Nestle Pure Life water bottles are several of the most popular bottles obtainable to consumers. They room everywhere, grocery store stores, convenience stores, Costco, Sam"s Club and also many various other stores that market bottled water. Due to the fact that Nestle Pure Life bottles space so easily uncovered we acquire this question over and also over, "Will your water party labels right on Nestle Pure life bottles?"

The prize is yes, and also we"ll show you specifically how lock fit and also look. The 500 ml or 16.9 oz. Is the most renowned Pure Life party size. It deserve to be purchased individually or in situations of 24 or an ext and looks prefer this.

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The bottle is roughly 8" tall through a circumference whereby the label wraps around of 8.125". It "s a bit hard to get an accurate measurement for the circumference, due to the fact that the Pure Life bottles space anything however rigid and crumple easy. Lock use really thin mil plastic. We"re suspect mainly due to the fact that they case they usage 30% much less plastic than comparably sized bottles.

Our brand Fit Nestle Pure Life Bottles

Looking at simply the label, their label size it is 8.25" large by 1.375" tall. It"s made of a really thin-coated document that tears easily and when submerged in water for an extended period of time begins to peel off. Our labels won’t execute that! They space 100% waterproof and totally synthetic. Castle will organize up when submerged underwater for as lengthy as you leaving them there. Here is the Nestle label beside our 8.25" x 1.75" practice water party label.


Another necessary thing to note about Pure Life brand is that they don"t have complete adhesive throughout the ago like our water bottle labels do. They space affixed by a few dots that glue at each end of the label. V our labels you will check out a nice tight fit come the bottle because there is adhesive across the entire earlier of the label. This enables for every allude on the label to touch and also stick steady to the bottle.

Here is a photograph of a 500 ml Nestle Pure Life bottle with our custom water party label, dimension 8.25" wide by 1.75" high.


So over there you have actually it, ours labels execute fit perfectly on a Pure Life bottle. Lock look great, are straightforward to apply, and also even better, we have actually hundreds the pre make designs to fit Nestle water bottles because that you come personalize v your text, photos, color and logos. If girlfriend don"t like any type of of the pre-made designs you can architecture one starting from scratch.

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If friend have more questions around label sizes, water bottle brand designs because that Pure Life or anything else you re welcome reach out via live chat, email or phone all located listed below in the footer the the website.