig a feet that"s 12" in diameter.The depth the the hole have to be at least 1/3 the over ground height of the post.Example: because that a article 6" over ground, you have to dig a hole that"s 2" deep.

STEP 2. Add about 6" the gravel right into the bottom of the hole.Compact the gravel by tamping it v your short article or by utilizing a 2 x 4.If you don"t have actually your very own gravel then usage something like Quikrete crushed gravel.

STEP 3. Set the fence write-up in the facility of the hole and attach some 2 x 4 braces to organize it plumb.You can likewise use this short article bracing kit to host the fence short article in place while the concrete to adjust up.The write-up kit is obtainable to purchase on Amazon.

STEP 4. Use a level to plumb the post vertical. Once the short article is in place, usage your 2 x 4"s or the short article kit come secure the post in place.You don"t desire the article to be out of plumb as soon as the concrete beginning to collection up.

STEP 5. Fill the hole v some fast setting concrete mix.Use sufficient dry concrete to to fill the hole up to around 3 - 4" listed below ground level.
STEP 6. Wet the concrete by adding about a gallon the water every 50 lb. Bag the concrete mix.Let the water gradually soak into the concrete and completely saturate it.The fast setting mix will collection hard in around 20 - 40 minutes.
STEP 7.Allow the concrete to set up because that at least 4 hours before you begin to build your fence.If you supplied a fast setup concrete mix, it will certainly be solid enough to support weight in ~ this time. If girlfriend used continual concrete mix, wait until the following day to start structure your fence.
what is the best concrete mix because that fence posts?The two best concrete mixes for setup fence posts, in mine opinion, are:Quikrete fast setup concrete mixSakrete Fence post concrete mixBoth these concrete mixes are a "just include water" type of concrete. That method you don"t have to pre-mix the concrete prior to you placed it in the hole. They both set up in 20 to 40 minute which helps rate up your fence installation.If you"re no in a hurry, then any type of regular concrete mix will work just fine. If you use a regular setting mix rather of a fast set mix, you"ll just have to wait till the next day come start building the fence.should fence articles be set in concrete?Your fence is only going to it is in as strong as the posts that room supporting it. In most cases, it"s much better to embed her fence articles in concrete.Whether you have actually wooden or metal fence posts, setup them in concrete ensures you"ll have a solid stable basic for your posts.Here"s a couple of things to take into consideration when setting your write-ups in concrete:When choosing a wooden fence post, press treated write-ups will offer you the finest long-term performance. Cedar and also Redwood articles are additionally very great as lock both have a natural resistance come rotting and also decay.If you usage a wooden post made of spruce, oak, or pine, make sure you act the wood with a preservative like Rust-Oleum Woodlife below-ground hardwood preservative or the post will rot and also break.Make sure to use a base layer of pea gravel or crushed stone under the concrete therefore rain water can drain into the bordering soil and not puddle approximately the fence post.Taper the height of the concrete away from the embedded fence write-up to help drain rain water away from the post. The less water the gets in between the concrete and also the short article the better.Caulk the seam approximately the post where the comes the end of the concrete. If you notification a small seam where the wood shrunk far from the concrete, usage some acrylic latex caulk to fill the seam and also prevent water from acquiring in there.Back to Concrete Questions

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