In fact, it can be therefore dangerous the it could lead to your at an early stage death since there are plenty of reasons why parkour is dangerous.

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As parkour has grown in popularity, more and much more people have actually been trying the end the sport. And that means more world are being placed at risk.

While I would certainly argue the parkour isn’t actually an extreme sport, you’ve seen the videos where human being do parkour ~ above rooftops whereby if girlfriend made one small mistake you would certainly plummet to a really gruesome death…

The sad truth is that some civilization do attempt to copy those videos and end increase dying…

You might even start thinking that learning gymnastics can be a far better option 보다 parkour due to the fact that they are comparable but gymnastics doesn’t have the death-defying stunts that parkour has.

As for the number of people the have died from parkour:

Only a grasp of parkour-related deaths have actually been recorded. The number of deaths indigenous parkour is also low to it is in of any statistical meaning as such, there aren’t any official number on parkour deaths

Most world that perform parkour not correct don’t finish up dead. Castle just fall victim come the common parkour injuries.

The injuries tend to happen on your hands, feet (no surprised here), radial bones, and also tibias.

But this injuries can be avoided by using parkour workouts the make you fitter and stronger, keeping safe once you perform parkour, and also having the right training regime.

That being said, parkour can be bad for you if girlfriend don’t take the best safety precautions for ideal training and also performance.

And it’s an extremely dangerous if you carry out it level wrong.

That’s why it makes sense why some world don’t prefer it when people do parkour and also have gone as much as making parkour illegal to carry out in some places.

There are civilization who have passed away doing parkour so even if the number is yes, really low, there will be someone somewhere that will die due to the fact that of a parkour stunt unable to do wrong.

There have actually been part parkour deaths that have actually been covered in the media…

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People the Have died From Parkour

Pavel Kishin

Do you understand what’s sad in parkour?

When we shed an awesome parkour athlete to the sports we every love.

Pavel Kashin was among those athletes.

He was a Russian powerhouse and as agile as a monkey. He was well-known for performing death-defying stunts and became well known for this stunts.

Pavel wasn’t afraid of doing large jumps and going under for big drops. He additionally has part pretty impressive flips come go with it.

He was an all-round parkour athlete who had actually a shining future in the sport. Some could say that was one of the finest in his time.

But in July 2013, Pavel fell 200 feet off a 16-floor apartment building in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Pavel tried to carry out a backflip top top the 3-foot vast ledge ~ above the rooftop that the building but lost his footing and also fell under to his fatality on the pavement below.

It’s essential that beginners an initial focus ~ above learning an easy parkour moves prior to they even shot doing parkour flips.

That method they can avoid dying prefer Pavel did.


One that his friends was filming the event and snapped the photo just moments before fell down in his failed backflip attempt.

His parents released the image and hoped that it would serve as a warning to other civilization to protect against them indigenous dangerous parkour stunts in future.

David Harrison


He died at 20-years old in ~ Jackson Memorial Hospital burn unit a month ~ he touched a live power line when he tried to walk top top a power pole in West Palm Beach.

He was v 2 of his friends doing parkour as soon as he fell and touched strength lines before he dropped to the ground.

David was halfway across the concrete beam where the strength lines space attached to and he accidentally touched them. He dropped to the ground as he caught on fire.

Somebody that was working adjacent saw it happen and put the fire out with a painter’s fabric he obtained from his truck.

He was scorched on end 80% that his body and was in an essential condition in the burn unit the the Jackson Memorial Hospital before he succumbed to his injuries.

This is what his sister, Savana, had actually to say around him:

“He was really sweet and also kind-hearted. Always looking the end for others and loved his friends really much.

He didn’t have much Family. Mostly him and I all the way until the end.

Our father passed in June and also he was a huge supporter of our dad. Doing every little thing he could to do him comfortable together our dad did Chemotherapy.

He was always thinking that others and also loved adventure. Ns love him with all my heart and also he was always smiling.

His favorite anime to be Naruto and also that is what sparked his interest in parkour. He has actually been doing this for countless years.

Although this accident to be tragic, at the very least he was doing what the loved. The passed early in the morning.

He put up a very great fight, but unfortunately, periodically some accidents can be also much, even for the strongest warriors.”

Ray Conner


Ray Conner was a 23-year old parkour athlete that was discovered dead in Imperia, Italy.

He was working on a yacht referred to as Hampshire 2 own by sir Jim Ratcliffe after that docked at the port in Imperia.

He to be reported lacking by the ship’s crew members after that failed come report for duty. Beam left the yacht after it docked and also sent his sisters a video clip and a selfie with him on the roof of the port’s maritime museum.

He dropped down almost 30-feet the night before he was found dead as soon as he misjudged a jump and also fell with a plastic roof.

Apparently, he no die immediately after the fall.

Police officers in the area were dubbed after the building’s alarm was triggered by Ray’s fall.

They very first thought it to be thieves who tried to acquire into the structure but ran far after being scared turn off by the alarm. But it turns out they were wrong due to the fact that a couple of days later he was found dead in the structure after he was reported together missing.

They investigated the building since that’s whereby he was viewed last.

Unfortunately, they were as well late come the scene and he was already dead when the police found him.


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Unnamed 24 Year Old In Russia

I don’t around you yet when i was a kid my parental warned me about the dangers of peer pressure.

A 24-year-old woman in Russia passed away when she fell 17 stories off an apartment building.

The worst component about this is that this happened during her very first parkour lesson in St. Petersburg, the exact same town that Pavel Kashin died in.

It’s sad the a beginner female parkour athlete died in such a tragic way when there space a the majority of amazing ladies who space breaking borders in the sport.

She went increase the roof through her sister and four males who are proficient in parkour.

But unfortunately, this 4 dudes weren’t experienced sufficient to understand that taking a beginning of the person to perform parkour ~ above rooftops is a very bad idea.

They regulated to jump to the following building’s roof and coerced the sister to jump throughout the void to sign up with them.

The enlarge sister refused to make the jump. However unfortunately, the younger sister succumbed to peer pressure and also tried the jump.

She let go the jump and also fell down to she death.

Unnamed 17 Year Old In Turkey

An unnamed 17-year-oldRussian man dropped when that tried to run from one rooftop to one more during a parkour display in Ankara, Turkey.

Unfortunately, the loss was fatal.


He tripped on the edge of the structure when that tried to jump from one rooftop to another. Together he fell, he tried to catch the rooftop the the structure that he tried come jump yet he couldn’t.

This is a photo that to be taken just prior to he fell to his death.

Unnamed 17 Year Old In Madrid

Another unnamed 17-year-oldfell down to his fatality while law parkour at a building and construction site in Madrid. He was doing parkour v his friends in ~ the time.

He fell 11 floors down and also paramedics that were called to the step couldn’t conserve him because he died of the impact of the fall.

How To protect against Dying indigenous Parkour

After you read around tragic parkour deaths I’m certain you think that it’s a dangerous thing to do.

There’s a usual thread between these parkour deaths…

If you protect against doing parkour in risky means you have the right to do it because that life. You won’t ever have to worry about dying from it.

Or even worry around getting injured badly native parkour.

Because over there are many reasons why you have to do parkour even though that feels favor it’s risky.

It’s not at all if you can avoid gift stupid.

Here space some tips to stop death and also injury indigenous parkour:

1) Don’t perform parkour ~ above rooftops

All the human being I’ve talked about in this short article died since of one factor.

They every were law parkour ~ above rooftops.

It goes there is no saying that doing parkour top top rooftops is extremely risky. There is part thrill in doing the on rooftops.

A lot of the parkour videos that millions of views digital involve world-class athletes in the ideal parkour groups doing rooftop parkour.

Sometimes these jumps space done hundreds of feet off the ground.

It’s easy to be attractive to this risky behavior and think that’s what you should do to be a good parkour athlete.

But girlfriend don’t have to go on peak of buildings to do good parkour. You just need to train hard and also you can acquire really great at law parkour. And you can even stick come doing it on the ground.

Parkour has numerous benefits and also you don’t need to be a daronger stuntman to enjoy parkour.


I’m no saying friend shouldn’t aspire to execute rooftop parkour but you have to be hyper-aware the the danger of dying if you do one mistake.

Athletes that carry out parkour ~ above rooftops and do it fine are highly trained people.

They have spent years mastering parkour and thousands holy ghost conditioning us to execute high-risk jumps.

You require to focus on working on parkour jumping technique so you’re well ready to perform parkour on rooftops.

You have the right to even totally avoid act parkour on rooftops and find much better places to practice parkour.

But if you’ve spent time mastering her body and mind climate you have the right to take the risk knowing that friend won’t finish up dead.

2) Understand how to keep yourself safe throughout parkour

Injuries can occur when you execute parkour however it can be an extremely safe if friend know how to keep yourself the end of danger.


I’ve uncovered out that there room 6 methods that you could hurt yourself from parkour and also if you store away indigenous doing these points you will avoid hurting yourself.

They are:

Not knowing just how to autumn safelyDoing move far exterior your skill levelTrying high danger moves without proper training and mental conditioningToo much parkour cultivate without acquisition breaks because that recoveryLetting fear regulate you when in the center of a moveFreak accidents because of things that are exterior of your control

If you prevent these 6 things like the plague, you should be fine once you execute parkour.

If you add learning ideal parkour landing technique to the mix and also you’ll be able to keep yourself safe.

If friend don’t, you’re simply asking for negative things to occur to you. Like maybe death from parkour. And also that is definitely not ideal.

3) have actually a appropriate parkour maintain regiment

You have the right to avoid death and also injury native parkour if friend are dedicated to training and also getting good.

The much better you are, the much less risky parkour becomes. And also the less chance you have of finishing up 6-feet under after dice from parkour.

That renders sense due to the fact that as girlfriend get better at parkour, the much more you recognize the sport and also your body.

You will certainly know precisely how to do each that the parkour moves in parkour appropriately without hurting yourself. You’ll additionally know just how to store yourself safe in instance something walk wrong and also recover native falls.

But to obtain to the point, you have to train properly.

You can’t just train haphazardly and expect to make far-reaching progress in parkour.

That’s just going make things challenging and friend won’t get good as fast as you maybe could.

You’ll spend method too lot time practicing the wrong points in the worng order and waste her time wondering why you aren’t getting far better at parkour.

You need to have a training regiment wherein you can practice the best moves and also elements that parkour in the best order.

You should likewise know parkour terms, words, and also slang. The will help you communicate and understand parkour in ~ a deeper level.

Your training regimen should incorporate sessions whereby you train:


If friend break these down and train them properly, you’re going come get an excellent at parkour in no time.

You can add calisthenics to your parkour training to make you a far better parkour athlete.

You should also make certain you have actually a parkour diet that can support girlfriend in her training.

If you want to go additional than that, you can additionally work top top the an abilities you need in parkour that have the right to make it much easier to learn.

Maybe you can even get an excellent enough the you could start contending with the best in part parkour competitions.

4) understand your boundaries

It have the right to be tempting to execute the craziest stunts as soon as you do parkour. It can also be tempting to do things the you understand you can’t do.

After isn’t that what parkour is about? just how are you supposed to get far better at parkour if you don’t try to carry out things that are exterior your skill level?

You have to be willing to carry out things girlfriend haven’t done to learn brand-new things.

That’s true.

You can’t get great at parkour unless you try brand-new things and also do move you can’t execute to get better.


But that doesn’t median you need to be reckless and just try anything and everything also if you can’t do it.

It’s important that you need to be conscious of your ability level and also know your strengths and also weaknesses before you shot something friend haven’t done.

You can’t simply learn one vault and also think the you’re all set to start doing parkour top top rooftops. It just doesn’t work-related like that.

You need to know her limits based on where you room in her parkour training.

Then you have the right to decide whether something is worth discovering at your present skill level without putting yourself at unnecessary hazard of dice from parkour.

5) execute parkour for self-improvement not simply for impressing people and also getting views online

Parkour is a really impressive sport when you execute it right. You have the right to even build a huge following online and even do money by posting your parkour content on society media.

That is one factor for doing parkour. I’m no going come say that it isn’t a great reason. It’s a damned an excellent reason because that doing parkour.

I would actually encourage girlfriend to carry out it if you’ve got a camera and some an excellent parkour contents ideas.


You need to most absolutely go because that it. That knows? girlfriend could come to be a big name in parkour.

But that’s not the only reason why you should do parkour.

Parkour is an ext than simply something you perform for getting millions of see online.

There are most other reasons why you have to do parkour. It’s some thing that everyone have the right to do.

You deserve to start parkour even if you think you’re also old for it. Girlfriend can also start parkour also if you think you’re too fat for parkour.

Parkour is around improving yourself together a person.

That’s among the core viewpoints that the original parkour athletes, the Yamakasi, had actually when lock trained parkour.

It’s crucial part of the rich background of parkour.


Parkour has countless other benefits as well as doing risky things and also impressing people due to the fact that you did something crazy that puts you at the risk of fatality from parkour.

You will go through challenges as you shot to get better at parkour. And those difficulties teach friend a lot about life.

You can use those lessons you learn for act parkour to live your best life and attain other things.

If you recognize the rules of parkour, you’ll have the ability to train better.

When you train parkour, you’ll constantly have to do moves the scare you. The fear could stop girlfriend from progressing and also becoming better.

You might even allow them avoid you and also you could decide to provide up.

But girlfriend don’t.

You rather decide come persevere and also beat the fear.

You muster up every the courage girlfriend can and dedicate you yourself to learning the moves also though they scare the life daylights the end of you.

And you carry out the moves until they prevent scaring you.

This kind of courage and also confidence friend learn can make girlfriend a much better parkour athlete.

And friend can bring that courage and also confidence right into other components of her life. You can use it to get over other difficulties in your life.

That’s an even far better reason to perform parkour than just shot to impress people and get numerous views.

And if that’s too much for you, girlfriend could constantly just beat the best parkour games on consoles and also PC and eliminate all danger from act parkour.

In Conclusion

Parkour deserve to be deadly.

As you’ve seen, there have been a couple of people that have died trying parkour out.

But the world that have passed away from parkour are means outnumbered by world that room still act parkour.

And a the majority of those civilization are walking to do parkour because that life.

Because they don’t feeling the must do risky parkour ~ above rooftops and also put themselves in peril of dying.

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You can avoid dice from parkour if you follow my tips and still reap yourself.