Here we explain most the the cocktail glasses you might find in a well-equipped bar. The experienced bartender will typically prepare the cocktail in the “right” glass. So a martini will certainly be served in a martini glass and a Bloody mary in a highball glass.

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For the remainder of us, well, any kind of glass will certainly do. This is a guide to the glasses that are obtainable for do cocktails. Remember, nothing stops you indigenous making any type of cocktail in any kind of glass. As with most points in the world of mixology, we recommend the you experiment with assorted drinks in miscellaneous glasses. The bottom heat is, friend don’t have to have every one of these glasses to do masterful cocktails. You will certainly go far with a couple of highball, lowball, wine and shot glasses. Having actually a couple of cocktail glasses and also champagne flutes will take you 99% there.

A general rule of ignorance is, the more powerful the drink, the smaller the glass. But, this is also just a guideline!You might notification that some various other glassware guides have various names for various glasses. For example, some describe a martini glass together a "cocktail glass" and also others describe a cocktail glass together a "margarita glass".TIP: constantly handle a glass by its stem (if it has actually one). This prevents your hand indigenous warming the drink. It additionally prevents fingermarks on the glass.


Highball glass (aka Collins glass or Slim Jim)Typical volume of 350 to 400 ml / 12.3 to 14.1 Oz. Usual uses: Bloody Mary, Harvey Wallbanger
Lowball glass
(short version of the highball)Typical volume: 250 come 300 ml / 8.8 come 10.6 Oz.Typical uses: drinks v a high ratio of mixer to alcohol. Often, cocktails through whiskey together the base ingredient are offered in lowball glasses.Wine glassTypical volume: 250 come 300 ml / 8.8 to 10.6 Oz.Typical uses: wine, any kind of cocktail
Cocktail glass
Typical volume: 250 ml / 8.8 Oz.Typical uses: plenty of cocktails are offered in cocktail glasses. Daiquiries are usually offered in cocktail glasses. Some call this a "Margarita glass".

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Champagne fluteA slim elegant glassTypical volume: 200 ml / 7.0 Oz.Typical uses: anything through champagne and also bubbles. The tall form of the glass helps stop the drink going flat too fast. It likewise let bubbles climb slower, offering the ideal visual effect of the bubbles.
Martini glass
(aka martini saucer)Classic and well-know shaped glass.Typical volume: 250ml / 8.8 Oz.Typical uses: Martini, of course. Likewise used for margaritas. Any drink looks good in it. A slim draw earlier is its little volume content which provides it less perfect for big cocktails with numerous ingredients. It"s very straightforward to spill your cocktail due to the glass" shape, therefore be cautious - this is no the type of glass you want to take it onto the dance floor. Some call this a "cocktail glass".

Shot glassTypical volume:25 ml or 50 ml / 0.9 to 1.8 Oz.Typical uses: shooters, designed to it is in hit ago and swallowed in a single gulp.
Champagne saucer
Often seen at weddings, this is not a widely offered glass for cocktails. In fact, it is completely unsuitable because that champagne and drinks v bubbles as it shape outcomes in the balloon dissipating quickly and also the drink walk flat.Typical volume: 300ml / 10.6 Oz.Typical uses: no many. It can be used to make smaller versions of “big” cocktails.

Brandy snifter
(or goblet or balloon)Typical volume: 350 ml / 12.3 Oz.Typical uses: come sip great quality brandy and also cognac. The brandy is poured to the widest part of the glass. The large surface area enables the aroma that the components to rise and be concentrated at the narrow mouth because that maximum effect.

Port and sherry glassesTypical volume: 200ml / 7.0 Oz.Typical uses: These smaller sized versions of alcohol glasses are usually used for drinking strengthened wine

Beer glasses and also mugsTypical volume: 400 ml up to 2000 ml / 14.1 as much as 70.4 Oz. (and also bigger in Germany)Typical uses: Beer!
Stein glass
Typical volume: 300 ml / 10 Oz. Typical uses: for drinking beer and also ales. It commonly looks very similar to a normal beer mug.
Hurricane glassTypical volume: 300 ml / 10 Oz. Common uses: frequently used to offer tropical cocktails in, yet it really have the right to be offered for any long drink together an alternate to a high sphere glass.

That covers around most the the cocktail glasses available. Over there are an ext types of glasses, favor toddies, old fashions (similar to a lowball) and rocks, but you should hardly require much more that the glasses above.

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The lot of guests or clients you normally entertain identify the number you require of each. Have actually at the very least one, yet preferably two per guest. You will generally require an ext highballs, lowballs, wine and also beer glasses together these are much more popular. TIP: terrific prices ~ above a wide range of products.Visit Cocktail mixing Master"s very own Bar Store for all your bar tools needs. Shipping throughout the globe! Click below

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