As one of the just weight loss program that permits you to drink wine, load Watchers is already leaps and also bounds ahead of its competitors. However last fall, part geniuses at the diet empire decided to go one better and develop a Sauvignon Blanc that"d price participants much less of your allotted points than any type of other bottle. The weight Watchers-endorsed wine is called Cense, and on the heels of its success, the brand is rolling out a rosé, too — add to an awesome way to drink it.

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At an initial glance, weight Watchers" brand-new wine glasses look prefer a relic from the "90s — petite, v a frosted design that swirls about the bowl. But those discreet lines space actually there so you deserve to keep your portions in check. Notice they hit the glass at three various heights: One suggests the five-ounce line, one marks the six-ounce line, and the height shows you where an eight-ounce pour would certainly come to.

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One offer is 5 ounces, according to load Watchers" clues system, and both that the Cense varietals will collection you earlier 3 SmartPoints and 85 calories. For a so-called "diet wine," the low-cal sips go under surprisingly smooth. For this reason smooth, you might just throw caution to the wind and pour yourself an eight-ouncer. You execute you.

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