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Unlike most other sports, there are various ways to score clues in rugby union. Indigenous tries, conversions to drop goals, find out how many points each is worth.

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Credit: Gary Yang/ SportSG

1.Try - 5 points

A try is the primary an approach and the many common method to score in rugby the earns the team the many points. Worth five points, a shot is successfully scored as soon as a player grounds the round by applying downward push on the on the score line, in the ‘in-goal’ area, or poignant the round at the base of the goalposts.

There are just two means a shot will be awarded:

A player stop the round with one or both eight touches the sphere in the ‘in-goal’ area The rugby sphere which is currently on the soil in the ‘in-goal’ area receive downwards pressure from a player’s hand or arms or the front of the body from the belt to the neck.

In instances when the referee deems the the defending team has used foul means to prevent a shot from being scored, a penalty shot is awarded. Together tries are awarded ideal in the middle of the goal posts, permitting the attack team come execute a much easier conversion kick.

2.Conversion - 2 points

After every try, groups are given the opportunity to score two extr points by the way of a switch kick. This kick is taken at any suggest in the ar of play in line to wherein the shot was scored and parallel come the touch heat so teams thus aim come score a shot as close as possible to the goalposts. A successful conversion attempt happens once the round is kicked above the crossbar and between the posts. If conversions are usually in the form of a location kick (by teeing the round upright top top the ground), they might be attempted as a autumn kick, i beg your pardon is how conversions are done because that rugby sevens.

Fun Fact: Daniel Carter of new Zealand stop the present record that the most variety of successful switch kicks made in Rugby world Cup, 58 in complete during his career through the every Blacks.

Watch Daniel Carter’s stunning performance during the 2015 Rugby human being Cup Finals.

3.Penalty absent – 3 points

In the occasion that the defending team commits a significant infringement, the attacking team can then select to take a penalty kick at the spot whereby the foul occurs. Punish kicks are location kicks wherein a player has one minute from the time the sphere is teed increase to as soon as it’s kicked prior to the the contrary team deserve to charge the down. Similar to during a conversion attempt, must the ball autumn over ~ the 60 seconds grace duration is up, the kicker will then need to kick the round from where it lies or easily pick it up and also attempt a drop kick.

Fun Fact:Check the end the longest rugby penalty ever earlier in 1986!

5. Bonus clues system

In league and also tournament beat involving group tables, teams room awarded four points because that a win and also two because that a draw. To encourage attack rugby and much more tries in the game, a bonus suggest is awarded to groups who score 4 or more tries while a team can likewise earn a bonus point for losing by 7 clues or less. Keep in mind that a team deserve to only earn a best of five points in a match.

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