Knowing how far it is safe to journey in one day can be tricky to gain your head around, particularly if you"re brand-new to lengthy drives or setup off top top your first ever road trip.

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Although this might seem like among those standard "how long is a item of string?" questions, there space a handful of things to bear in mind once you"re calculating how long you deserve to spend behind the wheel at any kind of one time.

As a general rule, it"s safe to journey for no longer than eight hours a day, taking breaks of at the very least 15 minutes every 2 hours. This way you deserve to safely journey for about 500 miles, no taking right into account external components such together slowing for tolls, traffic, travelling with children, and also tiredness.

We"ve placed together a overview to assist you calculation how far you have the right to safely drive in one day, illustration on this basic guideline and also factoring in scenarios that will impact your own driving experience.

The key thing come remember is the every driver is different, and also every vehicle journey has its very own hurdles thrown in, for this reason the street you can safely journey in one day will more than likely be slightly different depending upon your details situation.

Read on to gain clued-up top top what could influence your control experience, and also factor in any potential journey-lengtheners come your roadway trip arrangement to make certain you drive safely and also aren"t tempted to cram too numerous miles into a single day.


How far it"s safe to drive additionally depends on the moment of day and also how regularly you"re plan on driving

If you"re setting off fresh-faced in the at an early stage morning after ~ a great night"s sleep through eight hours of sunlight stretching before you, you"re more than likely going to be able to safely drive a lot more than if you set off in ~ 4pm after the hangover native the night before has finally worn off.

If you"ve got a lengthy drive coming up, then arrangement ahead and be sensible around it - make certain you get an early night, and also ideally set off with sufficient time to reach her destination before it it s okay dark. The way, you should have the ability to cover those 500 miles in eight hrs with no difficulty at all.

Your volume to journey long distances safely will also largely depend on what you"re doing in the time surrounding her drive. That"s come say, the 500-miles-in-eight-hours estimate presumes the you"re act a one-off drive.

The reality of roadway trips, however, is that they"re regularly multi-stop, which means you"ll be doing lengthy drives for days ~ above end.

By day three or four, you may well begin to get worn down from every the lengthy periods the concentration and tasks at your avoid offs, to reduce how far you have the right to safely drive.

This, when again, bring us back to one crucial fact: everyone"s different and also driving under various circumstances, so listen to your very own needs and also those of her passengers, and always call it a day if girlfriend have any type of doubt that you have the right to safely continue.

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