Tea thickness affects volume. So how much is 3 grams that tea? Why is this 3 gram of any significance in measurements for tea making?

Good measurement exercise is an essential to effective tea-making, in ~ least before you know by heart exactly how much, just how hot, and how lengthy all those infusion parameters and variables are. This post covers the an easy measurement concepts for properly making a great cup that tea.

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To the convention of steeping tea in the pot because that 5 come 6 minutes because that infusion, there space two renowned tealeaves come water ratios. The numbers space rounded right here for lull of reference.

Tealeaves amount

Standard tealeaves come water ratio in suitable tasting (1)2 grams come 100 mli.e. 3 g to 150 ml (approx volume of the taster’s mug, little version)or, 6 g come 300 ml (approx volume of the taster’s mug, large version)

Tealeaves to water ratio, bigger pots, in typical daily practice (2)1 gram come 100 mli.e. 9 g come 900 ml (approx and average capacity of a 6-cup-teapot)

If you keep the exercise of separating the tealeaves from the tea after the essential infusion time, and make tea for one or two persons mostly, the is advisable that you follow the proper tasting standard. It provides a fuller taste profile of the tea selection.

How lot is 3 grams that tea?

3 grams the Anji Baicha
3 grams the Orange Pekoe
3 grams of Kaihua Longding, a needle layout green tea
3 grams of gold Stallion Gongfu black tea
3 grams of Xuepian Phoenix
3 grams of big Leaf Puer
3 grams of Tieguanyin
3 grams of Jasmine Pearls
3 grams of White Peony

In the civilization of whole-leaf teas, the is how the tea is shaped, i.e. Exactly how tightly or loosely it is twisted or curled, the affects the bulkiness. Guideline amount and also leaf dimension matters too. The samples shown here are selected for depicting these factors. Other reasons, such as whether it has actually taken up a many moisture from the air, or just how much its entirety leaves have been damaged through handling and also storage can add to significant difference together well. Click any of the over thumbnail-images to begin viewing the difference.

So just how much is 3, 6 or 9 grams the tea? various kinds of tea have various density. Therefore it is difficult to to speak a heapful tespoon is 3 grams. Also within the group of massive market damaged grade black color teas, a GFBOP, with an ext tips and also less cut down, is clear bulkier than an ordinary BOP. With whole leaf teas, the difference is a lot more dramatic. If you carry out not want to use the weighing scale, and is i was sure in eyeballing her tea amount, the photos above are visual ideas for you to see exactly how much 3 g of some teas watch like. A GFBOP (Golden Flowery broken Orange Pekoe) is included for your reference. Every others are well stored, fine whole leaf teas.

Tealeaves to water ratio for gongfu infusion viewpoints will be disputed in a separate chapter. For those who room eager to start experimenting, begin with 8 g to the 140 ml gaiwan.

So just how much tea is a cup?


Most traditional teacups usually hold 150 ml, when filled to 1.5 cm below the rim.

In measurement because that cooking, a cup is 250 ml (236 ml, or 8 ounces in US). That is exactly how much a “standard” cup holds as soon as filled come the rim. However, very couple of people to fill their cups that method with tea. And actual tea cups do vary in shapes and also sizes. When most people refer to a cup that tea, the cup is fill to about 1.5 cm (or about half an inch) listed below the rim. The is 150 ml (or 5 ounces), to ring numbers for simple reference.

Water temperature

Basically warm water at any degree gets something out of the leaves. However, most teas present their finest at particular temperature. Some civilization even introduce cold water infusion for specific green teas. Water temperature is characterized as that taken instantly before the water is pour right into the teapot for infusion. These temperature setups are recommended on the basis that the pot is pre-warmed and also the room temperature is normal.

tea varietieswater temperature
Green teas°C°F
Fine leaves; twisted, cutting or flattened75165
Fine small shoots in the natural orchid shape, the smooth needle shape80175
Large downy shoots, v or there is no the 2nd leaf85185
Larger, rougher leaves (over-growns)*85~90185~195
Gyokuro or other huge leaf shaded grown steamed teas(some producers specified also lower, 60~65°C, to protect against bitterness in the tea)70160
Houkui or various other Jiancha90195
Lightly-oxidized teas
White, needles, traditional90195
White, orchid shape, traditional85~95185~200
White, matured95200
White, “New Technique”95200
Yellow, fine leaves85185
Yellow, over-growns or larger leaves90195
“Sheng” Puers, matured100212
“Sheng” Puers, new, tippy*95200
Green, Anxi or Taiwan styles95200
Phoenix (Fenghuang) environment-friendly or ostrich styles90195
Brown, classic, or “honey” styles85185
Black teas
Fully fermented styles95200
Non-fully fermented styles90~95195~200
Post-fermented teas
All important post-fermented teas, new or matured**100212
* shorter infusion time highly recommended** Blanching before actual infusion very recommended

These temperature settings are set according to fine teas and they are for recommendation only. Taste materials dissoluble differ dramatically among selections even within one single variety. That is recipient to use this together a beginning point to readjust to the particular an option you are using.

Different infusion methods and also variations of tools and technique also impact the optimum water temperature for infusion. Usage a slightly higher temperature once you are infusing with a large pot. Finesse in temperature manage will be debated in future chapters ~ above gongfu approaches.


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