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Eagle Brand Condensed Milk - need a have the right to measured! (coffee, angel food cake, bread)
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Would everyone in the united state be kind enough to measure up a 14 oz can of Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk? I have a Canadian deserve to that is 300ml - this is volume together opposed come weight. I think they room the same size based on recipes I"ve viewed on both sites, yet the internet is chock full of problem on this. I just want to usage my 300 ml have the right to for a recipe that calls because that a 14 oz can. Ns can"t imagine the manufacturer would develop two various sizes, just different labels. My can measures 3.25 high native rim come rim, and has a diameter the 3 inches. many thanks in advance!

DG ns think you"re right. Fluid oz is likewise a volume measurement, i guess that would need to be, if most US can be ~ of every food kind are 14 oz. So that would typical my 300 ml can is undoubtedly a different size. I can go end there and buy one but not for another week. I just really didn"t desire to open another can for 114 an ext ml"s.
You"d open the 2nd can and use around a third of it, and you deserve to pour the rest of it in a plastic container through a lid and keep the in the fridge for a couple of weeks. Throughout that time, you have the right to use it in her coffee instead of milk and also sugar, on her ice cream, smear it on raisin bread, drizzle that on angel food cake, or simply enjoy that by the spoonful. Friend can also make part black tea, add a dollop the sweetened condensed milk, and a sprinkle that cinnamon. Delicious.

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Conversations about what? Edit: Ah... Conversions, right? The trouble isn"t the conversion, but rather even if it is the ounces are weight or volume.
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