History & description

Soldier field opened in 1924. The first match, one American soccer match in between Louisville masculine High School and also Chicago Austin High, to be played on 4 October 1924.

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In its early years, the stadium would certainly regularly pack over 100,00 spectators, finishing in 123,000 civilization watching a soccer match in between Notre Dame and also Southern California in 1927.

In the 1970s, the Chicago Bears moved in an end the next decade several renovations diminished capacity come 66,950 seats.

Soldier ar in 1988

Soldier ar was among the play venues the the 1994 civilization Cup. It held four very first round group matches and the ring of 16 match in between Germany and also Belgium (3-2).

In 2003, the stadium got nearly entirely rebuild save the classic facades, which lessened capacity to its current of just over 60,000.

The stadion had come to be the home of Chicago Fire in 1998 upon lock entering the newly developed MLS, though shortly proved lot too large for their attendances. They thus planned to construct a brand-new soccer-specific stadium, and moved come Toyota Park in Bridgeview in 2005.

However, they never really warmed approximately the stadium much out of town, and 15 years later decided to move earlier to Soldier Field, starting with the 2020 season.

Over the years, the stadium has actually been a regular playing venue during Concacaf Gold cups that were held in the USA, and also hosted the 2007, 2013 and 2019 competition final.

Soldier ar will be among the playing venues that the 2026 human being Cup the is held in the USA, Mexico, and also Canada.

How to get to Soldier Field

Soldier ar is located in main Chicago ~ above the waterfront of Lake Michigan. That lies ~ above the southern edge of Chicago’s central business district, The Loop, and also is thus quickly reached.

The nearest metro terminal is Roosevelt station, which is on the Red, Green, and also Orange present with web links to many central locations. The is a 15-minute walk come the stadium.

If coming from the south of Chicago, girlfriend might additionally be maybe to record a Metra electric train come 18th Street Station.

Chicago Fire Tickets

Chicago Fire tickets deserve to be to buy online with Ticketmaster.

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Ticket prices depend on the opponent yet expect to pay from $20.00 because that a general admission ticket behind the goal to $75.00 for a society seat ~ above the side.

Photos that Soldier Field

Photo credits: Humberto & Marco Verch (license)

Useful internet links

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